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By Lynn Yang


A.L. is a short film about Henry Noel, a surveyor clerk, who comes to view the wood that is to be cut down by Mr. Spencer. On his way, Henry decides to see the forest for himself but the forest turns out to be the dwelling place of the fairies who treat any trespasser or potential threat with fierce and exacting punishment.

The story has a simple and old message respected throughout the centuries in the traditions of country living people – respect the forests and above all don’t interfere with the fairy folk. But more importantly it warns, stop cutting down the trees and destroying nature!

Multi-award winning director, Cashell Horgan is at the helm of the project, whose last short film THE CLOCKMAKERS DREAM won 18 awards home and abroad. Cashell’s creativity and subtleness will bring the old fairy mythology to a new light. In his own words, “this is both a light hearted comic and classical terror film, set at the turn of the century with period costume and mixing more modern concepts with the style of the early 'hammer House films'.”

Director Cashell Horgan, is a multi-award winning animator and filmmaker and has a unique artistic approach combining animation, stunning visuals, profound emblems, with a love for Irish folklores and old time traditions, and a humorous and humane touch.

Starring Declan Rooney as the surveyor clerk. Declan is known for TV series including The Savage Eye 1-3, Bridget and Eamon, and earlier Comedy Lab. A father of two, Declan’s comic style performance adds great humour to the character and the story.

Playing Mr. Spencer is the well acclaimed Joe Mullins, known for Pilgrim Hill (2013) and many award-winning shorts including The Clockmaker’s Dream, Gridlock, The Apparel etc.

The Director of Photography is one of Ireland’s top cinematographers Russell Gleeson whose work includes Vikings, Ripper Street, Innocent, Into the Badlands, Redwater, and currently working on British TV drama Black Mirror.

We have filmed about 90 percent of the film, using our own resources and good will of the crew and cast investing their own time and energy and own equipments. The results can be seen with stunning costume and makeup effects.

We are now in post-production, almost there to take it to the final stage: one day pick-ups, Studio time, CGI animation, visual effects, compositing, sound mix, music, and picture grading

Your generosity and support will be the only source to help us engage professional digital artists to finish the project, artists from Ireland and other countries, artists who can realise the director’s vision and push its artistic boundaries to the foremost.

We will also use a small portion of your contribution to submit to selective top-level film festivals. We hope this film will be a showcase to represent Irish traditions and Irish artists and compete at the international forum. We would also like to explore the possibility to develop this short into a feature film if the budget allows.



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