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Aoife Scott | Dublin

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rewards for funding this project:

€15 +

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD - Special Preview Download of album before release. Listen to it one month before general release

€17 +

SIGNED CD - Signed CD with full colour artwork

€25 +

PERSONALIZED GIFT CD - Personalized (with note for recipient) PLUS Signed CD, PLUS poster - gift wrapped!

€50 +

TICKETS & ALBUM - Signed CD PLUS 2 show passes to Aoife Scott concert

€70 +

VIP TICKETS & ALBUM Signed CD PLUS VIP Guest Passes to Aoife Scott concert, includes aftershow drinks with Aoife Scott band

€100 +

PERSONALISED MESSAGE - Signed CD PLUS dedicated skype/ video message recording of message of thanks or birthday greeeting and perform a short song for occasion.

€200 +

PRESHOW DINNER - Signed CD PLUS VIP Guest Passes to Aoife Scott concert, includes pre- show dinner with Aoife and Band

€200 +

BE AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - Be an associate producer on album. You will get credited on album as associate producer and you will be informed and played album before any release (includes preview release download and CD)

€350 +

HAND-DELIVERED CD Aoife will hand deliver signed CD to you (on island of Ireland) and have tea and bring biccies (choc kimberley and jammie dodgers) PLUS poster, PLUS Thank you credit on album.

€400 +

SONG WRITTEN FOR YOU! Aoife and her songwriting partner Enda Reilly will write a song about you. Aoife and Enda will by skype , meet and get to know you. Then Aoife and Enda will head off to write a song just about you!

€500 +

BICYCLE TOUR Aoife’s Bicycle tour of Dublin City! Aoife will bring you on a special bicycle tour of Dublin, showing you the sights, plus aoife’s Dublin! Her favourite spots! Down by the Shellybanks

€700 +

BE ON THE ALBUM! We will create a vocal harmony/part for you to sing on a song on the Album! Plus Signed Album, plus Thank you credit

€1000 +

HOUSE CONCERT Aoife and band come to your house and will perform a full set for you and your guests. Island of Ireland only.

€1500 +

HOUSE CONCERT & BICYCLE TOUR Aoife and band come to your house and will perform a full set for you and your guests. Island of Ireland only. Plus come to Dublin where aoife will give you a bicycle tour of the city!

€2000 +

SUPER EXTRA BONUS PACKAGE Get everything listed above! All super extra bonus package! PLUS dedication on album

a project by:
Aoife Scott

Hi there, my name is Aoife Scott and I am a folk-singer and songwriter. I am incredibly lucky to come from a family of singers, and my childhood was spent listening, learning and being inspired. My whole life has been lit up by music. Songs are stories, be it of love, loss, discovery or passion. A singer’s job is to touch the listener’s heart, to become a part of their soundtrack, to reflect the times we live in and to inspire change. I want to make an album that does just that.

Myself and my band have been performing together for the past three years in Ireland, England and abroad - The line up includes Eoghan Scott (guitar) and Conor Lyons (bouzouki/bodhran). Recent adventures have taken us to London, where we competed against over 1000 acts to win a support slot for Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. We've also been in Italy to represent Ireland in an international song contest, and we've been featured on a compilation CD alongside Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Raitt, Emmy-Lou Harris, John Prine & many others. We've had a busy few years!

This is why I have a Fund it campaign.

I am SO primed to make this album. I have been writing and collecting songs and gigging continuously over the past few years, in Ireland and abroad, as well as recording pieces for documentaries and a drama series, but it didn’t yet feel like it was the right time to record my own album. However, the last six months have been an incredibly creative and productive time for me and my band and now the time has come.

This project is about recording who I am, what I am and what I feel life is about. It’s about who we are as a people and where we might be headed. I want to make this mark, to say this is what we are at this moment in time. This is how we tell stories. This is folk music; music of the people.

When I first started singing on stage and putting myself out there, I realised that this is what I truly love to do. I had to leave my nerves behind and really acknowledge my passion. I love to sing and to perform and to connect with people through song. If I can reach a person in an audience and it connects with them in any kind of emotional way, I know that I’m doing my job. I believe I can do that with this album.

With your support I’ll power through the making of the album. It would be amazing if you could be included in the process. The costs include recording, engineering, mixing and mastering, album duplication and artwork. There is a wide range of rewards and your help will totally enable us to fulfill our aspirations!

I really appreciate any support and thank you for getting involved in this project - exciting times are in store!

Thank you for reading, listening and supporting.