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Almost Young

By Ricardo Deakin


'Almost Young' is an independent feature film following a young man who is losing everything: his house, family, and only friend. Unable to cope with this as the fabric of his reality begins to disintegrate around him, he comes under the influence of a mysterious poet. Using this set up, the film will deal with themes of loss, friendship, love and growing up.

We are a group of independent young filmmakers embarking in our first feature film and we would like to invite you to join us in what will be a wonderful journey. The core crew is comprised of graduates of DIT’s Film and Television undergraduate programme and have worked together on several short films in the past. Our graduating short, 'The Red Bear', went on to be screened in several film festivals and was nominated for a number of awards, winning 'Best Overall Film' at the LIT Film Festival. 'The Red Bear' was set during the Bosnian War of the early 90s; therefore, this team is comfortable dealing with large productions.

'Almost Young' is our first feature, but in many ways it is in scale a much smaller production. Our talented cast (which will be announced soon on our blog and facebook page) have the skill and craft to create and develop wonderful characters that will populate the world of the film.

The Cast and Crew have kindly agreed to give up their time and considerable talent for no cost to the production to ensure all money raised will be put up on the screen.
Since the film is set in present Dublin and is of a much more personal nature, most of the cost arising from production will come in the way of equipment, office costs, post production (final audio mix, picture grading and creating the DCP), festival costs and operating the production providing crafts services and lunch to cast and crew as well as transport. Contributions will also cover the cost of organizing a key scene in the film which takes place during a Halloween party.

Although some of the budget has been raised and much of the equipment has been sourced, we still need some additional funds to carry us across the finish line. Fund it will be our online hub for fundraising.

The rewards corresponding to all contributions can be seen to your left. I thank you for taking the time to watch the video and read this piece, any contribution however great or small will be met with the utmost gratitude! Rewards will be sent out as soon as the film is finished (TBC Early 2014)

For more information check us out on:

Thank you for supporting independent Irish cinema!

Wishing you all the best,

On behalf of the 'Almost Young' team,

Ricardo Deakin
Producer, Writer and Director