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a little old, a little new

By Aisling Ryan


Living between Dublin and Brussels, I've been working for a number of years in the cultural sector, mostly in the promotion and management of music. Recently, I found myself captivated by the ideas and practice of self-sustainable living. Combining a gradual move away from management/admin work towards creative work, with perfecting quilting and sewing techniques, I'm now working hard to set up an Etsy shop and blog to make these ideas a reality!

After spending a few years making quilts as gifts for family and friends, I received increasingly positive feedback on the quality and the unique designs. So I'm going to get myself in gear in 2012 and will make one whole collection in the style I've been working on, combining heavy, durable linen, not used in traditional quilting, with second-hand & vintage scarves to make something "a little old, a little new".

So here I am! I'm hoping to raise the production cost of my first line of quilts & cushions that will form the rewards for this project.

a little old, a little new doesn't just apply to the fabrics I'm using (new linen with vintage silk/cotton/polyester) but also to the style; I want to retain the nostalgia associated with handmade quilts, but with a contemporary design. The design is a cream linen with centre pieces that are vintage scarves, mostly from the 1970's and the quilts & cushions are a combination of handmade and machine made. The scarves are each unique as they are one-off finds, so each cushion and quilt will be different to the others. Also, as I don't use patterns, I tend to just create as I go, so each design is individual and beautiful!

I have been making quilts so far by hand, or on my old sewing machine, but it's only just able to cope with the amount I've already been doing. There's a machine I've been coveting for some time and pieces of equipment that are essential for a professional finish (such as professional scissors, rulers, the handiest piece of equipment called a rotary cutter that makes cutting tricky shapes so easy!). I'll also source material and threads that will go into making really beautiful rewards. The rewards will be packaged with handwritten cards and labels and wrapped in tissue for safe delivery to your home.

I'm very excited by this new adventure and thanks a million for taking the time to read this far!
a x



More images of 'a little old, a little new' cushions

Hi all, For those of you who would like ongoing updates, there are pictures of the latest batch of cushions over on my blog. Keep an eye on it as I update quite a bit on what I'm doing and what stage the project is at! http://bazaarcollective.com/2012/05/10/pink-and-blue-makes/ a x

First batch ready!

Hi All, The first round of cushions are ready to go out around Ireland and beyond. I had thought a lot about how I would set up the production line of so many cushions and it's happening naturally in the end. I'm always eager to see a finished piece once I've started so I'm making the cushions and quilts in lots of about 15 so that I constantly feel the sense of achievement of having finished pieces. That means, however, that some are ready to go while some are in the starting stages, so not all funders will receive the cushions at exactly the same time. If you have a special reason or a date you wanted the piece for, such as a birthday etc, please let me know and I'll work on that piece immediately. Otherwise, I hope you all don't mind being patient and they're coming, slowly but surely! Thanks again for your support and now for your patience! Remember to keep an eye on my blog (www.bazaarcollective.com) for other updates on the project! Aisling x

The next steps

Hi All, Thanks so much for helping me get to this point. I'm very very excited about being able to pick up my machine and to also start sourcing materials. Over the next few weeks Fund It will sort out the financials and after that I'll be able to purchase materials and start on your lovely rewards :) So, as soon as I have the materials in hand I'll let you all know so you can expect the rewards to start arriving in your post boxes. Where possible I'll hand deliver the rewards but it won't be possible for everyone unfortunately. Keep an eye on my blog for more updates and pictures. a x

Thank You!

Hi All, Just a short note to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported my project. I'm really excited that there is still 7 days to go and I've already reached my target. It's like watching my dreams come true, and thanks so much to everyone for giving me a hand! I'm already plotting the rewards and pretty things to go with them :-) If you know of anyone who would like to have their own personal "aisling" item the campaign will run for another seven days and the rewards there are a bargain compared to once I'm fully set up with an online shop ! a x

A few more photos

Hi Everyone, There are pictures up on my blog of a baby room set. It's in a different style to the collection I'm making for this campaign but it gives a good idea of my handiwork and the types of sets I can make - this one has quilt, cushion and matching bunting. And who doesn't love bunting, right?!! http://bazaarcollective.com/2012/02/16/linen-roses/ a x

Have a look at the first complete quilt!

I now have one finished piece - a beautiful royal blue baby/lap quilt - in the style of this campaign. There are pictures of the quilt over on my brand new space for featuring my work - Bazaar. Check it out! a x http://bazaarcollective.com/

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