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Always Broke Never Broken

By The Ronan Gallagher Band



Six months after buying my first guitar for my 55th birthday and learning a few chords, I had written enough songs for a two hour set and decided to form my first band and took to the stage for the first time. After playing many gigs locally I continued writing my songs and learned my trade. A chance meeting with a musician friend pointed me in the direction of North Leitrim and South Donegal where I met an amazing group of musicians who not only believed in my songs but brought their own unique talent to them, not least my producer Marc Geagan who opened up a whole new landscape for my music and songs. The result of that first meeting and the years that led up to it are encapsulated in this debut album ‘Always Broke Never Broken’ which we are recording in Bundoran. We hope to launch the album in March in a venue in South Donegal or North Leitrim.

'Cannot Find My Feet' A sample from the album.

'Curmudgeon Song' A sample from the album.

If successful the moneys raised will be spent on the following.
Recording € 900
Mixing & Mastering €900
CD Duplication €500
CD Artwork and Design €400
Marketing & Promotion €500


'Won't Do That' The Ronan Gallagher Band Live

I had never played guitar, written a song, or stood on a stage until my late 50s. Since then I have learned my trade and have been very privileged and flattered to be working with some of the finest musicians in Ireland on this, my debut album, musicians such as Jason Kelly (guitars), Sean Reynolds  (Slow Place Like Home) (drums) and mandolin player Henry Pierce (Stone Rangers), with guest appearances by Pedal Steel guitarist Richard Nelson (Van Morrison) Sean McCarron (Henry McCullough) Sax, Donal McGuiness (Henry Girls, Tucan) Trombone, and Matt Jennings (Henry Girls) Sax, and all under the experienced guidance of my producer and double bassist Marc Geagan (ex Mirenda Rosenberg Band, Erdini).

The greatest challenge for most bands and musicians, apart from actually writing and recording songs, is getting them heard and reaching an audience. CDs will be sent to many local and national radio stations and a promotional tour of the album will coincide with the release.

I am in the process of recording my debut album ‘Always Broke Never Broken’ which is the culmination of three year’s work since I started in the music business. I need your support in getting the album recorded. After that we have to get it mixed, mastered, designed, printed, duplicated, and promoted.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my project. I hope I have gone some way to convince you of its merit and that you will make a pledge and support me in getting this over the line.

Music. It's a wonderful thing. :)

Ronan Gallagher :)

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Link correction from last update.

Apologies. That last link didn't work. This link hopefully is the correct one. 

Video Shoot

Video Shoot

We had a wonderful time yesterday in Derry shooting a video for our single 'Won't Do That' which will be released on Friday 25th January in Kinlough Church of Ireland.

The single will be released as part of the run up to our album launch, a date for which has yet to be announced but don't worry, we'll keep you posted about that.

This a little snippet I shot yesterday in Derry during the video shoot. Our Brass section L-R Donal McGuinness Trombone. Sean McCarron Tenor Sax. Matt Jennings Alto Sax and on Double Bass our producer Marc Geagan. We'll post you a first look link to the single video when it is finished in a couple of days.

We're Jammin! The Ronan Gallagher Band Video Shoot Derry


Single Release

Five days to go until our deadline and we are well and truly on our way and we are working away to ensure that our mixing and mastering is to the highest standard. We are releasing a single off the album before we release the album itself as a teaser and to highlight the album's release. We also go to Derry on Thursday to make a video of some of the songs and I will post a link for you all to see them here before the rest of the world. Meanwhile here's a little sample of what the album is going to sound like. Enjoy. 

'I Won't Do That' Preview

Busy time at Band HQ

Great news! Due to your tremendous support we have exceeded our target with days to go and still the pledges of support keep coming in.

We have been busy too and our first single from the album will be released on Friday January 25th as part of the lead up to our album launch which will be announced shortly also.

We are working on a video for our single too, and as one of our funders you will get an exclusive first look link to it as soon as we have it ready and before anyone else.

We are also working on our album sleeve and cover design and hope to have most of that sorted shortly. Lots of things happening here at Band HQ and all with a rising sense of excitement that is palpable. It’s going to be a great year!

Eight days to go.

Eight days to go and we are well and truly on our way. Your response has been magnificent and we are very busy at Band HQ working hard to make sure that everything from recording to mixing and mastering of the album, to the design and sleeve cover artwork, is done to the best possible standard. When you make a record, once it's pressed and released there's no going back, no changing of what you have, so we have to get it right.

As Maximus said at the start of Gladiator; "What we do here today may echo in eterninty."

Who knows? :)

Our drummer Sean Reynolds in action below.

Photograph by Brian O Droma.

Love Live Music!

We had a blast last night playing in 51 Main St in Bundoran in the last of our Winter Tour gigs. Good music and good company always make for a great night out. Great too, to come home after my long drive to find that we are 114% funded and still the pledges and pre-orders are coming in. What a way to end a tour! Already working on the album recording, mixing, and mastering, not to mention getting the design and layout done too. It's going to be busy for some time methinks.

More as it comes in but for now a sweet adieu! 


107% Funded! Mighty! :)


Sing it out!

Oh you beauties! With twelve days to go we're fully funded and still the pledges are coming in.                     

A magnificent response from you all and many thanks for the support.  We can still take pledges or pre-orders of the album until the deadline is reached. Many thanks again to all of you and we'll continue to keep you updated. Watch this space. :)

The Joy Of Music

Just back from a gig and winding down in my kitchen with a cup of tea after the long drive home. Something that isn't often talked about in music is the one thing that is ever present for me, the sheer joy of playing with great musicians, and tonight was no different. Nothing beats the excitement of everyone being on the beat and giving their all for the song. As if that wasn't enough, I hardly had the tea wet when I checked to see how our Fundit campaign is going and was delighted to see that we're 82% Funded. My cup overfloweth! A big thank you to you, our funder for getting us thus far. We're on the home stretch. Magnifique! 



Wow! 78% funded. You beautiful people. Many thanks to you all. 

73% Funded. What a response!

Homer Simpson has lent us his support and we are now 73% funded. Hear what Homer has to say by clicking the link below.

Homer Simpson's on the case!

A big shout out to you all. Still sixteen days to go and we're going strong. Excitement beginning to rise. 

Below is a painting by artist David Gascoigne which I quite like. Onwards and upwards! :)

55% Funded!

Wow! What a nice feeling to get home from a gig last night and discover that we're up to 55% funded with 17 days to go. Many thanks to you for helping to get us this far. A great start to the New Year for us. :)

Almost 50% funded


Album Cover Design

Been working on a design for our album cover and I hope to have a few samples up here later for you to have a look at. Waking up this morning to see that we are 40% funded was a great feeling. Many thanks to you all for your pledges of support.

Oh what a feeling! :) :) 


32% Funded

18 days and 16 hours to go and we're 32% funded. A big shout out to all our funders so far. The response and support has been amazing, but there's still a bit to go so if you know of anyone who you think might be intetersted in making a pledge please share our Fundit page link with them. 

Our Mandolin player Henry Pierce in action. :)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you especially to the people who have pledged their support towards my debut album. Please let anyone you know who might be interested in supporting us and thank you again for all your support. Love, Live Music. Ronan.

Happy New Year

Wow! We're already 28% funded with just under three weeks to go. A big thank you to everyone who pledged so far. It really means a lot to us and the esponse so far has been amazing. Here's to a happy and music filled 2019 to you all. 

We're playing in The Chasin Bullin Bundoran tonight Jan 1st if anyone is in the area. 

Here's a little sample from our album 'Always Broke Never Broken' It's a song called 'Cannot Find My Feet' which is about a wedding I was at that got a little out of hand. :)

Week 1

So. Week one is nearly over and there are 21 days to go. We've reached 9% of our target and rising. A big shout out to our funders so far. Much appreciated. 

23 days and 15 hours to go and we're 4% funded.

23 days and 15 hours to go and we're 4% funded. Many thanks for your support and please, if you think of anyone who might like to pledge their support, do let them know about us. :)

Meanwhile here's a clip of us playing 'Won't Do That' which will be on the album 'Always Broke Never Broken'. Hup!

'Won't Do That' Live 

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