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All About Harry (A Short Mockumentary)

By Alan Barry


Short Mockumentary

Dodgy therapist Harry McEvoy has agreed to allow Director Wendy Williams and her documentary crew to film him over the course of a day, in his work practice.

In Harry’s own words, he’s a successful, well respected therapist, with a booming practice, who’s in a loving relationship with his fiancée, Karen.

But as the day unfolds, lies begin to unravel and mounting pressures begin to take its toll on Harry.

Will Harry drop the façade he is so desperately clinging to and confront the issues in his life? Or will he keep up the façade and throw his life into further chaos?


Harry McEvoy - Stephen Jones. Stephen has starred in iKeano, Between the Canals, Love /Hate and Damo and Ivor.

Wendy Williams - Eva-Jane Gaffney. Eva has starred in What Richard Did, The Commute and Rhinos.

Karen – Seana Kerslake. Seana has starred in Dollhouse, Life’s a Breeze and Mad about Mary.

Ted – Eric Lalor. Eric is a stand-up comedian and actor who’s starred in Amber, The Commute and Fair City.


Director – Alan Barry. Alan has a Masters in Screen Writing and Film Studies. He is also a member of The Actors Studio, in Bow Street, where he has honed his writing and directing skills under the watchful eye of people like Kirsten Sheridan and Shimmy Marcus.

Director of Photography – Stephen C Walsh. Stephen has several films and shorts under his belt, including North Circular Road, The Canal and Soulsmith.

Other cast and crew members to be announced soon.

Why We Require Your Support

By raising the funds needed we can hire more of the right people and equipment required to shoot a short video that will have a professional look, feel and sound to it.
Also there are extra costs like insurance, feeding everyone, post production, etc. All these things add up and pledging any amount of money will get us one step closer to our goal.

The money raised from the Fund it campaign for ‘All About Harry’ will be mostly used for:
- Equipment hire (Camera, Lighting, Sound)
- Crew
- Catering
- Editing

The purpose of getting the short ‘All about Harry’ made at a professional level is to have something solid and tangible that can be brought around to film festivals and production companies, where we can then also pitch the film script for ‘All about Harry’ around to film executives, producers, etc.

This practice has been executed successfully with many shorts, including The Evil Dead, Napoleon Dynamite, and Whiplash, which all went on to be made into feature films.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in advance, for any donations and help along the way, and also thanks to all who have helped get everything to this point.

Please enjoy the ‘Mockumentary Fund it trailer' provided on this page, with Stephen Jones and Eva-Jane Gaffney in character as ‘Harry and Wendy’ and please do spread the word, like and share.




Harry speaks about in-house betting in his therapy groups.


Harry speaks about people who ridicule his form of therapy.


Harry dodges the accusation about numerous assault charges against him


Harry touches on why he did a bit of jail-time


Harry descibes himself in a few words


Harry talks about how he'll help a patient overcome their fear of rats


Taming Your Inner Tiger! Tip 4. Exorcising Your Inner Road Rage Demons!

Taming Your Inner Tiger - Tip 4 Exorcising Your Inner Road Rage Demons One of the main grievances which drives people crazy on the roads today is the incompetence of other drivers and trying to deal with this can lead to what the experts have labelled ‘Road Rage.’ And being a man who has had several points thrown on to his license, and paid thousands in fines, because of past road rage incidents, I know what I’m talking about. ‘I’m a Road Rage-Aholic. Help me!’ I hear many of you screaming. Well I have tried many things and the one thing that I find to work the best in curbing your road rage is the following exercise. So picture yourself, if you will - It’s a Monday morning and you’re driving to work. You were on a bit of a bender Saturday night, and even though it’s still Monday morning, you’re still feeling the grogginess and impatience that goes with the Sunday hangover. In front of you is Mister Cautious Driver (if you’re a woman reading this, it’s Mrs Cautious Driver) and they’re driving under the limit, which isn’t helping you as you’re running late for work, because you were lying on the couch the previous day nursing your hangover and when you got up this morning you couldn’t find your house, or car keys and you’ve also just remembered that you left your wallet at home. So to say it in a polite manner - you ain’t in the best of form. So right now you’re caught in traffic and Mr Cautious Driver isn’t helping the matter. You’re obviously going to be late, you’re groggy and your boss is a prick. But hey, look up ahead ‘what’s that?’ the traffic light has just turned green and you’re three cars behind. Well maybe you might make it into work on time after all and not get called into the office. But ‘what’s that?’ is that a spanner in the work, in the disguise of Mr Cautious Driver, who decides to ease on up to the traffic lights. Okay, let’s not jump the gun, maybe he’ll make it to the green light. Okay, he didn’t make it to the green light, but he can still keep going because the lights are on amber and you can tail him through the amber lights. But oh no, Mr ‘I’m too high and mighty to go through the amber lights’ stops his car. And why does he stop the car? Because the train is coming, and now you’re definitely going to be late for work. So what does the normal Rage-Aholic do? Well, he grabs on to the steering wheel and begins to shake at it vigorously while screaming all sorts of obscenities at the driver in front. And if he’s a Level 8 Rage-Aholic he’ll get out of the car and starting kicking the other car. A Level 10 Rage-Aholic will probably kill the other driver but that’s a level we’ll deal with at another date. Now, no one wants points on their licence, nor do they want to have to explain themselves down at the local police station and be made a show of by having their name in the local papers and their road rage video going viral. So what do you do? It’s a simple exercise. I like to call ‘The Harry Scenario Technique’. Where instead of actually losing your mind in anger and carrying out your rage, and then having to deal with the consequences, you close your eyes and picture everything like as if it’s actually happening the way you want it to happen. For example - In your mind’s eye you get out of your car, walk up to the car in front, tap at their window and say very calmly - ‘Hey man, I’m just saying my piece here mate and I don’t want any trouble. But, you could’ve went through the green lights that time.’ (Note - In this Harry Scenario Technique you have No Fear and the other guy is a muscular seven foot tall psychopath.) So the other guy is obviously an asshole and he steps out of the car and tells you to go fuck yourself. You then tell him in a calm manner that you want no trouble. But he’s having none of that and he throws a punch. But you’re too quick for him, you dodge his punch, because you’ve learnt a lot from watching the Conor McGregor videos at home with your friends. He then throws another punch but this one catches you, it’s like a hammer to the jaw that would kill any man. Your legs go from underneath you, but you’re still standing. You stagger a little bit, while regaining your composure. Then, like lightening, you throw your combinations. Right punch to ribs - crack, Left jab to the throat – aahh, and then a Right-hook to the jaw. He slams into the side of his car and proceeds to slide down along car and collapses into the road. He’s out cold. Of course you’ve been so caught up in what’s been going on between you and the asshole driver, you haven’t noticed that a small crowd has a gathered around you and they begin clapping and chanting your name. Then out from the crowd emerges a teary eyed young boy and he asks you for your autograph. You say ‘sure kid’ and you sign it. He walks back to his father. His father hangs his head in shame, knowing he could never do what he just saw you do. But you give the kids’ dad a look that says yes you can, and that look restores his faith and confidence in himself. He looks at his son and his son sees something new in his dads’ eyes and now has restored faith in him. You walk back to your car, heart beating with pride. Now you snap out of your scenario. Time has passed and no police have had to arrive on the scene. The train has passed and Mr Cautious Driver takes off to go through the green lights, and you follow with a big smile on your face, knowing that today you’ve made your first step to conquering road rage. And also knowing that if you hadn’t of purchasing my book ‘Taming your Inner Tiger’ you would probably be know sitting in a cell, awaiting a dismal fate. And for those who are sitting in a cell, I have another book out, which I co-wrote with my Lawyer, called ‘I will pass go, cos I ain’t going to Jail.’ In this book one of the things we do is we give you some insights into the loop-holes of the judicial system that will help get you off on almost any misdemeanour charge.

Official Statement From Harry J McEvoy

Official Statement from Harry McEvoy - 12-02-2016 It has been brought to my attention that a certain Jack Whelan has been bad mouthing me on an online video, saying how I ruined his footballing career, etc etc. My lawyer has informed me that I should not retaliate and should restrain myself from getting into a battle of words with said individual. And that is all I will say on the matter ‘for the moment’. He shoots. He scores. Also that Hollywood News article about a certain Therapist X, that someone sent in to the site that’s not me. And that is all I’m legally obliged to say on the matter. PS – Janet, I tried to ring, I have to cancel your Monday appointment as I just received VIP tickets to the 6 Nations France V England and Italy V England games. Watch out Paris and Rome. Yours sincerely Harry J McEvoy.

Old Newspaper front page - Who is Therapist X?


An Ex-Client of Harry's says his piece


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