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Against the Current

By Against The Current


‘Against the Current: A History of Waterford’s Counter-cultural Movements, 1979-1996’ explores the origins, evolution, and legacies of diverse local collectives such as The Freewheelers Motorcycle Club, Mods, Ska, Punk, Indie, and the early underground dance scene in Waterford, revealing the fascinating ways in which interconnections were formed between music, fashion, and lifestyle among the groups in question.

Between 1979 and 1996 a variety of Sub-cultural movements developed in Waterford, ranging from motorbike enthusiasts to clubbers who were passionate about underground dance music. At a time when the people of Waterford endured personal, familial, and communal trauma through unemployment and emigration such groups forged a sense of unity and purpose among those who were alienated from mainstream culture and in revolt against the institutions of church and state that underpinned the identities of their forebears.

All the money raised from this Fund it campaign will go towards the costs to purchase vintage video footage from the RTE archives and the making of the documentary.

Keith Daniels is the driving force behind the project. Keith has been involved in the Mod and Scooterist scenes and held the role of the General Secretary of the Lambretta Club of Ireland for several years and was one of the pioneers of bringing underground Dance music to Waterford in the early 90's.

Interviews have finished and we are going into editing now to have the documentary ready for April 2019. This Fund it campaign will allow us to purchase the RTE footage and allows us to complete the documentary.

The project has personally and with support from Creative Ireland funded the cost of the film maker. 

More information on the project can be found on our website www.againstthecurrent.ie

I would sincerely like to thank you for your support. I hope you like the calendar, we have only printed 200 so they are limited edition. Please keep in touch with the project and drop me a line for updates. Hope to see you in April for the premiere.

Press on the link to our website http://www.againstthecurrent.ie/donate 

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Thanks guys for supporting "Against the Current" we are now into our last 3 days so hopefully we'll reach our target.

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Thanks for your support

Thanks guys for your support, really appreciate it and hopefully I will reach the target in the coming days.

I'm updating the social media sites with regualr updates, and will come back soon on updates on how were doing in the coming days.


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