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Album 2: Bring him Home

By Paul McGough


In 2011, Dublin-based barbershop quartet 4 in a Bar released their first album. As it has almost fully sold out, it’s a good time to record our second one!

Much has changed since 2011: We won the National Barbershop Quartet title. Again. And again. We had a change in our line-up, with Shane replacing Ciaran as our lead. Eoin, our tenor, has really developed his skill as a fantastic arranger, something we wish to showcase in our new album. So overall, we sound a little different and we sing newer music. 

Our proposed CD tracklist is starting to look a bit like this, but we're still open to suggestions:

Hello my baby - Bring Him Home – The Scientist (Coldplay) – Hide & Seek (Imogen Heap) – God only knows (Beach Boys) – Happy together (the Turtles) – Come fly with me – Yesterday – Fools rush in – Can’t take my eyes off you – Blue skies

We'll record over four/five days in the Lamplight studios in the Coombe, and design and manufacture the CD in Ireland. (insert "Guaranteed Irish" logo here)

We are planning a CD launch concert in the Freemason's Lodge, Molesworth St, Dublin 2 on May 24th, 7:30pm (€10; available at the door).

Why we’re asking for your help: around this time, we are investing in our group; replacement outfits, web design, new photographers, business cards, more sheet music on order, annual wedding website subscriptions IABS membership costs and lots more. We don’t currently have the resources to find €2000 to produce a quality CD (1000 copies) but we’ve found a rare gap in all our diaries and the timing is right. If you can help us with the cost of manufacturing, we will put in the sweat and tears, the countless hours, days and weeks of work and preparation into it, and produce something harmoniously wonderful for your enjoyment!