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rewards for funding this project:

€20 +

You get an online credit on the website and a copy of the finished film on DVD, signed by the cast and crew.

€40 +

You can appear in the film! Simply provide a good still image and you will appear in the identity photos of the police department - either listed as a victim or an aggressor! the choice is yours. This also includes an online credit on the website and a copy of the finished film on DVD!

€60 +

You can appear in the film as an extra! Again you can be an aggressor or a victim, the choice is yours, but bear in mind victims must be younger - and the extras are mostly in crowd scenes. This also includes an online credit on the website and a copy of the finished film on DVD, but I've added a copy of the soundtrack on CD this time!

€100 +

You can appear in the film in a small part! as a police officer, or a helicopter pilot, or a chauffeur, again the choice is yours! You could even get a line of dialogue. This also includes an online credit on the website, a copy of the finished film on DVD, a copy of the soundtrack on CD, but this time you also get a credit in the film, with a T-Shirt and a Poster, signed by the cast and crew!

€150 +

You can get all of the above, but you can also contribute a small piece of sound design to the soundtrack of the film! As this is a fictitious world, its technology can be much more exotic sounding than usual, you can invent the sounds of elevators, taxis, cameras - whatever you want! again, the choice is yours. This also includes all of the above and a sound design credit in the film!

€300 +

All the above, plus a private screening of the film for your family and friends, which we'll try our best to have in the venue of your choice/recommendation. The screening will be introduced by myself, attended by as many of the key cast and crew as possible, and you'll get an 'Associate Producer' credit in the film!

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Metal Dragon

2 days to go!

Update posted on Monday 31st October '11 @ 04:10:25

Just want to say thanks again to all the project's funders and everybody who re-posted and re-tweeted the campaign. The film now has 49 funders and has reached 71% of its goal, with just 2 days to go. So, hopefully you'll be hearing good news on the project by the end of the week.


MONKEY SCI-FI : Week 3 on FUNDIT : Stuff you can get !

Update posted on Friday 14th October '11 @ 04:10:03

Week 3 of the Fundit campaign and the project is gaining momentum! The film has reached 32% of its target and has extras, supporting characters and associate producers already on board!

As promised I'll now let you see more of what's on offer. Here's a link to some thumbnails of the posters, you'll get the full quality ones when you come onboard!

Campaign Round 2 - first week - 02 Oct 2011

Update posted on Sunday 2nd October '11 @ 05:10:55

Hi everybody,

Thanks to all your support and interest my Fundit campaign has reached 21% at the end of its first week! So I'd like to say another special thanks to the funders themselves and to all who
forwarded my link on their Facebook pages and various networks, which is proving to be indispensible. There were also more nice responses and comments - old friend and long time collaborator Moira Tierney says she
reckon's it'll be 'smashin' - Thanks Moira!

So, now I'm going to start to draw you all in further by letting you see some more of the film itself. I started the campaign with the first trailer last week, which is silent. This week I'll show everybody the second trailer.

Here it is; http://www.metaldragon.net/e_e_trailers.html


Campaign Round 1 - first 4 days

Update posted on Wednesday 28th September '11 @ 03:09:27

Just want to say a big thanks to all my collaborators so far, on facebook and twitter, who have got the campaign off to a promising start. Nice facebook rewrites from my Darklight friends, who say they are 'big fans' - and fellow Experimental Film clubber Donal Foreman, who observes that 'no-one else in Ireland is going to make a film like this' - a good point.

Thanks everybody for the insights !