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Anthea West Art Book

By Dustbunny-Studios


Who’s this now?

My name is Anthea West . I’m a concept and comic book artist living, studying and working in Dublin. Art has always been a huge part of my life, especially when it comes to telling stories. Ever since I was young I have been writing and drawing comics and storybooks, stretching my imagination as far as it can go. Currently I am in my final year of college in IADT where I have been studying Animation. It’s been an amazing, fun and educational experience but I’m itching to get out and start making a name for myself. 

For the last 5 years I’ve also been going all over the country selling my artwork at conventions. Outside of Dublin I’ve been to conventions in Galway, Derry and Belfast just to name a few. It’s been an amazing experience to share my work with people, make new friends and learn about the industry that I wish to be a part of. 2013 was a big year for me, as I released my first graphic novel The Earthbound God in January. I've sold over a hundred copies so far and have been given many wonderful reviews from sites such as Forbidden Planet International and The Arcade.

What’s going to be in this book?

In this art book you’ll find full coloured fantasy illustrations, concept art for past, present and future comic stories and design work of mystical creatures and people. Even a few short comics! There’s a mix of digital media and traditional, pencil sketches and fully inked drawings. This work ranges mainly from the end of 2013 to 2014, and I’m constantly drawing so I have plenty of work to share! I hope that with this new art book I'll be able to expand my audience.

So when can I get it?

The funding will go towards printing the book. The final product will be high quality, roughly 80 pages long, full colour and printed in a5 size. The printing of the book will be done by Gemini International, who do quality work. They printed the 2nd print run of The Earthbound God and did a great job!

The project time is short as I want to have this ready for MCM Dublin, which will be happening on April 12th-13th and I was only recently accepted into the Comic Village. MCM will be a huge event so I wanted to have something new to share with a whole new audience!

After MCM and all the pre-order books are sent out to investors, all remaining books will be sold in shops such as Forbidden Planet, Sub City, and sold online from my website.
If you want to keep up to date with this project I’ll be posting news, previews and contests on my website and the Dustbunny-Studios Facebook page.
Thank you to everyone who funds, shares, promotes or even glances at this project. Every little thing helps to bring this art book to life, so thank you very much!



Guess what came today 8D

Sorry for the long radio silence but I've been a busy beaver getting the art book together and getting sorted for MCM Dublin this weekend. Follow this link to my website to see picture of the art books! http://dustbunny-studios.com

Awards for investors

Hello my dear investors. The final reports are in! Thank you everybody for funding this project 8D I’ll be emailing everyone individually about their awards and how to get them and so on, but this update is just to explain publicly what going to happen next. Mainly I will be emailing everyone to inform you when awards will be given out and what info I’ll need from you, mainly whatever address you want your award posted to. Some awards will take longer than others, mainly those involving commissions, however you can have a choice of having all your awards sent as a bundle or have things sent out to you as they’re finish so say you got a book and a commission, the book would be sent out once it’s available, then later the commission. For those of you who may or may not of had cards declined, it’s okay, once the book is completed it will be available to buy online from my website and in shops like forbidden planet, so you will still be able to grab a one. I’ll be posting updates about the book’s progress but it should be ready to go by April 10th. If you need to reach me for any reason my business email is antheawestart@hotmail.com or contact me through the Dustbunny website (http://dustbunny-studios.com/) or Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/DustbunnyStudios?ref=hl )

Fully Funded! Thank you, thank you!

A little thank you picture to celebrate getting fully funded! http://dustbunny-studios.com/

5 days left and a completed cover!

http://dustbunny-studios.com/ All the details are written up on the dustbunny-studios website. Contest is still going on, the cover is complete and the art book now has an offical name, Girls and Monsters, It Seems.

92% Funded and Contest Time

The Fund It campaign has been funded 92% that is amazing so a mighty thank you to you who invested so far. I’m holding a pretty awesome contest this time around but it’s only available to those who haven’t invested yet. Whoever gets the project to or over 600 euro will get a commissioned one page comic! Here are the rules: .Go to the Fund it page .Invest to or over the 600 goal .Screen cap the Fund It project as proof that you did so. .Post the pic on the Dustbunny-studios Facebook page There is 9 days left to invest and enter this contest, and if you have invested already please keep sharing and promoting, it’s been a tremendous help!

75% funded and Cover Mock up

Thank you guys for funding so far! We're almost there so please keep promoting and sharing this project 8D Follow this link to see a mock up of the cover for the artbook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=453946881400862&set=a.279624342166451.64382.277048539090698&type=1&theater;

Contest Time on the Dustbunny-Studios Facebook page!

If you wish to take part and win an original piece of art, you need to invest in the art book! Investors can fund as low as a fiver! The contest is... A Riddle! First to solve and comment on the Facebook page wins (except for those who have already won original art, you cannot enter again) "What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters? "

An important message for investors now and in the future

In case you do not know ( though Fund does tell you when you fund a project but I think it wouldn't hurt to repeat) that Fund It only charges you after the campaign has finished and reached it's goal. So if you have invested but later no longer have the money on your card and such, this campaign will not receive any money. So please keep this in mind my wonderful awesome investors as we wouldn't want to reach the goal but end up with a whole less funds then originally planned! Thank you for reading :D Stay tuned for tomorrow I will be holding another contest on the Dustbunny-studios faecbook page https://www.facebook.com/DustbunnyStudios

Preview of The Thank You

An update and the first preview: http://dustbunny-studios.com/2014/02/60-funded-and-first-preview/

Wow Wow Wooow!

Only the first day and the project is already halfway funded! This is simply amazing, thank you very much! There's still 20 day left in the project so keep sharing and promoting, if this project get over the 600 mark it will only mean more books can be printed! Each week I'll be holding more contests for some original art and posting previews of the finished art book pages so stay tuned ;)

Thank you!

This project has only been up for a couples of hours but it already been spread like wild fire and funded 1/6 of the way there! Thank guys! Please keep sharing and promoting.

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