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Anna's Dairy

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Hi my name is Eileen, myself and my two daughters run a Micro Dairy in Co. Kildare called Anna's Dairy We started off with 12 hens and two goats and we now have 45 milking goats and 200 hens.The Goats are out on grass all day and are housed at night.

We are looking for your help to fund a pasteuriser/cheese vat, this vat will allow us to process our milk on the farm, producing bottled milk (in glass bottles)cheese,yogurt,butter and kefir. It is our intention to process our milk directly after milking and to have it available to our customers 2 hours after milking, meaning it will be as fresh as if they had milked the goats themselves. All our products are natural and have nothing added or taken away from them. We also make a range of jams and marmalades. Some of our milk and eggs goes to a local girl and she makes Goats Milk soaps . We believe in traditional farming methods and giving our animals the best life possible and in return they give us rich creamy milk and fresh eggs which we turn into a range of products.

We are 3 women,Eileen, Emma and Lauren, I make all the products and Emma and Lauren take care of the animals. Myself and Lauren got to the farmers markets and our products are so popular we sell out every week. We are limited to what we can do without the cheese vat and are currently using 10 litre pots to make our cheese.I completed some small courses in Ballymaloe and Emma studied Equine in Kildalton college, Lauren completed her course in Make-up artistery.I have always had an interest in food and when my son was diagnosed with autism 10 years ago it made me question the foods which are available in the supermarket. So from that Anna's dairy was founded.

We have put everything we have made back into the farm, we have been very lucky to have met a wonderful goat breeder who has supported us in every way possible. He has called on all his friends in the goat world to help. Some have given us free goats and others have taught us how to make cheese and yoghurt. All are at the other end of the phone to help if. needed

to complete the Dairy we need 5000 euro to purchase tiles,sink,fridge table, complete wiring and install a Gas water heater.

We also need 5000 to purchase a second hand pasteuriser/cheese vat which has become available in the west of Ireland

The biggest challenge we face is to raise the money for the Pasteuriser, as its the only one available in Ireland at the moment and they dont become available very often. We had been previously looking in France and across Europe for one but could only get a new one which would cost over 10,000 plus shipping.

Thank You.



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