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Fidget Feet Aerial Theatre | Westmeath

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This project was funded!

rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

A big thank you and/or hug with a personalised video message thrown in from Fidget Feet for good luck.

€10 +

A mention in the Fairies' Tail programme, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€25 +

A signed Fidget Feet album containing music from our shows, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€50 +

2 tickets to a performance on the 28th of August, a signed album, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

€100 +

4 tickets to a performance of A Fairies Tail on the 28th August, a Fidget Feet T-SHIRT, signed album, programme mention, hug/thank you and a video message.

€200 +

A one to one zip line lesson on the weekend of the 27/28 of August in Tullynally, or (for those not comfortable with heights) a personalised caricature drawn by show director Jym Daly of you and the Fairies' Tail cast. Also, 4 performance tickets, a t-shirt, an album, a programme mention, hug/thank you and a video message.

€500 +

A personal Fidget Feet Aerial Dance workshop for you and 9 other people (Location & Time TBC between pledger and Fidget Feet. Restricted to the island of Ireland) . Also, 4 performance tickets, a t-shirt, a signed album, a programme mention, a hug/thank you and a video message.

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Fidget Feet Aerial Theatre


Update posted on Friday 5th August '11 @ 07:08:12

This is for you. We've just reached our target so we are now officially funded! Thanking you all kindly! You rock socks.

So, those of you who don't liked to be hugged, this is fair warning, you had better go into hiding now because Fidget Feet will be on the prowl looking to dole out as much love as we can muster (we can muster quite a bit).

Over the next few weeks we will be contacting you all to sort out the particulars of your most excellent rewards but before that happens we just wanted to say, right now, thank you.

You are the best and we are unbelievably happy.


€400 to go with only 4 days left!

Update posted on Thursday 4th August '11 @ 05:08:39

We've only €400 left to go with only 4 days left. We need one final crack of the whip to make sure we enter that winners circle with a horse in one hand and a much taller model in the other.

Remember, if we don't reach the €3000 mark we get zilch, zip, nada, nothing. So spread the word and lets get this party started. Huzzoom!

So if you know anyone that has been meaning too fund but just hasn't gotten around to it yet, break out that poking stick and give them a bit of an old poke.

Thanks again to all of you. You all rock. Also, the newsletter is out now and should be winging its way to you, provided you're on our mailing list that is. If you're not, I suggest you visit www.fidgetfeet.com pronto.

Thanking you all kindly.

What a difference a day makes.

Update posted on Tuesday 2nd August '11 @ 03:08:03

Like the leading horse at Epsom, we've turned the corner and are hurtling down the final strait with the end in sight... now if only we could do something about this bloody midget perched on our back with his damned whip.

So we're 85% there with 6 days left. Again, we've got to say how much we appreciate all your generosity. It really it quite astounding and we are currently carrying around that warm fuzzy feeling in our bellies because we feel loved. BUT...

BUT... we still need to reach our target otherwise we'll be reaching for the gaviscon and hoping for the best. Remember, in order to avail of the money raised so far, we have to reach our target of €3000. If anyone knows of people who have been meaning to donate but haven't done so yet, get them to pull the finger out in the next few days so we can calm our beating hearts. And/or, if you know of anyone that might be interested in the project, be sure to spread the word.

We'll say again though, we are simply flabbergasted with the response so far and thank you so, so much. And I'm also very happy that I just got to use the word flabbergasted, so there's that too.

Peace out, love and biscuits for now. There'll be a newsletter circulating with the general company updates in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Wow! Just... wow.

Update posted on Thursday 28th July '11 @ 04:07:15

Wow... just wow. What a leap. Thanks a million to everyone who has pitched in over the last 24 hours. Get ready to received a cross-internet high-five. Are you ready? 1... 2... 3... BOOM! There you are. Bet that's the first time you've ever done that.

That's an amazing boost. So we're now looking at 10 days to go and 2/3rds the way there. Thank you so much.

But the work is not over (I'm always bloody asking for more, aren't I?), make sure to keep spreading the word so we can reach our target because remember, if we don't reach the target, all our work goes down the proverbial swanny.

Thanks again and get ready for the mother of all Fidget Feet hugs.


12 Days to go

Update posted on Wednesday 27th July '11 @ 06:07:10

Firstly, a big thank you and air high-five to everyone who has already helped us out for our FUNDIT campaign. We've only managed to raise 1/6th of our target with two weeks left and if we don't reach that, we get nothing. So, if you have done so already (and thanks again for those who have) It would be superbly awesome if ye could have a look at the fantastic rewards we have on offer and/or spread the word.

1 week down - 3 weeks to go

Update posted on Monday 18th July '11 @ 12:07:20

First and foremost. Thanks a million for contributing to our campaign and getting to the ball rolling. Whether or not we reach our target, you are all due a huge hug and high five which will be redeemable at any time you see fit.

So we've one week down and three weeks to go and we've a lot to do. If any of you happen to know people that might be interested in our campaign and willing to support our work, you would be doing us even more amazing help if you could spread the word about us and this push to fund the Children's circus workshops. It really is a great opportunity and we're very anxious for it all the come off.

Thanks again and like The Godfather, if you need to, at some point in the future, and that day may never come, you can call on me to do a service for you.

Huzzoom and Good Tidings.

Adam from Fidget Feet