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Access at the Greenway Lane Art Studio

By Maureen O'Neill @ The Greenway Lane Art Studio


Who we are?

The Studio is a cottage renovated into a studio for classes and workshops for all ages. It is a sanctuary where we encourage creativity, curiosity and community. We love to see everyone together in our space learning something new, experimenting, meeting new people and leaving with smiles on their faces. 

What makes us unique?

Our Acrylic Pour Workshops are very popular across the country. Its incredible mesmerising process and gorgeous results, Acrylic Pour Art is the coolest new art form in town with advantageous therapeutic results. And the wonderful thing is anyone can do it. Loved by artists and beginners alike, it's suitable for all ages regardless of experience. Every participant will enjoy personalised guidance from us with comprehensive experience and interaction in a comfortable studio setting.

About this Project

At the Greenway Lane Art Studio, we love sharing the delight of art-making with people. As such, we want to design an art experience that doesn't limit participants in any way. This type of art is great for relaxation and art therapy which makes it the ideal choice. In order to accommodate anyone with a disability, epilepsy or otherwise and the increased demand for this we have decided to crowdfund. Disability arts is probably one of the most underrated activities undertaken by people with disabilities. We want to change that!

Due to our ongoing popularity, I am getting more enquiries as to whether there is wheelchair access or enough space. In order to accommodate this increase in demand for classes for people with disabilities, we want to expand by building a space that is completely disability friendly. We are a small studio who are fiercely committed to championing accessibility in the art community.

The project cost:

  • Ground Prep: €1000

  • Build, electric, plumbing & Fitting: €4600

  • Toilet facilities: €1500

  • Exterior • ramps, driveway and entrance €3500

  • Flooring: €1000

  • Windows: €2500

  • Fittings: €900

  • Fund it Commission: (8%)

About me

I've worked as an artist for the past 20 years and I have epilepsy, this gives me an insight into the needs and wants of individuals not only with epilepsy but also people with other drawbacks. I have had the privilege of working with Western Care in my studio for painting classes and I loved every minute, there were some people who could not participate as my studio is not wheelchair accessible. I am always awfully disappointed when I can not accommodate everyone especially when I know they are missing out. It would be wonderful to offer classes and workshops to everyone regardless of their disability.

Support our project!

I would be incredibly grateful for your help with this project, by donating you can help us create real and lasting change for artists and art participants in Mayo and the wider community. Your support helps us show that the community is behind us in creating a truly special space and our success with crowdfunding will help us secure additional patronage and support.

We couldn't do it without you!





Sharing our Vision

Delighted we are over the half way mark so better time to share a little bit of the vision we have with you all. For those of you  who are not very familiar with the area, we are just off the Great Western Greenway. And so as we are hoping to create a direct private path from the Greenway to the studio for toilet facilities, coffee bar and other extras such as parking facilities thus creating a combination of both art and leisure. The target we have laid out for ourselves with Fundit is so we can apply for a grant thus meet the total cost of the project.

Being that the whole area will be disability friendly inside and out this will increase not only the demand for classes for everyone, offering something to all and leaving nobody out....

We will have a covered seating area, picnic benches and an area for plein air painting. There will now be a wide variety of ways to enjoy the arts at the Greenway Lane Studio as well as a range of refreshments, a small gallery, a bike path direct to the Great Western Greenway, and other activities to enhance your physical and mental well-being, as well as diverse activities to explore. 

Check out a sample of the coffee bar layout below



5 days left!

First of all can I say how thankful I am to each and every one of you for your amazing support. It was wonderful to see how you can all see what I'm trying to do. 

As we are coming to the last few days I wanted to ask a wee favour of you all? Could you spread the word for me to friends and family? I know that if I could pull this off it would be a huge asset to us all locally and also further afield. 

The idea that we could have a space where everyone regardless of ability or disability could use an art studio speciffically designed for all is so cool. Loads of space, easles designed for wheelchair users, no obsticles to stop people moving freely inside and outside, an area outside for plein air painting and so on. It would make such a difference.

Even though we are not for profit, the powers at be are in no hurry to support us so we have to rely on our friends!

Thank you all


Art and Health

Disabled people are one of the most marganalised groups in our society and still have limited oppurtunities to be involved in art workshops and classes as well as the arts in general. Any involvement in the arts has a positive effect on health. Taking an holistic view, the wellbeing of individuals in society is enhanced by being connected to the arts - any kind of art at any kind of levell. 

This is why it would be amazing funders who funded us so far encouraged even one person to do the same it would make an amazing thing happen for a lot of people.

We would be able to offer people who wouldnt normally get the opportunity to come and take part in a workshop and relax with a nice complimentary homemade afternoon tea afterwards.


With the new space we will also be in a position to offer new opportunities to the community such as pottery, creative writing, a ceramic firing service and much more.

Thanking you for your wonderful support on this journey X


Access at the Greenway Lane Art Studio

Nearly at €2500

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We raised just over €2400 to date but could do with a bit of a push to help it along! Please keep spreading the word about the campaign! x

I just want to say a sincere "Thank you" to everyone who has pledged their support this week. I was blown away to see us reach our first €1000 yesterday. However with Fundit it's an all or nothing situation, we receive the funding only if we make the total within the deadline, it would be an amazing thing to be able to offer a completely disability friendly art space to anyone who needs it. So please share and help us make this possible X

Thank you ❣️

After we launched this campaign on Monday at lunchtime, it took lots of effort to refrain from refreshing the page every few minutes to see where we were at. By 8pm we were just over €300 so today I'm hoping you lovely people will help us get to €1,000 by the end of the tomorrow. You can't imagine how much we appreciate your efforts X

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