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Sanctuary by Christian O Reilly

By Blue Teapot Theatre Company


Sanctuary - 'What if the cinema was the only sanctuary for your relationship?   It looked like an ordinary trip to the cinema and a welcome break from their training centre. But for Larry and Sophie it’s an opportunity to steal away and be alone together at last.  But now that they’re alone, what are they going to say and do?’

Blue Teapot Theatre Company is a unique group of people who make inspiring theatre. We are a place where actors with an intellectual disability (ID) can achieve excellence.

Our last production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, brought our acting company to new heights but we’re not stopping there. We love to challenge ourselves and our audiences.

Our actors have the ambition, talent and training to take risks and to be extraordinary. Our upcoming project, Sanctuary is just that, extraordinary.  Playwright, Christian O’Reilly has been working with our actors for months developing the characters and plotline.  Our ensemble have been training and performing together for over five years with top theatre professionals.

We are ready to take you through the lives of the characters in this beautiful play.  Poignant, funny and realistic, Sanctuary opens a window into the lives and relationships of people with ID and the obstacles they must overcome to be together.

We have the talent, the venue, the creative team and the support from the Galway Theatre Festival. Premiering this new work at a national festival is a first for Blue Teapot. Your pledge will ensure that the production values created will do our actors proud. They are professionals and this production should reflect this in all of the supporting production elements, and of course, our actors need to get paid professionally too!
We really appreciate your support (we couldn't do it without you)

A huge thank you from all of the Teapots! See you at the show.

About us: Blue Teapot creates quality, professional theatre productions that will entertain, delight and move you.  We have a mission! Our mission is to effect a positive change in public consciousness concerning people with ID through the medium of theatre by allowing our members inherent talent and creativity to speak for itself.



Another thank you, with news on new work!

Hello Fundit funders, We are shouting your name from the rooftops as we create a brand new work that will be in this year's Galway Arts Festival. You have been a crucial part of our success. We will be writing your names bold and proud on the wall of our reception room as audiences come through the doors to see the new production. iD, our new production will be having its world premiere this July in our venue on Munster Avenue. We could not have gotten here without you and the success of Sanctuary. We though you'd appreciate the update. You will probably see us drumming up support over the next three weeks in the hallowed halls of Fundit (and Facebook and Twitter and e-mail.... yes...... no-one's safe) and you are most welcome to join in and continue the journey with us. Either way you are to be celebrated. 128 of you have started this revolution. Viva theatre! Kathy


Last line should have be, not bad for a project that premiered in the Galway THEATRE Festival in 2012.... but you knew that. ;) Kathy

Where is Sanctuary now you ask? I'll tell you...

It's been a while since we let you know about Sanctuary and a LOT has happened. We thought you would like to know how far the show has come since you funded it in 2012. • We toured Sanctuary to New Ross Co Wexford and the end of 2012 • We were nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award Judges Special Award when one of the judges saw the production • We've been in the Galway Arts Festival 2013 with a SOLD OUT two week run • We performed in the Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 to great critical acclaim • Sanctuary was nominated for two Fringe Awards, Spirit of the Fringe and Best Production • We won the Allianz Business to Arts Dublin Airport Authority Award Arts Award in 2013 • Wildfire films followed our two lead actors through the rehearsal and performance process in 2013 and created a documentary called Somebody to Love • Somebody to Love aired on RTE I in February and was trending on twitter that week • Anna Rodgers, Director of Somebody to Love, won an IFTA for Best Director - Television • The topic of sexuality and people with disabilities went to a Senate debate that week referencing the topic of the play and documentary, relationships and disability • A screenplay of Sanctuary by Christian O’Reilly is in development to turn the play into a film • A film company has applied for funding to produce the film • And lastly, there is still great interest to tour the play around the country and we’re applying for touring funding to try and make that happen Not bad for a new show that premiered in the Galway Arts Festival in 2012. And it’s down to each and every one of you. YOU made that happen. Thank you.

Box Office NOW Open for Sanctuary

Hello lovely FundIt funders, Just a reminder that the box office for Sanctuary is open now. If rehearsals are anything to go by, this play is a must see for any theatre-goer. Blue Teapot theatre is an intimate 70 seat venue on Munster Avenue. Be sure to get your tickets now so as not to be disappointed. Performance dates and times: : October 4th 11am and 7pm October 5th 7pm during Galway Theatre Festival Additional Performances: Oct 9th 11am Oct 10th 11am Oct 11th 11am & 7pm Oct 12th 7pm Oct 13th 7pm Box Office Galway Theatre Festival : Town Hall Theatre 091-569-777 / online www.tht.ie/bookings Box Office: October 9th – 13th contact Blue Teapot Theatre Company 091-520-977. For further information on Blue Teapot go to www.blueteapot.ie This production is not suitable for children as it explores the subject of intimate relationships and sexuality. Looking forward to seeing you there! Kathy

128 new friends!

As you already know, we made it to our goal AND surpassed it by 5%. Thank you! 128 Individual FundIt supporters of our production. The cast is back and in full swing for rehearsal and extremely uplifted by the response to our crowd funding campaign. E-mails will be sent out soon to about the rewards, so be sure to check your inbox. Christian has done some honing of the second act and the production team just met for a production meeting. We are working very hard on creating a play that you'll be proud of supporting. We will continue updates here but more can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/blueteapottheatrecompany or our website www.blueteapot.ie If you'd like to be added to our e-mailing list just write Subscribe to admin@blueteapot.ie and we'll add you in. Kathy

We made it to 100% and still rising!

123 wonderful funders are making this project happen. We reached 100% over the weekend (with 4 days to spare!) Additional funders have come on board since we reached €4,000, thank you for your support, every euro makes a difference and will go directly into the production elements of this play. We're working hard here to create the kind of unforgettable experience you have come to expect from Blue Teapot Theatre Company. Now, with one day left we're at 102% Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us create Sanctuary. With eternal gratitude from all of us here at Blue Teapot xxx Kathy

100 and going strong

We have just achieved 100 individual pledges for the play. We're 85% funded. Your support is overwhelming. The Galway Advertiser has show their support in an article in today's paper http://www.advertiser.ie/galway/article/53997/blue-teapot-seeks-fundit-donations-to-help-with-next-production and around Ireland the business community is posting and Sharing all over Facebook and Twitter. The Arts Show on Galway Bay tonight is also mentioned this campaign for Sanctuary. The support you are showing, not only through your pledge but in getting the word out there about our play and our company is absolutely priceless. Thank you. We will get there. We will create a beautiful play to showcase the incredible talent of this ensemble of actors. 5 days left. Almost there. Kathy

The Final Countdown

Here we are. In the Final countdown. The actors are home learning their lines, the director is working with the production team and we're getting very hopeful to reach our target. The play is wonderful and deserves to have great production values supporting our actors performances. With 9 days to go we're at 67% of our total and need your help. Now is the time to tell your friends. If each funder we have inspires two people to give €10 we would make it! That's not a lot, but it will mean everything to us. Remember, we don't get any of the funding if we don't get to the target in time. Thank you for supporting Sanctuary.

Halfway there

67 funders is absolutely fantastic. We can feel your support in the growth on the funding barometer outside our building. The actors have begun working with props today (popcorn and Maltesers - an actors life is really tough!) and the theatre smells of heavenly popcorn. Memorization is well under way and our director is hoping to have worked through Act One by the end of the week. We've hit the halfway point in this campaign and are almost 50% funded. Your participation in Sharing our link on your Facebook pages and showing your support now will make such a difference. Please take a moment and help us get the word out there about this wonderful play. I'll keep you updated on our progress. Kathy

Playwright visits rehearsal

Our lovely playwright Christian came down to visit the actors yesterday to check on the progress of the play and was happily surprised at how quickly we had progressed with the script. Thanks Christian! Another video from Christian will appear on our Twitter and Facebook feeds about the show. Keep checking for more details.

A flying start!

Day two of the campaign and it has been an amazing start. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all 30 of our funders so far for getting our campaign truly under way. We are positioned on the Home page of FundIt as a Popular project and are already 25% towards our goal. Amazing. Sanctuary update: Our actors have been working busily on the script and have already memorized the first six pages. Rehearsal continue daily and the Teapots are very excited to be back in front of an audience soon. I'll keep you updated on our progress as rehearsal continues. Kathy

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