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A book called Home.

By Catriona Lowry


Home is inspired by rescued animals that I cared for during my time volunteering with an animal rescue. Some of them now live with me permanently. I felt their different stories of survival and their endearing diverse personalities should be documented in the story that 'Home' tells. My wish was to show that whilst animals do not have a voice; they still feel the same array of emotions we do: sadness, happiness, love, and even grieve. Just as we do - they too crave their own home.

I am hoping this book (my second) will go towards increasing empathy and awareness for animals rescued and in need of rescuing. In addition to this, 50% of the profits will go towards the animal rescue/shelter in the area where the books are bought.

'Home' introduces the reader to Sasha and Saoirse and their testing journey home. This book will envelope you as a reader - whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult. It is a book that every child should have on their bedside locker because it is through animals that we learn to love unconditionally; it is through animals that we can teach our children empathy and compassion; and it is by accompanying these animals on their search home, that we learn some of life's greatest lessons.

'Home' brings you into many diverse aspects of Irish life. It highlights the importance of animal welfare and the work of animal rescuers. This book gives us insight into the lives of animals with no home, and those searching for a home they lost.

'Home' is 'An Irish Tale' about animal survival against all odds. The reader will experience 'laugh out loud' moments along with tears of joy and sadness. More importantly, 'Home' reminds the reader that animals are the best friends we could ever have.

This book is for people who love animals; it is for those who need the love of animals in their own life; and this book is for those who need to learn how to love animals.



Thank you from myself & the rescues who inspired HOME

Hi friends & supporters, Unfortunately, HOME didn't make the target on fundit - but it means alot to me that you got behind this special book for a very special cause. It was a dream to make money for many rescues and to tell a story about the brave and loving rescue animals who have come into my world. No, I didn't get to do it via fundit but at least their story will be read one day. HOME will be in the shops for Christmas. Via fundit, we would have made more money before the 'retail stage' for this book. There is a crisis out there at the moment: rescues are struggling to cope with the amount of animals that people are surrendering, abandoning and abusing. It is not easy to read these stories but please remember there are people who have to deal with very sad stories everyday. They have to find the money and the space to help another animal. Please help them; help them and the animals by not looking away. Animals feel pain just like we do. Yesterday, Cara Reacue rescued 3 shepherd pups who were dumped in Clonaslee in a very remote area. Their paw pads were burnt - more than likely by walking/running to get back home - to the person who dumped them. That is the only home they knew, after all. . They were found so emaciated - it hurt when they ate. One of them has lost an eye. Cara doesn't get a budget; Cara is run by volunteers who get no wage for this work. They will now spend months caring for these dogs - restoring their faith in humans again. This is just one example of one rescue job. These happen now every hour of every day in Ireland - leaving rescuers exhausted and disillusioned with humans. Everyday when I look at the animals I rescued, I am so grateful I found them before they got into the hands of cruel breeders, dog fighters or those who project their pain onto innocent animals. You see, when you save an animal - you could be saving them from these worlds too. Finally, encourage your friends to spay/neuter; encourage them to adopt - not shop. We need to stop people breeding animals - there are too many animals and too few homes left. Each one of us have the power to make a difference to an animal. If you want to keep up-dated on HOME - please feel free to email catlowry54@gmail.com. Once again, I am forever grateful to the names on this list before me. Love and Thanks Catriona x

Thank you for giving

Hi supporters and animal lovers! Over night 'Home' passed over the 1000 threshold so to the people who brought me to that point and over it - I am very grateful. Just to give you an idea of what I want to do with the funds that Home might make. I want to continue to take in cats who need to be spayed and neutered; I want to continue to take in pregnant cats to ensure their kittens are not born in a ditch, become feral, and go on to add to the growing cat population in Ireland. I am also feeding and helping horses in various locations who have owners who neglect them. The Summer means less feed needed but come the winter - they will need a lot of support. I have a rescue cat in my care who was burnt by three young men; I am honored to be part of his recovery as he is a very special cat and finally trusts humans. It is cats like Prince that I want to help also. Most days I walk rescue dogs at Rover Rescue in Clare. Deirdre who runs this amazing rescue takes dogs off death-row in the pound. These are dogs who once had homes; these are dogs who were abused; and these are dogs who are simply dumped by their owners. She has recently started taking Grey Hounds who are dumped like rubbish - once they stop making money for their owners. They are truly humble and graceful animals. I want to help rescuers like Deirdre - who have no big annual budget to do this life-saving work. Rescuers exist in every county in Ireland and they are starving for funds. I want to help them. Home is also about giving animals a voice; Home is about showing the reader that animals feel the same emotions we do; Home is to remind us, the reader, that they all crave a home to call their own. Unfortunately, animals in Ireland are suffering at the hands of very cruel individuals and this book reminds us that sometimes we need to be the voice that says 'STOP'. Finally, hopefully one day Home will sit on the desk of some big Hollywood producer and you all can say that you got it off the ground to that desk. So, lots of love and thanks from me, Jack, Sasha, Chloe, Prince, Tick, Tock, Saoirse and the 6 baby kittens here in my house. Thanks from all the horses that now know the sound of my car as it approaches. Thank you for giving this book a chance x

Getting there . . .

Hi Home Supporters, Again, thank you so much for supporting this project. I have still a long way to go. Just to remind you - this is a work of fiction that is suitable for young, teenager, and adult readers. All ages have been kept in mind. It is difficult to ask people to donate to charities these days - so I decided I would offer people something in return for helping rescues. The gift decided on is a book called 'Home'. Your money will go towards hard working rescues and to help me spay and neuter rescue animals that come into my home - along with feeding horses left to fend for themselves in fields. Please share 'Home' with your friends and remind them it makes the perfect gift that can be shared with many. The aim of this book is to give rescue animals a voice and to remind people, just like us, they too deserve a place to call home. Here's to all of you for your thoughtfulness and support Catriona x

We are not Home yet!

To everybody who has supported this project so far - whether by sharing or funding - THANK YOU! You are now part of a very special journey: to get a book about rescue animals talked about, printed and read! I have still a long way to go. Please let your friends know about this beautiful thought provoking book. Let your friends know, the difference this book will make to rescues everywhere. This 'Home' is one you will remember forever . . . x

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