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A Dangerman

By Dick Walsh


Side-Show Productions are a theatre company based in Galway that mesh spectacle with narrative to create a language that sparkles. They were founded in 2010 by Martin Sharry, Zita Monahan and Dick Walsh. 'A Dangerman' is their third major show and will be performed in this years ABSOLUT Fringe and Electric Picnic.
(ABSOLUT Fringe 11th-16th September, 6.15pm - Smock Alley Studio.

The first show 'Dreams of Love' was performed at last years ABSOLUT Fringe Festival and Galway Theatre Festival. Our second show King Alfred: Mystery Play was performed in Galway last March. Since then we've been working full time on 'A Dangerman'. We are unfunded and have to cover all the running costs for putting on this show ourselves and hence this Fundit Campaign.

'The brilliant Side-Show, champions of the Outsider, return to the festival with a unique perspective on a guy you don’t want to get stuck with.' - FESTIVAL DIRECTOR, Absolut Fringe

'the play offers a multi-layered theatrical experience - promoting a heightened awareness of self in the moment and revealing the arbitrary relations between life and its labels.'
IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE (King Alfred: A Mystery Play)

'A first date with promise.'

'not many shows can boast a deadpan boxing match between two characters (fists never coming within five inches of one another) with sound effects for the blows of their fists provided by a live performance on the kazoo?'

About the Show:

Do you want a performer you can share a drink with?
Do you want a performer that’s a shoulder you could cry on?
Do you want a friend?..

A dangerman is none of these things. He’s far more interesting. He’ll talk to you for hours on the street. He’ll be there for you and he’ll tell you what you need to hear. And you need to hear it. He may not be a stand-up guy but he’s pure theatre. Hear him out. He’ll change your mind.