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All That We Found Here

By Donagh Humphreys


The play will run from April 3rd to April 15th in The New Theatre in Temple Bar.

It tells the story of Sophia, the estranged daughter of an exiled property tycoon. We first meet Sophia with her friend Tom in the aftermath of a wild party she has thrown in her abandoned parents mansion in a salubrious area of Dublin. Little does she know that a ghost from her troubled past will visit the house later the same day accompanied by his handymen-cum-gangster family, who have designs on the house and its contents.

The play is about the nature of power, wealth, and fate and the unwritten rules which govern our lives. And how a vacuum of power is almost always filled by violence and destruction.

The project is quite ambitious for a debut play but we have assembled a wonderful cast of extremely talented actors and an accomplished crew to support them.

Director: Sarah Bradley recently graduated with a Masters in Theatre Directing from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She holds a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She was awarded the Elsa Roberts Award for Theatre Directing at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and recently received a commendation for directing Still Here by the Sunday Times National Student Drama Awards.

Set Design: Anna Orton is a very exciting talent who holds an MFA, an MLitt in Theatre Studies and an MA in Theatre Design from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Writer - Donagh Humphreys is a graduate of the DCU MA in Film and Television. He has written several pieces for screen and he is very excited to present his first stage work.

Our extremely talented cast consists of Shane O'Regan, Toni O'Rourke, Art Kearns, Killian Coyle and Stephen Cromwell.

There are other avenues being pursued to raise funds such as traditional fundraisers, advertising in the programme etc but we felt we would use Fund it to secure the full amount to be paid to the actors on this project.

We did this to ensure that our extremely talented cast would get at the very least a salary as well as (hopefully) the applause.

Although there are myriad of different expenses for this project such as theatre rental, rehearsal space rental, insurance, poster printing, programme printing, photographer, marketing, crew salaries. But we decided to dedicate our Fund it campaign to the salaries of our actors.
The breakdown of which is €3000 / 5 for two weeks performance. And €1800 / 5 for the period of the rehearsals.

€4,800 total.

As we mentioned before All That We Found Here is an ambitious debut project. It has a large cast that will play on a relatively small stage. It has scenes of great physical intensity, it has complex lighting and set transitions. However, we have compiled an expert team that are relishing these challenges and we are sure that these elements will greatly contribute to what should be an unforgettable experience.

Thanks for your time.



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