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Ballyglunin Railway Station | Galway

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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

A limited edition lapel pin specially designed for the station

€15 +

A mug with a print of The Quiet Man station on it. Can be picked up at station or posted.

€20 +

A 2018 calendar with stunning photos of the station over the seasons.

€40 +

A plant or shrub will be planted in your name at the station. The plant will have the persons name beside it and will feature on a map where the plants are placed.

€85 +

A beautifully presented image of a scene from the quiet man printed on a slate from the Train station. You can see these on our Facebook page. They can be collected from the station or posted.

€250 +

A professionally cultivated raised flower bed made with railway sleepers with a brass plate with your name on it to be erected in the station.

€500 +

The use of the iconic waiting room in the station for a half day for your private event. You could have your own private concert, an exhibition, product launch, photo shoot or a music video. Terms and conditions will apply.

€1000 +

A quiet man day out for 4 people. Retrace the journey of John Wayne down the tracks into the station. An historical tour of the station and ballyglunin area by a local historian. Have a deluxe picnic on the station platform and watch the quiet man movie afterwards in the waiting room. A gift of a slate, mug and calendar for everyone.

€2000 +

The station as a location for your wedding cermony. The charm of this station is perfect for your wedding day. The committee will have the station looking perfect for your big day. We will also provide an award winning videographer to capture the ceremony. For further details contact paschal at paschalcam@gmail.com

€3000 +

Official sponsor for the Storehouse theatre for 1 year. Branding on the outside of the building. Get to use the location for your annual event. Your company logo will appear on all brochures ,website and social media sites.

a project by:
Ballyglunin Railway Station


Update posted on Wednesday 30th August '17 @ 10:08:39

Hi everyone. I hope this finds you all well. It's like Santa's workshop here in ballyglunin at the moment. We're organising the rewards and are starting with the local ones to get us moving. It's very busy as you can imagine with just a voluntary staff to look after this and we have a lot of other ongoing projects to keep us busy also. We are conscious that email by it's nature can let you down and with the volume that was sent we are just asking anyone that hasn't heard from us to get in touch straight away. We appreciate the effort that people made and we don't want to let anyone down and we certainly don't want to annoy any of the wonderful people that supported us. So please send an email to Leonie our wonderful logistics manager who has been flat out the last while at the following email address leonief@ymail.com
The very best from all at Ballyglunin

Getting there

Update posted on Tuesday 25th July '17 @ 04:07:12

Hi Folks. Just to let you all know we haven't disappeared off the radar. Between holidays and work and just recovering after the campaign its been a hectic few weeks. We have all your email details in a database now and you'll be receiving an email from us in the coming days. As you can imagine with over 400 funders its going to take us a while but we will get there as we promised. We had to wait until final numbers were in before we could go to the printers etc with amounts to get done. With a charity organisation like us we have to be careful with each cent so its vital we get the best quality at the best price. Some rewards exceeded our expectations while others didn't but thats the way crowd funding goes. Over all it was a fantastic result and you were all part of that. For anyone local we'll be putting on some events for heritage week which kicks off the 20th of august so it never stops here in Ballyglunin. keeping eye on Facebook and the website for more details. Work on the roof will hopefully commence in September. Builders holidays and contractors finishing off jobs have pushed it out slightly but September is usually a good month weather wise here so thats a positive. I'll be posting pictures of progress on our Facebook page so keep an eye out. Thanks again for your support.

Still going

Update posted on Tuesday 27th June '17 @ 02:06:36

Hi all. As you may notice the fundit page doesn't stop until 12pm tomorrow so I see that the donations are still coming in which is absolutely fantastic. Its being pushed well across the line. Theres plenty of room for it as you can imagine with a conservation project like this. If anyone would like to see our overall vision for the station then heres a link to it
Fundit won't have any of your details to us until a week after the event closes so it'll be then that we figure out the rewards and as I said earlier the slates are being handmade so please be patient with us. You will all be contacted individually about your rewards and if you want them posted or picked up at the station on days it will be open. Because there are so many funders involved it will take us a bit of time to coordinate it all so thank you in advance for your patience. There is still a wedding award available and this will be kept open if it hasn't be snapped up by tomorrow as I believe this is a perfect location for your special day. The sponsorship of our storehouse theatre for a year is also still there so keep that in mind also for some business you may know out there. So there you go its been a pleasure keeping in touch with all of you and being on this little rollercoaster ride. It means a lot for a small community like us to raise this amount of money and to also connect with a wider audience. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website ballyglunin.com for updates on the roof and on upcoming events we will be holding at the station. Thank you all again.

We made it

Update posted on Monday 26th June '17 @ 08:06:58

Hi everyone. As some of you may or not be aware we hit target this evening so as you can imagine we're over the moon to say the very least. A very heart felt thank you to all of you that made this possible. This is the start of a beautiful journey to bring this station back to life and you've all help make that happen. The amazing thing is that our deadline isn't until tommorow at noon and people are still contributing which is amazing. I hope at some stage that you can all come and visit this amazing gem of a building and experience it first hand. It is indeed very special and will be even more so with a new roof on it. You've all basically helped preserve a piece of irish film history but more importantly a piece of irish history that would have otherwise disappeared. We hope to start very soon and we'll keep everyone upto date on proceedings. We have all your beautiful rewards to sort out in the coming weeks so please be patient as we are a small team and we have a lot to get through. The slate reward is painstakingly difficult to make by hand but we have a head start made. We'll try and get most people accommodated with the next month but it will be a further 4 weeks before all the physical rewards will be dealt with. We'll be in touch with anyone that has opted for one of our use of the station rewards also. Looking forward to meeting you along this journey. As they say its all about the journey and this is the start of a beautiful one. Thank you all again.

Facebook live this evening

Update posted on Sunday 25th June '17 @ 09:06:46

Good morning from Castletown. We're just over €23,000 so thank you all so much. We'll be live on Facebook this evening from 7 to 9pm in the train station. We'll have some music, song and a few stories as well. There will also be a raffle for a signed book by Des McHale for all the people that have donated by 9pm this evening. Our slate reward is nearly sold out and as I reminded people a few weeks ago you can still get the flower bed reward by donating through the fundit page and ticking the "I don't want a reward box". Then send us a private email to info@ballyglunin.com with your details and we'll sort it out. Its getting very exciting with only just over 2 days left and I'm sure you all want to see it succeed just as much as we do.

3 days to go

Update posted on Saturday 24th June '17 @ 11:06:53

Hi everyone. We're nearly at the end of the line so to speak and its getting very exciting to see if we can make it all work. The final push is always the hardest and we're still hopeful that we can pull through and reach target. As I keep saying its an all or nothing campaign so if we don't reach 30,000 by 12pm Tuesday then we get nothing and you guys don't get your rewards. We had TG4 news out yesterday to give us a nudge and we're having RTE news out with us Monday to see if the last bit of publicity will help us reach our goal. It would be a shame after all these weeks and years that we don't get to put a new roof on the station and miss out on saving the most famous train station in the world. Please keep the word out there for us and share the fundit page with as many people as possible. We're still looking for a sponsor for the store and we still have the wedding package and the quiet man day out in the station left. We think that these are all lovely rewards for people to have so hopefully others will think the same. So in three days time wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to be part of a little bit of international film history and say to your friends that you helped to save the Quiet man train station. So keep the push on and we'll make the dream happen.

Gabriel Byrne onboard

Update posted on Wednesday 21st June '17 @ 02:06:07

Hi Everyone. Only 6 days left to raise €10,000. It's been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. If nothing else comes of this project its been great to reach out and know that so many people helped us along the way. This campaign has created great awareness about what we are doing in Ballyglunin and at this stage it would be a terrible shame not to get it across the line and let down the people that pledged with us. We are going to have a draw live on Facebook on Sunday evening for a signed copy of Des Mchales book about the Quiet man. Everyone who contributed to the fund will go into the hat. We'll announce times closer to the day on our Facebook page. And in other news Gabriel Byrne has come onboard to back the campaign also. In a statement he said
We are delighted to announce that actor Gabriel Byrne has pledged his support to the campaign to save The Quiet Man train station in Ballyglunin, Co. Galway. In a statement Gabriel Byrne said:

“The opening of The Quiet Man in Ballyglunin station is unforgettable. Barry Fitzgerald leads John Wayne and us the audience through a magic door into a mythical otherworld called Innisfree.
I’ve long admired the film and as well as narrating Sé Merry Doyle’s superb documentary I have presented The Quiet Man at the Metropolitan museum in New York.

The image of Ballyglunin station is known to millions all over the world and is part of film archaeology.
Please donate to www.ballyglunin.com or fundit.ie and help to restore this iconic building not just for us but for future generations who will come to love The Quiet Man.”

A plant for fathers day

Update posted on Sunday 18th June '17 @ 01:06:09

Happy fathers day from everyone in Ballyglunin. Why not give a gift of a plant with your fathers name on it that will be planted in the station. Go to our fundit page and select this lovely reward that will last for years to come. There are only a limited number left so go and have a look before they're all gone.

Good Afternoon from Castletown

Update posted on Sunday 18th June '17 @ 12:06:35

Hi Folks. Its a bit of a dull day here in Castletown but the spirits are high. We're nearly at €19,000 with just 9 days left which is fantastic. We're trying to push our bigger rewards namely the Quiet man day out, using the station as a wedding venue and also the 1 year sponsorship of the storehouse along with use of the waiting room for your own private event. If you could spread the word on these rewards that would be fantastic. We're doing really well thanks to all your help and fingers crossed we'll get across the line. We'll be on the Pat Kenny show on Newstalk tomorrow morning at 9.30 if you'd like to tune in. Joseph McBride the author of Searching for John Ford will be on with Maria Heneghan from Ballyglunin to tell us about the movie and about the history of the station. Should be interesting so keep an ear out. So if you know anyone looking for an unusual venue to get married in then get them to contact us. Thanks again from Castletown.

A good day in Castletown

Update posted on Thursday 15th June '17 @ 05:06:20

Hi all. We had an eventful day in Castletown today when we were honoured to have Joseph McBride author of the award winning biography Searching for John Ford stop by. Joseph is giving a free public lecture in the Huston School of Film in Galway at 7pm tonight. He was thrilled to see the station first hand and gave great praise to the local committee for keeping the building alive. An interview that we did with him will be available next week on the site. Thanks to Tony Tracy from NUIG for organising the visit.

Then as if the day couldn't get better we had an anonymous donation of €5000 just a little while ago so a good day all round for Castletown. Keep the message alive folks we're doing well.

Flower bed reward update

Update posted on Monday 12th June '17 @ 08:06:07

Hi Folks. Its been a busy weekend for donations and we're up to €10,726 which is fantastic. You've all been very generous. We've had a lot of email enquiries about our flower bed reward which sold out quickly. So much so we've had to make room for more at the station. Its a good complaint to have. If you know anyone that may be interested then we will be able to accommodate them for that particular reward. The donation can be made by selecting the "I do not need a reward for this pledge" box and then send us an email with your details and that you donated towards the flower box. I hope we have not confused you too much but the demand was so high we felt we had to do something. We've got only 4 Quiet man day out rewards left also and still waiting for some old romantic to take us up on our very special wedding in the station reward.
Stay tuned from Ballyglunin.

Liam Neeson gives his support

Update posted on Saturday 10th June '17 @ 09:06:03

Hi all from Ballyglunin. It's been a very exciting week for us here with Liam Neeson coming onboard to give us his support for the project. A very good name I'm sure you'll all agree to have behind it.

In a statement he said, "I have been a professional actor for over 40 years, and during that time I have had the great fortune to have made over 70 films with many world renowned directors. Of all those directors, I would say 60 of them have said that John Ford's, The Quiet Man, is in their top 5 list of favorite and influential films. The movie has become part of Irish folklore and is justifiably and rightly called a Classic film.
The Ballyglunin train station in Co. Galway played a significant part in that film. The station is now showing its age, and requires urgent repair. We must save this iconic building, otherwise it will be lost.
Please help save this important part of our film heritage by donating what you can to Fundit.ie or www.ballyglunin.com. Thank you." - Liam Neeson

We are at a very healthy €8745 as of now with 18 days to go. Thanks to the person who took our quiet man day out reward for 4 people at the station. There are still 5 of these left along with option for using the waiting room for an event, getting married at the station and also a sponsor for our storehouse for a year. There's a new video on our Facebook page this morning if you guys could share it around. Thanks again for the continued support and keep spreading the word for us. Bye for now from Ballyglunin

We've crossed the €6000 milestone

Update posted on Wednesday 7th June '17 @ 01:06:47

Well we got over the €6000 hump with 20 days to go to reach our €30,000 target. Thanks again to all of you that have donated. It's a big ask to reach our goal but we are hopeful that the word will get out far and wide about our plight and we'll get there in the end. It would be a shame at this stage to let 13 years of a hard slog go down the tubes. For any of you who haven't shared our page I'll annoy you again to do so. Send it to all your Facebook friends and lets keep the momentum going. This is a piece of Irish cinema history that can so easily slip away from our grasp if we're not careful so please share the hell out of it for history sake and for the sake of all the community that have given their all over the years. Thanks again to all who have supported. Best wishes from Ballyglunin

24 days to go

Update posted on Saturday 3rd June '17 @ 04:06:23

Hi Folks. Thank you so much for donating to the save the quiet man train station project. Without your help we can't do anything to save this amazing piece of history. We still have a long way to go with just under €6000 raised out of our €30,000 target. Just to let people know this is an all or nothing campaign so if we don't hit target then all of your donations won't count. Thats how much we really believe in what we have here in Ballyglunin and the rewards we have selected are very special. The raised flower bed reward has sold out and the printed slate is going very well. We still have lovely rewards like using the waiting room for a private function, a Quiet Man day out for 4 people and the use of the station for a wedding ceremony. So tell your friends who may be getting married in the near future. There is a great example of a wedding in the station in the fundit video. There are many smaller awards available as well like your name on a plant in the station and also calendars and mugs. So please get the word out there for us and share this really worthwhile project with your family and friends. We're getting a lot of really good publicity as you will see from our Facebook page. If any of you have any media contacts then please let them know about this project. Thank you all again for your support and we'll continue to keep you updated on whats happening. Cheers from Ballyglunin.