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A Midsummer Night's Dream

By Slapdash Theatre Co.


Slapdash Theatre Co. is a brand spanking new theatre collective based in Carlow. We are on a mission to invogorate, refresh and explore the old, very old, the new and the as yet unwritten dramas, comedies, tragedies, comi-tragedies and whatever else we can get our hands on!

The brain child of Janice de Bróithe, (BA, MA Drama & Theatre Studies, UCC) who wished to create a company that would refuse to be boxed into one form or labelled as one thing, Slapdash seeks to sink their teeth into all kinds of theatre, and have fun with it.

Bringing along Andrea Bolger (BA Drama & Theatre Studies, UCC) for the craic, the pair have decided to start messing around with none other than Bill Shakespeare. Sure why not?

This site-specific promenade production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' intends to captivate the audience and bring them on a fantastical journey through breathing new life into a timeless classic.

Set in the wonderful Delta Sensory Gardens, which in themselves transport visitors to another world, Slapdash wish to completely immerse the audience in the magical world of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'

Guided through the various gardens, by an assortment of other worldly creatures, people will experience this bewtiching tale of lovers, fairies and mischief, their senses being ensared by a meleé of sights, smells and sounds. Nothing like this has ever been done in Carlow, which is why it is a very special event and we want it to succeed.

This is where you come in, pay attention now!

In order to get this ground-breaking production off the ground, we need to raise just a little bit of money to help us along the way. As a brand new company we have no funding at all, and so must rely on the kindness of good people like you (yes you) to donate even a very small amount to make this happen.

Even as little as €5 will go a long way (give up that morning latte, just once!) to achieving our dream of creating a wonderful, fantastical, magical, bewitching (you get the idea) tour de force.

This isn't just a play, anyone can do that, this is an EXPERIENCE!

For your troubles, there are little treats to entice and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The course of true theatre never did run smooth, so be generous, and don't be cankerblossom! :)



Nearly there.....

With just a few hours to go, we have exceeded our target and are now assured your pledges. We cannot believe the kindness and generosity you have all shown and we would like to thank you all from the deepest depths of our hearts. You really have helped make this particular DREAM come true, and we hope you understand how much it is appreciated. For those of you who plan on attending this wonderful event, keep an eye on your inbox - details will be following shortly. At this stage, we are so relieved to have secured these funds as we can now actually set about making our costumes and props, ordering our posters and make a start on our show program! THANK YOU! :D The Slapdash Team X

The Video!

Hello once again funders! First of all, as always, thank you so so so much for pledging! You have a lot of people very happy and have contributed to creating what is going to be a FABULOUS experience! Although we have now hit our target, (THANKS AGAIN!) we still have a few days funding left, so please continue to spread the word as every little helps. We did not anticipate the support we have thus far received, and had we known that all you lovely people would be so generous we would have set ourselves a higher target! With this money, we will be able to buy material for costumes, some props and pay for our posters and flyers and maybe even our show program! Every extra euro we get from here on in will get us that extra yard of material, those few props and that little bit of dressing that will go towards making this production truly magical. Our video is finally ready, thank you very much to Rosie Pender who worked some wonderful magic of her own! We hope you enjoy it! The Slapdash Team :) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ikjuvc1q9mpdfqe/blxhROgXeH?lst#f:AMND Seq1.mp4

Thanks and News!

Hello Funders! Just a quick update to first of all thank you all so much for what you've given so far, we cannot believe how generous you have all been and we want to let you know how much we appreciate it! As we draw near the end of our campaign we will be adding to our project with a little promo video that will give you a little peek at the gardens and what we're up to, so keep an eye here, and as soon as it's posted we'll let you know! Thanks again, you amazing people! The Slapdash Team :)


Hello all you lovely funders! (And potential funders!) I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank those of you who have already funded this project. This is a real passion project for us here at Slapdash, and we are so super excited to see the ball start rolling! I promise you will NOT be disappointed by the end product! :) We are so grateful to everyone who helps us along the way, especially those of you who have jumped on the band wagon straight away! We are so grateful in fact, we have decided to give you a small peek at the venue where the show will be taking place, the Delta Sensory Gardens. These gardens are truly magical, and once you have look at some of these pictures, we're sure you'll understand straight away why they have inspired to put on this particular play there. Enjoy! Yours in eternal gratitude, The Slapdash Team :) http://www.deltasensorygardens.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deltasensorygardens.carlow

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