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A Heart Beat Away

By Christine Deady


I have been writing songs and slowly learning the craft of performing for many years now. In 2007 I moved to Dublin to learn how to become a gigging songwriter. I played every open mic going in the City at the time and got myself a great little band who toured around the country with me, playing for sandwiches and petrol money (when lucky). Luck brought me to some great venues where I had some great chance meetings, one of which was a big hero of mine, Paul Brady, who just so happened to be at a gig I was playing. A couple of months later Brady invited me to support his theatre tour and offered me some very sound advice that went a little something like this, 'Stop for a while and record an album or you're going to burn yourself out'.

So that is what I did. I took a step back from the extremely enjoyable yet financially catastrophic gigging life I had worked so hard for and asked myself 'is this really what you want?' After some soul searching it turns out this is exactly what I want to be doing with my life.

After returning to my native land, West Cork, I have built up a fan base in the place I somehow always expected would be the most difficult - my home. It is here through the people I have come to know in music and friendships that the roots for this album have grown. It's funny how the thing that scares you most can become the thing that nourishes you. I know that it is no big deal to record an album these days and many people record great albums from their bedrooms but for me the process was always a daunting one and up until very recently I have always hated the recording studio. To my own amazement that fear has now subsided and for the first time in my life I am loving being in the studio. Perhaps it really was just a question of being ready.

While this project has been so long in the making and the end is so near in sight I am more aware than ever that the completion of this album is by no means the destination but the beginning. It is the beginning of treating music as a career rather than a hobby. For the first time I have a piece of work I am truly proud of. The album's recording is now complete and the funding raised here will be used for mixing, mastering, artwork and duplication. It is the final phase and I am so excited to be here. I'm so grateful to anyone who wishes to support this project. I cannot tell you the importance of the role you will play in doing so and I hope to make you very proud to have been part of it when the album is released into the big bad world.
Thank you.xxx