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By Pilcrow


In February this year, illustrator Chris Judge released the acclaimed children's book The Lonely Beast. The Beast, a cheerful fellow who is most fond of baking cakes, gardening and drinking tea, sets out on an exciting adventure across mountains and seas to try to find others like him.

Here are a few nice things that people said about the book:
– "An irresistible debut - as fresh and original as they come" - The Bookseller
– "The Lonely Beast has the hallmarks of a classic" - Candepop
– "Great fun … completely original … illustrated with uncommon style and verve" - The New York Times

We want to bring the charming world of The Lonely Beast to life on the iPad and iPhone as an interactive A-B-C app for kids called Alphabeast. Chris will be creating 26 all-new scenes featuring the beast and his friends so that kids can learn the alphabet, discover new words and have heaps of fun all at the same time.

The team is 3-strong. Chris wields the pen and ink, Simon Judge will be on audio duties and James Kelleher will be taking care of the coding bits and design bobs. Very Special Guest voiceover to be confirmed.

Of course, we need your help to do it! Your contribution will go towards the production and development costs of making sure the Beast finds a happy home on the app store.

If we're fully funded, we're aiming to have the app ready for our Dublin launch party in late November. Every contributor will be invited to the launch (city centre venue to be confirmed) so we can thank you in person.


Chris, Simon and James.