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Adam Nolan Trio - Prim and Primal

By Adam Nolan


  • Background 

For this album I wanted to create something that would really speak to the world! I wanted to create a jazz album that would have a concept of two contrasting personalities in one. Prim and Primal is that concept. I hired some of the most advanced jazz musicians in Ireland for the recording session and the album is now ready to go for the 19th of August 2021.


Just so you know it wasn't easy getting that photo! I had to drag my photographer around a wild forest until I spotted the right place. Something that would look jurassic and beautiful! I remember him saying to me "Now I know what it's like to be in the Special Forces". It was so worth the effort! I love it and it really captures the whole meaning of the album. The clean tidy sweet player and the aggressive punk jazz renegade. Each track is based on various worlds and environments. A visualisation process occurred throughout the recording session full of depth and detail. This is the new rockstar level in the jazz world. Boldness, risk, brutally honest and driven with a fluidity of colourful expression and shape. 


  • Track titles
  1. Expand the Tempo
  2. The Modern Jazz Trio
  3. Latin Jazz?
  4. Ancient Mayan Jungle
  5. The Magic Carpet
  6. Kung Fu Master Vs The Ape

Adam Nolan - Alto Saxophone

Derek Whyte - Double Bass

Dominic Mullan - Drums 


  • I recently took part in the European Jazzahead 2021 Digital Conference. I was lucky to receive a Bursary from Culture Ireland to participate, notably for my prolific creative processes. I have many albums based on contemporary music which aim to innovate and take creativity to the next chapter in the human story. I've made lots of new contacts that can help me but they need to be paid! It's the costs of online marketing, promotions, cd printing, vinyl pressing, press photography, running campaigns, advertisement, radio/journalists/promoter fees. 
  • Previously I've funded everything myself and from my families constant love and support. Most of the money came from my social welfare and from busking. I graduated with a 1/1 in Major in Jazz Performance in W.I.T. 5 years ago. Since then I've been a full time creator working from home on composition and perfecting my craft on the saxophone. 
  • I aim to spread the music both physically and digitally to the fullest extent as possible. To continue this journey truly is living the dream. Previously it was the costs of online marketing I struggled to keep up with coming up to album releases. This album I don't want that to be a problem as the music is too good. Any money that is left over after primary costs will be further used to continually fund and advertise the album and future albums. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

This is my first Fund it campaign and I am very grateful and happy that there are supporters for creativity out there! I hope you dig the music!