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A Cluster of Narratives

By James O Connor Music


Plans are underway to start recording new music. With the support of you the funder I would love to once again capture some of my latest songs in the studio.

Music has always been a labor of love and I've been focused on creating original songs which is extremely satisfying for me. The new release will contain some of my finest songwriting to date.

Since the success of my last Fund it campaign I have realised how genuinely supportive you all are of not only my music but to me personally and for that I am so grateful. In order to continue this process I would ask if you could pledge whatever you can to keep the art of creating original music alive. 

Here's a break down of projected costs of the project:

3 days recording x €250
2 days mixing x €125

Mastering tracks 10 X €50

Duplication of 250 units =€380

8% Successful fundit campaign =€150.40

Total =€2030.40

I will be covering additional costs that arise due to rewards including postage, packaging and courier services.

Once successful I will go ahead and commence recording. My only real concern would be on allowing enough time in the studio to complete all the tracks as sometimes things take longer to capture. I have given it three days and I will make an arrangement with the engineer regarding my concerns with this timeline so as not to have to rush or sacrifice the quality of the work. I will also be contributing from my own pocket to compensate for any unforeseen delays or problems surrounding the project which may arise along the way. 

I want to thank each and every one of my supporters who have always been so encouraging and positive towards my music. It really does mean an awful lot to me to know that your generosity will once again be a part of something very close to my heart and to show my appreciation all funders names will be credited on the physical release.