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A Serving of Pinter

By Clinic Media


A Serving of Pinter is a theatrical presentation by Clinic Media and MooCow Theatre. The production is a compilation of three of Harold Pinter’s short plays. A Serving of Pinter is a celebration of the writing career, which spanned more than 50 years, of one of the most influential modern dramatists.

Trouble In The Works, a sketch reminiscent of Monty Phython, pits a manager of an industrial factory against an employee representing a dissatisfied workforce. Pinter plays with the leader/follower relationship balance beautifully.

Victoria Station, an acclaimed black comedy, introduces us to the struggles of a minicab controller trying to communicate his instructions to driver 274.

One For The Road is a commentary on the terrors of dictatorship. The sadistic Nicolas interviews the members of a family one by one. Pinter’s ambiguous sense of menace is in full swing.

Clinic Media’s Eoin Ó hAnnracháin and MooCow Theatre’s Nicholas Kavanagh have previously collaborated on projects such as: Howie The Rookie, Vandal, Fantasy Football, Trophy Trouble, and Spell It.  In September and October 2011 they will present A Serving of Pinter in the Cork Opera House’s Half Moon Theatre and The Forum, Waterford.

Clinic Media was established in 2005 with three main aims. 1) To create productions of the highest standard. 2) To further develop the theatre and film industries in Cork and 3) To create work that both challenges and entertains its audience. To date Clinic have mixed the works of established writers like Mark O’Rowe (Howie The Rookie, 2007) and Enda Walsh (Bedbound, reading 2011), with new writing such as Kenneth Hickey’s Night Swimming (2008) and Jody O’Neill’s Breakfast (2009).

Nicholas and Patrick Kavanagh set up MooCow Theatre with an aim to produce new and existing work through the medium of theatre, film and TV. Since their re-launch in 2011, under the artistic direction of Nicholas, MooCow has been developing two new exciting projects: Morbid and Sons a quirky web-based drama, and Under the Weather, a comic play.

We are delighted to have a fantastic creative team, including designers Deirdre Dwyer (costume) and Joe Harney (sound).

With the help of crowd funding we can generate the money we need to make this production a reality. Our goal is to raise €2,500, which will cover 25% of the production costs such as rehearsal space, set designing, and construction materials. The other 75% comes from Cork City Council - Arts Office, private sponsorship, and the companies own investments.

Your contribution will allow us to spend four weeks of full-time rehearsals creating an innovative production of Pinter’s incredible writing. It will also allow two emerging companies the opportunity to bring their work on to a new level through the exposure of performing in the Cork Opera House’s Half Moon Theatre.

Thank you for supporting the arts!



Life Behind The Venue Fund It goes live!

Hi, The "Life Behind The Venue" Fund It cpaign has gone live! http://www.fundit.ie/project/life-behind-the-venue We appreciate any help you can give us in funding and/or publicising this campaign. Kind Regards, Eoin.

Life Behind The Venue

Dear funder, I am contacting you today because back in 2011 you helped to make our production "A Serving of Pinter" a reality. That play is one of Clinic Media’s proudest achievements, and would not have happened without your help. It was performed in the Cork Opera House’s Half Moon Theatre and was able to tour to the Forum in Waterford before returning to the Half Moon by popular demand. Two years down the line I am asking for you to consider helping us again! In the last two years we have created an exciting new production called "Life Behind The Venue", and built a strong relationship with the Everyman Theatre. While producing "A Serving of Pinter" we were developing "Life in The Venue" in the Theatre Development Centre (TDC). This went on to become the first of the Everyman Cork Shorts (an initiative to encourage local artists) in the summer of 2012. We’re making our second visit to the world of ‘The Venue’ with "Life Behind The Venue", a comedy-drama about what happens backstage in ‘The Venue’. With your help "Life Behind The Venue" will take over the entire Everyman building and take the audience to the parts of the building that are usually off limits. Your help can also make it possible for us to take up an offer to tour "Life Behind The Venue" to the Project Arts Centre in Dublin and bring our work to the national stage. It has always been an ambition of Clinic Media's to take the work we create in Cork to other parts of the country and showcase the exciting talents we have here. The "Life Behind The Venue" FundIt campaign will be going live very shortly and we ask that you consider helping us to make this production possible by either funding us yourself or helping us to spread the word. We feel it is important for us to make a strong start so I ask that you consider pledging early in our campaign. No money will be taken until the campaign has run its course. Please help us make a strong start to "Life Behind The Venue". Kind Regards, Eoin.

A quick update

Hi all, As of today we are able to post on our Fund It project page after reaching our deadline. Before now we could only post before the deadline and this will make it easier for us to communicate with you all. We took "A Serving of Pinter" to the Forum in Waterford for two nights last week and had two very good performances. Our second performance was the best of the run and we played to a full house. At the moment we are looking at trying to fulfill the rewards. We hope to have those to you very soon and appreciate your patience. We all continue to be very grateful to you all for funding "A Serving of Pinter" and were discussing the other day how we feel it would not have happened without your support. Thank you all very much. http://youtu.be/XXDgGno59T8 We have posted a trailer of some of the footage taken at our Gala night on YouTube and I will be adding the reviews from the Irish Examiner, the Evening Echo and the Irish Theatre Magazine to www.clinicmedia.net as soon as possible. If any of you have any feedback on the production or the Fund It campaign please do not hesitate to contact me at clinicmediacork@gmail.com. Thank you! Eoin.

First day of rehearsals.

Hi all, As promised, a quick update on how rehearsals went on our first day. I was very pleased. We got Nick, Frank and Ruth together and had our first read through of all three plays; Trouble in the Works, Victoria Station and One For The Road. I am really looking forward to getting these three on the Half Moon stage in 4 weeks time. After that we did some character work before I let Ruth go for the day and focused on working on Trouble In The Works with Nick and Frank for the rest of the day. You can see a photo of our read through on the Clinic Media Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150349097710901.403117.45735410900&type=1 With 2 days left we're entering into the final straight for our Fund It campaign. We have quite a way to go yet, and as ye all know we won't get any of the money if we don't hit our target so please keep spreading the word. Whatever the outcome we will be eternally grateful for the support all of you have shown us at this stage of our careers. Thank you all, Eoin.

We've reached 52% and are starting rehearsals.

Hi all, We've reached 52%! A HUGE thank you to you all. We started out on this funding campaign knowing how much we had to raise to make this production happen, but wondering if anyone would give us any money. We're amazed by the response! We've only got 3 days to go though so we'd appreciate it if you could all keep spreading the word? Today is our first day of rehearsals. Woo-hoo! We've managed to find a space in the Camden Palace Hotel and are very excited about getting started. I'll come back on and update you on how the first day went this evening. Thanks, Eoin.

Casting announcement!

We're delighted to announce that we've cast Ruth Hayes in "A Serving of Pinter". You can see her profile on her agents web-site here http://osullivantheactorsagent.com/?p=1327. As we prepare for the Season Brochure launch in the Cork Opera House this evening we are nearing the half way point in our fund it campaign. Please keep spreading the word! Thanks, Eoin.

Big week for A Serving of Pinter

Hi all, It's a big week for A Serving of Pinter this week. I'm about to head out to hold auditions to complete our adult cast list today. On Wednesday the Cork Opera House launch their brochure and on Thursday the tickets go on sale through the Opera House box office. On top of that we've entered into our last full week on Fundit. You have all done so much for us already, but if it should happen to come up in conversation please keep spreading the word for us. ;) Every donation we get can make such a difference to the production we can mount. There are still tickets left for the Gala night and we hope to be bale to bring you more details on what this night will entail in the next few days. Thanks, Eoin.

Thank you!

A quick update to thank those of you who have already supported our project. We are very grateful for your kind donations! In just over 24 hours we've reached 9%! The project is progressing nicely on all fronts at the moment. Nicholas Kavanagh and Frank Jackson are confirmed for the cast and we are holding auditions to cast the female actor and the young boy on Monday in the Half Moon Theatre. When we have those parts cast you will be the first to know. It is fantastic to have a web-site like this available from the business side of things, but it also allows for a greater degree of communication with our audience. At Clinic we are all for this and would love to hear any feedback or questions you've got. You can follow the links on our profile page to get us on our web-site, Facebook or Twitter, or you can email us at clinicprdocutions@gmail.com. Thanks again! Eoin.

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