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Adventures in Failure

By Gráinne Lynch


This project is a three person physical theatre piece. It will be devised by the actors and director so it is a wonderful opportunity for you to help us create something completely new.

This Fund it campaign will help us pay for rehearsal space to make the piece, for set, costumes and lighting to help bring it to life on stage and for practical, necessary things like insurance, marketing materials and administration costs.

It will be a joyous physical production, a surreal imagining, a fantastical jaunt. Jump into the shallow end with three worldless explorers, as they crash, dive, duck and jive through their humdrum mundanedom to landscapes of light. Tired of the tedium and inspired by their dreams a trio of arch friends find new realities and old adversities. They push the boundaries. And the boundaries push back. But there’s not much can keep a gagster down when there are new defeats to discover.

The spark of an idea for this show came last October and we have spent the last few months refining that idea and assembling a crack team of actors who can take on the challenge of devising a piece of theatre from scratch. We are very excited about getting into the rehearsal room to create that piece of theatre and even more excited about sharing it with an audience.

The finished production will take place in Smock Alley Boys' School, March 24 - 29.

Director: Jessi Carri
Producer: Gráinne Lynch
Cast: Fiona McGarry, Rachel Mungra, Isabel Macedo
Lighting and Set Designer: Aaron Kelly
Costume Designer: Steph Blythman
Graphic Designer: Brian Durney
Marketing Consultant: Elva Carri
Video Design: Jeda De Brí



The first two weeks

Thanks for all your support so far. It's great to see such kind generosity! I wanted to repay the kindness and let you know what we've been up to over the last few weeks. Three weeks ago, rehearsals for Adventures in Failure started in the Lanterns Centre off Harcourt Street. The cast and director often had to battle their way into rehearsals through driving rain and arrived looking like drowned rats. They were often cold and wet but eager for the work that lay ahead! The cast has not worked together before so the first few days were spent getting to know each other and figuring out what kind of play they are trying to make. They also spent a lot of time dancing and moving and playing games. As the week's went on, the work got tougher as director Jessi Carri put them through their paces. I saw some of this work last week when we shot our trailer and all the different strands of production came together for one day. Though it was a scaled down version, we had some lights, some set and some costume and you could see the show taking shape. The Adventures in Failure team were joined by film-maker Jeda De Brí and photographer Ste Murray. It was fun, creative day and we're really looking forward to sharing the results with you. Both the images and the trailer are going to be beautiful! And hopefully, with your help, the show will be even more creative and beautiful and fun!

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