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A Harbour Town -- feature film

By Dean Kavanagh


A young girl lives with her brother in a small cottage in the countryside. In the city a Health Inspector explores an abandoned building. It is unclear what has happened but it is evident that there have been environmental changes.

A terrible sense of dread ensues and separates the brother and sister.The brother continues with his mundane chores in isolation, while the young girl drifts further away into the depths of a large rotting forest where she eventually disappears.

The film aims to deal with themes of identity and entity. The film will star non-professional actors and will be shot in colour.

So Far:
30 minutes of footage has been shot using a Dslr and from that a 2 minute Promo has been cut. The remainder of the film will be shot over several days.

The funding will be used for:
1. Camera and equipment
2. Transport to and from all locations
3. Post production facilities
4. Production facilities to compose Original Music Score.

My name is Dean Kavanagh, I am an independent, avant-garde, low/no- budget filmmaker from Ireland. While being an active filmmaker from an early age, I began to favour more 'visual stories' and from 2006 onwards I began to reduce conventional narrative elements. In 2008 I was discovered by independent Iranian filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi. From there on I concentrated on experimental filmmaking. During the period 2008-2010 I made around 15 shorts as part of the Dublin based 'Experimental Film Society' established by Rashidi. In 2010 I contributed a segment called 'Detritus' to the Remodernist Filmmmakers collaborative feature film 'In Passing' (2011).

To-date I have completed over 28 short films and 1 feature film. Overall, my work has been described as visual with attention to the image/sound relationship. I hold an honours degree in Media Arts, and have also composed music for short films and a collection of my own experimental/concept projects. I've worked occasionally as a freelance cinematographer and have also won awards in this field.

The film will be made in association with ‘Experimental Film Society’.
Experimental Film Society is an independent, not-for-profit entity specialising in experimental, independent and no/low budget filmmaking. It was founded by Rouzbeh Rashidi in 2000 in Tehran, Iran. Its aim is to produce and promote films by its members. Experimental Film Society unites works by a dozen filmmakers scattered across the globe, whose films are distinguished by an uncompromising, no-budget devotion to personal, experimental cinema. Experimental Film Society is responsible for rescuing and preserving many of its members' films, which otherwise might have been lost forever. All the materials and films in this society are original and had made by EFS filmmakers. The current office of EFS is in Dublin, Ireland.

Here is an article about my work written by Filmmaker, Critic and Cinephile Maximilian Le Cain

(official site) www.easterfilmgroup.blogspot.ie



Target reached

Many thanks to those who have funded so far! We have passed our target of €2000, with the help of 30 funders. There are still 17 hours to go, so please feel free to donate. All the proceeds will go into the making of the film. http://www.fundit.ie/project/a-harbour-town-----feature-film Many thanks, Dean


Once again thanks to everyone who has Supported & Donated! There is still a bit left to go until we reach €2,000. But lets still try as it is very possible. Lets get from €1,185 to €2000. It isn't so far away when you think about it! Dk


Many thanks to those who have funded so far. We have until Monday morning to make it to our goal. Let's try and get 1500 from now until then! Please Donate if you can or share this link with those who you think would also be interested: http://www.fundit.ie/project/a-harbour-town-----feature-film Best wishes, Dean

5 Days TO GO! -Cast Update-

Filmmaker & Cinephile Rouzbeh Rashidi (www.rouzbehrashidi.com) will also feature in 'A Harbour Town'. I have also featured in several of Rashidi's short films and feature films (Only Human, 2009 | Bipedality, 2010). While Rashidi has appeared in my short films 'F' (2008) and '3Over4' (2008). More on the project by Maximilian Le Cain here: http://lecain.blogspot.ie/2013/02/only-one-week-left.html More info: www.easterfilmgroup.blogspot.ie www.deankavanagh.com www.experimentalfilmsociety.com HELP THIS PROJECT TO SUCCEED!

Cast Update - 'Small Role'

Shane Vernon (who starred in my short films 'Trilogy of Houses' (2008), 'Poor Edward' (2009), 'Light From An Old Town' (2011), Scene 3 from 'Last of Deductive Frames' (2012) will have a small role in the film 'A Harbour Town'. Scene 3- 'Last of Deductive Frames': https://vimeo.com/35451795 Help to support this project!

Fundraiser Screening Event

Dear Friends, On the TUES 19th Feb @8pm there will be a FUNDRAISING EVENT in Harbour Bar Bray, Co. Wicklow. All proceeds go to funding my Independent Feature Film 'A Harbour Town'. Hope to see some of you there so we can make this project succeed! More info here: www.tinyurl.com/aharbourtownfundraiser Best wishes, Dean

Cast Update - 'Small Role'

A HARBOUR TOWN John Curran ('Light From An Old Town', 2011) is now on-board to play the small role of 'Accordion John', the strange seaside accordion player who only plays at night Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! Things are moving along and we can reach our goal with your help & support! Lets keep it moving! Kindest regards, Dean More info: www.easterfilmgroup.blogspot.ie www.deankavanagh.com www.experimentalfilmsociety.com

Filmmaker & Critic Maximilian Le Cain had a few words to say

"Last year, I wrote an article about Dean Kavanagh, one of the great and most underappreciated filmmaking talents at work in Ireland today. This is how it began: Dean Kavanagh is Irish cinema's best-kept secret. Although still in his early twenties, this solitary cinematic poet can already boast of a prolific body of short films, 26 to date, that displays both a personal sensibility and a precision of technique developed far in advance of what most filmmakers have achieved with a lifetime of work behind them. Based in a small town in Co. Wicklow, working alone, without budgets and with casts more often than not drawn from his family, Kavanagh is a melancholy visionary of brooding isolation. His obscure narratives tend to focus either on the private rituals of home life or mysterious journeys to or from ‘home', to or from memory. Memory seems to be the essence of his cinema, or, more specifically, the flimsiness of the divide between the intensity of the impression of a given moment and its memory, with the mechanics of image-making providing the solution in which these two states are dissolved. His is unquestionably a cinema of contemplation: places, objects, faces, atmospheres and their immediate emotional charge are his stock in trade. Rather than telling stories in any traditional sense, his best films generate a slow, throbbing ache that invades and haunts his viewers. His world is rainswept, claustrophobic, fixated on details, with even his urban images steeped in rural gloom. As for the faces, Kavanagh is a cinematic portraitist whose close-ups have a depth, patience and searching power equal to any created by Philippe Garrel in the ‘80s. Like Garrel's, Kavanagh's films are ‘sad and proud of it'. Dean has launched a Fundit campaign to make a new feature, A Harbour Town. If you care about cinema as art and poetry, please donate generously" Taken from: www.lecain.blogspot.com See full article below: http://www.experimentalconversations.com/articles/1039/dean-kavanagh-the-memory-of-water/ Regards, Dk

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Unique and Renowned Irish Filmmaker & Critic Donal Foreman has tweeted his support! https://twitter.com/donalforeman/status/291916008682307585 "Dean Kavanagh is the future of Irish Cinema...Help him make his second feature" Also the Irish Film Institute (IFI) have shown their support: https://twitter.com/IFI_Dub/status/293727699950780416 "Avant-garde filmmaker Dean Kavanagh's feature A Harbour Town needs your support on @FundIt - donate & make it happen!" Dk

FILM IRELAND Call For Support:

Link Below: www.filmireland.net/2013/01/17/call-for-funding-for-experimental-feature-film-a-harbour-town/ Thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far! Kind regards, Dk


Leon Kavanagh has performed in many of my films since 2008, he will have a prominent role in 'A Harbour Town'. Information below: www.easterfilmgroup.blogspot.ie/p/updates Kind regards, Dk

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Many thanks to those who have helped fund the project so far! Any gesture big or small can help- even sharing the project page would help circulate it to potential funders. Watch this space for more updates over the coming days. Other links with information: www.easterfilmgroup.blogspot.ie www.deankavanagh.com www.experimentalfilmsociety.com

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