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And Out Of War I Thought I Saw A Smile

By Kinga Grabarczyk


Meet Jack, a former soldier. Our story follows what will be the biggest war he has ever fought in, the war with himself and 4 simple letters P.T.S.D.

In search of tranquility and solitude Jack has taken himself to the forgotten forests of Bellurgan, County Louth in the hope that the demons which haunt him may not find him there. Out of war and living with his wife and children in peace, Jack must struggle and persevere on a daily basis with scars that have been left permanently on the mind of this broken man. Watch as you too see how hollow and dark his life has become as we step into his shoes for one day.

A 3rd year DkIT student film

Director: Conor Heavey

Producer: Louise Bligh

Writers: Conor Heavey and Karl Nolan

Director of Photography: Karl Nolan

Sound recordist: Mark Pepper

Sound design: Kinga Grabarczyk

We are very excited to be making our graduation film for which we have very high hopes. We have already put in more work and thought into this film than ever before, but before we can undergo filming we need some help so we can get the best results possible.

Our budget includes rental of lights, lenses, transport and production design as the main objective of our film is to capture the 1970's feel we are aiming for. We only ask for a little help to keep our project going.

We hope to get the best results possible and we will be entering film festivals after the film is finished.



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