Edge of the Earth

Simon O'Reilly | Clare

Edge of the Earth
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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Digital download of the album "Edge Of The Earth"

€20 +

Signed CD of "Edge Of The Earth" and Digital download

€50 +

Package including Signed CD of "Edge Of The Earth", Digital download of "Edge Of The Earth" and signed CD of my 2003 album "Tidelines" plus a digital download of 4 bonus recordings

€100 +

All of the above plus a big thank you and contributor credit on the album sleeve

€200 +

All of the above plus a one hour guitar lessons in my studio, or if you are too far away by Skype

€500 +

Signed CD of "Edge Of The Earth", Digital download of "Edge Of The Earth", signed CD of my 2003 album "Tidelines", a big thank you and contributor credit on the album sleeve , and one day recording in my studio with me producing your music

€1000 +

Signed CD of "Edge Of The Earth", Digital download of "Edge Of The Earth", signed CD of my 2003 album "Tidelines", a big thank you and contributor credit on the album sleeve and two days recording in my studio with me producing your music

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Simon  O

Evolve Irish Times album of the week!

Update posted on Saturday 26th November '16 @ 10:11:34

Hi, Evolve has had a great start this week and was just named Irish Times album of the week. Thank you sooooo much for your support !! this album would not have being made if it was not for you!
You can read about it here.


Its Finished

Update posted on Tuesday 8th November '16 @ 12:11:40


The Album is finally finished and is in the printers, Its called Evolve and will be officially released on the 20th of November. You will receive a download code via email on that day, if you are due to receive a CD please email me your address to info@simonoreilly.com. CDs will be shipped the following week.

Thanks for your patience and support, I hope you enjoy it.


Up date

Update posted on Wednesday 27th April '16 @ 11:04:50

Hi, Don't worry I haven't emigrated, I am at last close to completion! The past few years have been an education and an unexpected journey that has steered the album on a very different course. Working with so many amazing musicians and instruments has created vast arrangement options that have felt limitless and inspiring. Here are the musicians I have had the pleasure of working with on the recordings. All of this would not have being possible without your kind support. Thanks Simon

Violin - Bogdan Sofei
Violin - Ingrid Nicola
Violin - Nickolas Cooper
Viola - Andreea Banciu
Cello - Adrian Mantu
Cello - Eoin Kenny
Double bass - Martin Brunsden
Double bass - Dave Redmond
Trumpet - Bill Blackmore
Trombone - Colm O'Hara
Saxophone - Cathal Roche
Clarinet - Cathal Roche
Fugal horn - Bill Blackmore
Bass clarinet - Cathal Roche
Fiddleafone - Martin Brunsden
Fender Rhodes - Darragh O'Kelly
Vocals - Twin Headed Wolf
Drums - Connor Murray
Hurdy Gurdy - David Burda
Electric Guitar, pedal steel guitar, mini moog, Juno 60, minilouge, SH 101, TB 303, TR 8, volca beats, drums, glockenspiel, percussion, appalachian dulcimer, ronroco, broken piano, found sounds, vocals - Simon O'Reilly

Almost there

Update posted on Sunday 19th April '15 @ 07:04:38

The album is just about ready for mixing and I am planning a launch with live dates featuring some of the musicians involved later in the summer. I am really happy with the sound and I can't wait for you to hear it! Sorry it's taken so long, millions of rewrites, it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for your continued patience and support!


Album update

Update posted on Sunday 10th August '14 @ 11:08:01

Hi all,

A quick album update, with your generous support to date I have hired and recorded drums, double bass, hurdy-gurdy, violins and cellos, I am about to record woodwinds, sax and harmonica. All to be looped, mutated and processed into the dark guitar / electronic soundscape I have created!

Things are talking a little longer than expected due to film work and other projects I am working on to pay the bills but the album is sounding great and I hope will be worth the long wait!

Thank you for your support and ongoing patience !


Album update

Update posted on Sunday 8th December '13 @ 11:12:07

Hi Everyone,

The album is coming along really well, I am thrilled with the progress and direction. Over the past few months I have been working with some amazing musicians and we aim to have the album finished in the spring.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and the best for 2014.

Thanks again for your support.


Thank You

Update posted on Thursday 31st January '13 @ 11:01:57

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for helping me hit the target. I Plan on starting recording in a few weeks and all going well I should have the album ready in the autumn. I have a dedicated facebook page where I will be posting pictures and updates of the recording. I shall be in touch with you in the autumn to organize your rewards.

Thanks for your support!



2013 Album update

Update posted on Sunday 13th January '13 @ 01:01:50

Thanks to you all for your support! I would love to have the opportunity to thank you individually but I don't have access to any information from Fundit.ie until the end of this campaign. Here is a new little video of a work in progress from the upcoming album https://vimeo.com/57276522

I have only 9 days left to hit the target and I need your help to spread the word about the project to please Facebook, tweet and email this link to anyone you think might be interested in supporting the album http://www.fundit.ie/project/edge-of-the-earth

I would love hear any feedback you might have on the project so far
Thanks again



Happy Christmas

Update posted on Friday 21st December '12 @ 08:12:35

Hope you have a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2013

Thanks for your support !!



Update posted on Thursday 29th November '12 @ 12:11:51

The Summit, a film I was commissioned to write some orchestral music for has just been selected for the Sundance film festival. Out of 12,146 just 113 were selected! Please spread the word around tweet, face book, shout , so we can capitalise on it for Edge of the Earth!!!!



Robyn O'Reilly

Update posted on Saturday 24th November '12 @ 10:11:18

My little daughter was born on St. Cecelia's Day, the patron saint of musicians, 22nd of November. I have been practicing lullabies.


Update posted on Monday 19th November '12 @ 01:11:11

A massive THANKS to everyone for supporting my album, Today I reached 21% and I have had amazing good vibes from all over the world.  Every note played on this album will have a little bit of you in it.

Spread the word and thanks a mil!