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A Love Supreme

By Connor Kelly


My name is Connor Kelly. I have been working in music for 6 years now and have recorded a debut album, 'Damian' and an internet hit entitled 'Mad As Hell' with my band the Red Medicine.

I have been described as 'the bastard love child of Patti Smith and Gerry Lee Lewis' because of the crazy punk poetry and piano banging that goes along with my work. Hotpress magazine also described one of my performances:

"The scalp tingling performance of poetry chick sidekick Connor Kelly"

I wish to record a new record single, 'A Love Supreme' professionally in the Blast Furnace Studios in Derry.  It is a sexual political odyssey on Free Love inspired by influences as diverse as John Coltrane (hence the name) and David Bowie. It is approximately 4 minutes long and will include spoken word, rock and roll, and plenty of attitude.

This record will be the best (and surprisingly, probably the most commercially accessible) song to date. When released it will be sent to dozens of DJs across Ireland and the UK, and has guaranteed radio play on BBC Radio Ulster's Electric Mainline programme. The 'Mad As Hell' tour will follow across Ireland in the Autumn to promote both this and the 'Mad As Hell' single.

I am on the dole at present and get only £50 pounds a week and so am entirely unable to fund this project. In fact, I am almost entirely unable to do solo gigs at any distance anymore because of this disgracefully measly wage.

I ask anyone who wishes to support it to take a listen to my music on the links below before deciding. You may be surprised at what you will find. All contributors will be credited on single and any album on which it will go.

The Red Medicine are:

Connor Kelly: Vocals, keyboards.
James Cunningham: Bass
Paul Cassidy: Drums
Rory Donaghy / Gary Cunningham: Guitar

Thank you so much for the time you've taken to read this.

Connor Kelly




Hey everyone, Thanks to all those who funded so far. I really hope that this passes the mark so I can get into the studio and do this thing. Well over 400 now but theres only 11 days to go. I'm asking everyone to promote the hell out of this for the last while and try and get as many people you know to fund it. Please share it on your Facebook wall, send emails around and just tell people about it when your talking to them. Hoping to get this project running! Thanks Connor

18 Days To Go - Let's Get 'A Love Supreme' Over The Mark

Hey Everyone! We're up to £365 now with the project. Thats 30%. It's great and thanks to everyone who has funded. But we really need to get it up over the mark cause theres only 18 days left. I'm asking everyone to ask, just two people they know to fund the project and tell them what it's about. Also, if people could send out emails and keep sticking it up on your Facebook walls that would be great! I've been working on the arrangement of 'A Love Supreme' for the studio and it is gonna be fantastic. I really want to make this work but I need your help. Spread the word. Only 18 days to go! Thanks Connor

Passed the £200 mark !

I'm pleased to say we've already passed the £200 mark. Thanks to everyone who has funded so far. I'm really excited about this new single and I'm glad so many other people are too. Can't wait to get into the studio and start recording!!

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