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Alan Hurley Art Book Vol 2

By Alan Hurley


My name is Alan Hurley and I'm a portrait artist in Cork City, Ireland. I want to create and print Volume 2 of my art book series Impressions. If this Fund it is successful, I'll print 300 100- 120 page hardback A4 sized books. It will have a high production value and will look amazing on any coffee table or book shelf. The book will take 3-4 months to produce from design to print. I aim to have them ready to ship by May - June at the latest. If you already have Impressions Volume 1 then this will fit right in alongside it on the shelf. This book will also be good for art students looking to improve their portrait work.

If successful, the money raised will be spent on 300 100-120 page high quality hardback books plus graphic design. The book will have heavy gloss paper. I'll also be using a designer to create a professional layout for the book which will follow a similar design to Volume 1 and he/she will need to be paid. The same company will design and print the book for €3,400 with the rest of the total going towards postage and Fund it for the hosting and running costs of this campaign.

I have been painting all my life and I've been a full time artist since 2013. Since then I've been working on building a career as a portrait artist in Cork City. I have also co created the guerrilla street art group Mad About Cork which brings a lot of colour and artwork to the urban public realm in Cork City and County. I previously used Fund it to fund Volume 1 of my book series and learned a lot during the process of creating and printing that book.

I already created and printed Vol 1 of Impressions so I'm equipped to get over any hurdles quicker. With my previous book I encountered problems at every step, from designing, printing and postage. Now I have a design template created which will speed up the design and printing stages.

I'm using Fund it for this project because without it I won't be able to create the book. I could print off copies of a much lesser production right now but I feel by using Fund it, I have an opportunity to reach out and create a book that I'll be proud of and one that art lovers will appreciate.

Thank you very much for giving me your time reading about my project and double thanks if you decide to fund it. Without you I wouldn't reach my goal.