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Art Tunnel Smithfield/ F&S | Dublin

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This project was funded!

rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

Your name gratefully acknowledged on the Art Tunnel facebook and twitter pages as a benefactor.

€10 +

all above + an invite to the private opening reception ( wine & live music…check http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield for more details). To be followed by an after-party in the Dice Bar. Profits of drink sales will be going towards the Art Tunnel

€30 +

all above + an invitation to the private opening reception of the Art Tunnel and the opportunity to choose from one of the original drawings, painting or prints exhibited. The artwork features installation proposals for the Art Tunnel produced by emerging artists, renowned artists, art students, architects, landscape architects and members of the community. The work will be signed on the back only and framed so you must choose before you can check! ( check http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield for artists taking part)

€60 +

all above + your name (or logo) printed on a plaque at the entrance to the Art Tunnel and on all Art Tunnel publications for two years.

€100 +

all above + an original, hand-drawn, 20cm x 20cm sketch by Clare Breen or Sophie Von Maltzan of the item your contribution bought for the site.

€150 +

all above + a tree dedicated to you marked on the plan at the entrance to the Art Tunnel or: a 2 hour landscape architects consultation by Fieldwork & Strategies or: a 2 hour mural painting session by Clare Breen

€350 +

all above + place your own artwork or 3-d logo on the art platform for the duration of an exhibition (5 months)

a project by:
Art Tunnel Smithfield/ F&S

Party next Tuesday

Update posted on Monday 16th July '12 @ 11:07:30

Thank you everyone for funding! We received over 90 donations!!!!!
Party invite to ALL who funded will go out tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing you in Smithfield on Tuesday the 24 th form 18.00- 21.00
The Art Tunnel Team
Please also look at photos of the first art installation up on http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield

Famous Artists donating work- You will be chosing one!

Update posted on Tuesday 19th June '12 @ 10:06:17

Sean Hillen, Mick O' Dea and Philip Napier are all submitting a postcard sized original artwork. At the opening you 'll get to choose one of them. Am very grateful for their and your support. opening will be sooooo much fun!


Update posted on Monday 4th June '12 @ 12:06:57

Please log onto http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield.
This week we finished the path- made from paletts and brought in topsoil, load of it- with the help of many friendly volunteers. Thanks to: Michael, Cameron, Tom, Peter and Andreas and to Clare and Roisin- who are working on the Art Tunnel realisation almost every day. We also got confirmation for the opening party venue: The awardwinning Lighthouse cinema on Smithfield Square----- We're delighted-------

buying trees

Update posted on Tuesday 29th May '12 @ 07:05:07

We water all the trees and they will be fine, apart from the 3 Alnus that were only recently repotted by the nursery and should not really have been for sale... It just shows that it is well worth taking a plant out of it's pot before you buy it, if it is small enough to do so. If it is a big heavy rootball- tree, enquire with the nursery when they last repotted it ... We will not be doing the mistake again and take greater care when we chose the next batch of trees, but I am sure we will nurse the 3 Alnus back to health


Update posted on Tuesday 29th May '12 @ 07:05:58

Please log onto http://www.facebook.com/arttunnelsmithfield for almost daily updates on the project. We have 36 funders now and are delighted with the progress we make on site. Thank you to Roisin, Clare and Sarah for -so enthusiastically- helping with the build and to Cecily for being such a patient building site baby. I guess I am a great breastfeeding advert to the Luas passengers... Weather has been great for building- but not so for the trees we planted.

Working away

Update posted on Saturday 12th May '12 @ 01:05:36

We planted 9 trees this week, a few more small trees, shrubs and a hedge along the fence will go in in autumn- when it's proper planting season and we can plant bare- rooted. F&S are delighted that the first 4 supporters on fundit, are not our friends or relations but citizens who are excited about a city regeneration project. We are looking forward to meeting them at our opening party!