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Aoife Scott - Debut Album

By Aoife Scott


Hi there, my name is Aoife Scott and I am a folk-singer and songwriter. I am incredibly lucky to come from a family of singers, and my childhood was spent listening, learning and being inspired. My whole life has been lit up by music. Songs are stories, be it of love, loss, discovery or passion. A singer’s job is to touch the listener’s heart, to become a part of their soundtrack, to reflect the times we live in and to inspire change. I want to make an album that does just that.

Myself and my band have been performing together for the past three years in Ireland, England and abroad - The line up includes Eoghan Scott (guitar) and Conor Lyons (bouzouki/bodhran). Recent adventures have taken us to London, where we competed against over 1000 acts to win a support slot for Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. We've also been in Italy to represent Ireland in an international song contest, and we've been featured on a compilation CD alongside Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Raitt, Emmy-Lou Harris, John Prine & many others. We've had a busy few years!

This is why I have a Fund it campaign.

I am SO primed to make this album. I have been writing and collecting songs and gigging continuously over the past few years, in Ireland and abroad, as well as recording pieces for documentaries and a drama series, but it didn’t yet feel like it was the right time to record my own album. However, the last six months have been an incredibly creative and productive time for me and my band and now the time has come.

This project is about recording who I am, what I am and what I feel life is about. It’s about who we are as a people and where we might be headed. I want to make this mark, to say this is what we are at this moment in time. This is how we tell stories. This is folk music; music of the people.

When I first started singing on stage and putting myself out there, I realised that this is what I truly love to do. I had to leave my nerves behind and really acknowledge my passion. I love to sing and to perform and to connect with people through song. If I can reach a person in an audience and it connects with them in any kind of emotional way, I know that I’m doing my job. I believe I can do that with this album.

With your support I’ll power through the making of the album. It would be amazing if you could be included in the process. The costs include recording, engineering, mixing and mastering, album duplication and artwork. There is a wide range of rewards and your help will totally enable us to fulfill our aspirations!

I really appreciate any support and thank you for getting involved in this project - exciting times are in store!

Thank you for reading, listening and supporting.




Aoife Scott New Album HomeBird - Pre Order Today


Hi Everyone! Happy New Year to you all! 

I'm absolutely delighted to share with you the news that my new album, my second album, will be released on the 24th of January following our big launch in Dublin at Temple Bar Tradfest... Here's some info about how to get involved below! 

Thanks as always for the support, for getting me here, and I really really hope you love the new music as much as I do! 
Beir Bua! 

Aoife xx





"Following her highly celebrated debut album, Carry The Day, which was triumphantly launched at Temple Bar Tradfest in 2016 to rapturous acclaim, Aoife Scott is releasing her much anticipated second album “HomeBird” in January at the Temple Bar Trad Festival 2020


Produced by 12 time Grammy Award winner, banjo and guitar virtuoso Ron Block (Alison Krauss & Union Station, & ‘Oh Brother Where art thou), her second album is in many ways a turning point in her musical legacy. Recorded in Nashville and Dublin, “HomeBird” is an impressive collaboration featuring the best of Irish folk musicians and Grammy award winning Bluegrass musicians Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan and producer Ron Block."


Pre Save/Pre Ordering the album on your platform of choice helps get the album more exposure and the chance to get it to reach a high number on the iTunes or spotify chart. 

You can find a link to pre save / pre order here

Thanks so much for your support in advance!


With Special Guest - Ron Block

My biggest headlining show in Ireland  - ever - happens on 22nd of January as part of Temple Bar Tradfest in the Button Factory. I also get to perform with Ron Block (the producer and my idol!) who is flying over from Nashville to perform with us. I'll have lovely guest musicians of Andy Meaney, Cathal O Curráin, Floriane Blancke, and Conor Lyons. This will be one of the most exciting shows ever, and I can't wait! 

Tickets are limited but still available so get yours quick! 

Tickets :  









Some Background!
I spent a long time working in different jobs before I became a singer. 

I worked mostly in Television and on historical documentaries. I really loved being an archive researcher, so when I went to make this video, I wanted to put two of my favourite things together.

This song is written by Barry Kerry. It's edited by my friend Seán T. O Meallaigh and hugely helped by my old work pal Vicky Moran. I'm really really proud of this. I hope ye like it.



Download Here

All proceeds from the download go to Capuchin Day Centre & Peter McVerry Trust, supporting the Homeless in Dublin.

Aoife Scott - 2nd Album - Last 24 Hours!

Hi Everybody!

We’re on the home stretch now!

I can't believe all the support that everyone has given - thanks to you all. I'm really humbled by the overall backing from everyone - And I'm so excited to get started. 

We have already hit the target since last week! And I am so so grateful to all of you who got involved.

This original target of €11,000 actually only covers some of the cost of making the record... the rest of it I am funding myself. So any extra that is made will contribute to all the other extras that is involved - including CD production, Graphic Design, Video, & promotional expenses etc.

So all of this is amazing!! 

I'm super excited that it's all about to happen! 24 hours left! 

Thanks so much everyone! 


Le grá

Aoife x 


p.s. If you know of anyone who would like to get involved before it's all over in 24 hours - you can let them know with this link here > https://fundit.ie/project/aoife-scott---new-album-1

Every pre-order helps make it happen! 

Thanks everybody! 

We did it!

Well it's been over two weeks now since the Sold Out launch at the Temple Bar Trad Fest and it's been an unbelievable few weeks! I've actually had me album in my hand... this is what it's all been about! http://imgur.com/3vju3pN http://imgur.com/8Q0IAda Here are some images of the launch if you didn't get to come down... ( We had cupcakes!) http://imgur.com/ntypYVG http://imgur.com/dlmjN05 http://imgur.com/4cdZUjH It hasn't really had a chance to sink in as yet... (I think I need a day off..haha! ) But I'm lucky to be as busy as I am at the moment.. it's been great! At this stage, everyone should have now received their CD in the post. Thanks to everyone for your kind messages when I asked for your address... I'm so sorry for not responding yet. But I hope to give ye a shout in a few weeks when things die down a bit, and I can properly send ye a message individually. If you haven't received your cd yet, and you've already sent your postal address...please let me know! I've spent the last few weeks posting them all out...so they should all have arrived by now. But some sneaky few might have gotten lost in the post... I'm so delighted that it's here - feels mad, but amazing! I'm on the road at the moment if you're about.. Cork - Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh - Friday 19th of Feb Killarney - The Gathering, Killarney - Saturday 20th of Feb (Afternoon show) Carlow - Pan Celtic Song Contest - Saturday 20th of Feb (Evening) (And then the big one!) Dublin - The Workmans Club, Friday 4th of March This is the one I'm so excited about... Hoping to have an amazing gig so if you're around and you come along...Please do! It's going to be a serious party and a celebration that I actually have an album! Share the news if you can too... I need to pack the place out ;-) Thanks again for ALL and everything you have done to help me get here! I am so blown away still :) Beir Bua, Aoife xx

Launch Week!

Well it's finally here - the week of the album launch! And i finished the album!!! It's absolutely flown in and I can't quite believe everything that's happened! The single "All Along the Wild Atlantic Way" has really been successful and I couldn't have asked for any more support from everyone. From the week it was released it went into the #1 spot on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts and then to this week when it's been playlisted 2 weeks in a row on RTE Radio 1's playlist! I am absolutely chuffed! So this week is a gig full of gigs and some radio spots, and ending on the sold out album launch at the Temple Bar Trad Fest on Sunday 31st of January. Amazing! My original plan was to get 200 albums printed over christmas, like a preliminarily print to send to all of you, and then get a larger amount printed in January for the launch. I wanted to make sure you got sorted as soon as the mastering was finished. Unfortunately the print I received wasn't good enough qualty to send out to you. I didn't want to send the most important shipment, to you, my original funders, an off quality copy of the album. It just wasn't good enough. So I sent away for another print and the album is to be delivered on Wednesday 27th. Fingers crossed it's not delayed as then I'll be launching the album with no album! Jayney not something that would be very nice! I will keep you posted in the mean time, and will contact you all individually about your reward. Thank you for your patience! I wouldn't be here without yis and I really appreciate everything you have done. Míle buíochas agus grá do deo, Aoife xx

Have I got newsssss for you - Aoife Scott - Album Update

Hi Everybody, First up - sorry for the lack of contact in the past few months. I should have been keeping you in the loop as to what has been going on...but being flat out I just hadn't a second at all :) Good complaint! So where we at?! Lots of things to tell you... but the main things are.. DEBUT SINGLE! DEBUT MUSIC VIDEO! ALBUM LAUNCH! And everything else..! So I'm at the mixing stages of my album now, it's so nearly nearly there. I have a few little things to do before it gets into the heavy mixing but I'm so looking forward to being able to share it with you. Not long now! DEBUT SINGLE - All Along the Wild Atlantic Way - Will be released in November, along with it's video and the song will be able to download for free for my fund it-ers. Sooo exciting. MUSIC VIDEO - I've shot the video over the summer and edited it in Galway this past weekend and can't wait to share it with you once the single is released. It is strange making a music video but I do really like what we made so hopefully you like it too... ALBUM LAUNCH DATE - And the big news TODAY is - I'm announcing my official Album Launch to my supporters on fund it first before the official announcement on my social media/website...(as without ye there'd be no album!) SUNDAY 31st OF JANUARY 2016 As part of Temple Bar Trad Fest in Hugh Lane Gallery, Parnell Square Exciting times! There is a limited amount of tickets available - hence me sharing this link with ye before it goes out to rest of the world :) Get your free tickets here! http://www.templebartrad.com/artist/aoife-scott-album-launch/ So, it's nearly here... More news to come soon with the Album Title, the single launch date, and once the album is completed and in hard copy format I will then start to connect with ye all about your rewards! Cant wait lads! Excitrah AND delighrah! Thanks a million once again everyone, Beir Bua & Grá Mór Aoife aoifescottmusic@gmail.com

In the studio! - a Video update -

Hi Guys! Well what a month April has been! We've been in the studio and it's been great! It's been emotional with lots of ups and downs, but alot more ups! And lots and lots of love... I've been so lucky to have such great people with me in the studio and they've been amazing! Here is a video to show you a glimpse of what it's been like in the studio... (made by the lovely Sean T who was with us on our recording trip!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icKjR0D-KGU We've a lot more to do, but it's getting there! Thanks again for all your patience and I can't wait for ye to hear what we're making. Here we go! Grá mór Aoife xx

NEWS! Recording Dates!

(NOTE: I wrote the below note a few weeks ago, so apologies for the delay in sending it out to you guys!) Hello lovely fundit fundit-ers! Well how are things! I’m currently writing this on the way over to the states…and wanted to fill ye in on everything! What can I tell ye? I’ve had such a brilliant 2015 so far. This past january has been the best january of my life. It was full of gigs, music, laughter and love. - 2015 - New Years Eve came again this year, and I posted a letter to people about my feelings about the new year. (You can find it here..) I explained how every year I felt the dread of New Years looming, feeling like a failure as I hadn’t produced an album. The reaction I got was unreal. It’s an amazing thing to be honest and have people connect with you about the negative stuff that you are trying to overcome. I feel very lucky to have people in my network that are so supportive and caring… that includes ALL of you! This New Years Eve was different, I chose not to feel the bad vibes and to chose to feel a different feeling… hope. I had a feeling in my stomach that told me this would be the year.. and what a start it has been! From playing in the Millennium Forum in Derry with Sharon Shannon, Mary Coughlan and Frances Black, to The Cork Opera House, The INEC Killarney, and last weekend gone… The TF in Castlebar. I had an unbelievably amazing sold out show in Bewleys Cafe Theatre, the last of the evening concerts ever to be played there. We recorded it and videoed it, so I really hope to share some of those videos with you once we have an edit. I’m currently on route to San Francisco to rehearse with the band before we go to Kansas City International Folk Alliance, where I was invited to perform as a featured artist at this years conference! What a thrill that has been! We can’t wait to play and meet all the amazing artists and presenters. -BIG NEWS - Now, MY BIG NEWS - When we get home from the States we are heading into the STUDIO! Wow! (I know…about time right?!) Big Big news for me! After all my changing, chopping and bad time with my nerves, this is finally going to happen. It’s mad to even type it here! I can’t flipping wait! Dates are booked, musicians are locked. Songs are being worked on. And I’m feeling ready!! Very very scared… but READY! So I wanted to share this with you guys… as I know how patient you have all been with waiting on your rewards. Sure at this stage you might have lost interest by now… but your still getting it!! Guys, I can’t explain the feeling of joy getting to perform, writing and playing new songs for audiences… really just letting go of any past nerves. I am so lucky. I wouldn’t be here without you guys and I so appreciate it! So my immediate timeline is this! March: Rehearse like Mad things. (Big rehearsal tomorrow!) April 3rd (Good Friday) : START RECORDING! I hope to keep you guys involved if I can, by posting video blogs and photos of the process… as you are involved as much as I am at this stage!! I’ll post another update in the next couple weeks… ONCE AGAIN, thank you for your patience. I feel so grateful for everything and a lucky duck to be doing this. Le grá mór Aoife xx

Bonus Fundit Download - Live Tracks!

Hello all the love of loves of fund-it! Hope ye are all happy and good and well! I am good, just back from France for the Lorient festival with my family. What a brilliant experience! We had a great time! Here is a wee message with the link to the Live Tracks that I promised in my last email. (I am sorry for the delay in this mail - I had a computer problem and i lost all my tracks so it took me weeks to find all the data again - but it's okay! It's back!) You will find the tracks in a dropbox folder in the link below. I hope you like them! Please remember that they are LIVE and very rough with no mix on them :) The live tracks were recorded on radio, live on tv, and live on stage. Some have just my vocal and guitar, my vocal and bouzouki, or my vocal with some other arrangements. They are definitely special editions of these songs! These versions never to be heard again! I am nervous about you hearing them! :) Anyway, let me know how you like them! My email address is below and you can let me know if there are any problems with the download... Here is the link - Click on the individual tracks to download. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1p3tjd8usum86t8/AABO7UuxaYaxyse_5CYjXgnYa In other news I'm off to Portugal this week, and then the states the week after! So a busy month of August! Back then for more work on the album :) Watch this space for album updates! Thanks again for all the support for the dream! Le grá Aoif x aoifescottmusic@gmail.com www.aoifescott.com www.facebook.com/aoifescottmusic

2014 - Update!

Hello all the lovely supportive people of fund-it! I hope you are all well and everything is good and amazing in your lives right now. That the light is lovely and shining in, and making life a magical place to be! (I know, what a hippy I am…) Since the last time I wrote to you, so much has changed. Over the past year, I was on the road with a new band for a huge amount of time. What an AMAZING experience that was. It brought me to new places, new people, new smells, and new colours! And what amazing light I have seen, in so many different parts of the world! (I am a little bit obsessed with the light in the sky) It really changed my perspective and made me look at life in a different way. I learned so much about myself. But also I feel, I lost myself a teeny weeny bit on the way. (But it’s okay! I’m back! So no panic!) Now I’m here, a year later! After break ups (plural!) and a few changes, and I am a different person. I am stronger, having had to work hard to find myself again after touring as part of another outfit. I am no longer with the band, and once again I’m on the road to what I’m meant to be doing. Singing my own songs, telling all the lovely stories and sharing my love of folk music. I feel so lucky that I’m able to bring these songs to you and that you’ve given me the chance to listen to me. I am really sorry for the delay in an update to you guys. It has been something I have found myself thinking about many times a day, knowing how I wanted to connect with everyone, to keep you in the loop, and to make sure you know where I am in things, and that I’m not gone away! In all honesty, I wanted this update to tell you all about how my album of love, is ready, primed and on the way to your door to all of you. But alas, I have to admit it is still a work in progress and something I have had to take back to the drawing board. I’m so sorry about this delay. I've found the delay the hardest part to deal with in all. I am now working hard, daily, hourly, to bring this album to completion. I am planning to start to re-record and put some completely different arrangements on some songs, other songs are staying exactly the same! I am starting from scratch. This is something that I just have to do after such a year of ups and some downs, but I need to make sure that all my experiences/influences are included in the making of this album. That is why I am starting all over again. I can’t wait to bring you these songs and to give you all the amazing rewards that ye all are waiting for after helping me to get here in the first place! I’m so lucky to have this chance to make my dream come true and I hope you know how super grateful I am for you letting me have it. Anyways, in the meantime, I really really really want to share some music with you! To show some appreciation for all your amazing patience and kindness in waiting for your album rewards…. So if it’s okay with you, in the next few days I will send all of you a link to download some live tracks recorded over the past little whileen… I know it’s not the album yet, but it will be something I can give you at least to start you off on the road to Aoife Scott’s album! Exciting! I hope you know how much I am grateful for all the support you have given me, I honestly can’t wait to share the finished album with you all, Thanks so much for being with me on this mad journey! Watch this space! x Le grá mór Aoife xx aoifescottmusic@gmail.com www.aoifescott.com www.facebook.com/aoifescottmusic


Hello there lovely fund-it-ers and amazing supporters... How are ye all? I hope all is amazing in your world and that 2013 has been an incredible year for ye. I wanted to check in to let yis know where I am and that I’m still here! I wanted to write before 2013 ends to wish you all the most amazing love for 2014! I have had the most craziest of years and i just wanted to fill you in on what has happened since I last spoke to you! 2013 has been incredible. And the highlight being - my successful Fund-it project, which would not have happened without all of your amazing support. I’ve been so busy, after taking on a full time project with Celtic Band “The Outside Track”. I went on tour with them in June to Australia and since then we’ve toured Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and even been to India! I’ve had so much fun with the band, and it really has broadened my horizons and my knowledge of music since I’ve been singing with them. I’ve picked up a couple of instruments on the way, and I’m happily whacking the bodhrán now at sessions out and about! I’ve got to sing on the second series of “Seachtar Na Cásca” - an award winning series on the 1916 rising, which I’m really proud of. I’ve been performing on stage with Sharon Shannon, Mary Coughlan, Declan O Rourke, The Full Set, Dermot Byrne, Floriane Blancke and recorded radio shows with Jack L, Camille O Sullivan, Julie Feeney, and a host of others. I’ve been lucky enough to record a few songs on TV, Online and all in all I’ve just had the most busiest year. All this stuff happened and the next thing I know it’s nearly 2014! So I am super sorry for the delay in getting the album to you! I am so excited about getting it out to you, and 2014 is going to be an incredible year. I can’t wait to chat to all of you’s about what you think of my album and just give yis all a massive hug for being amazing and supporting my dream. Even when I think about completing my album it gives me this gorgeous warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that I’m going to be able to send them out, or even meet you to give you the album by hand. And knowing that you supported it from the very start inspires me to get it out there! I’ll keep you posted in the next few weeks with the timeline of where it’s at...but for now I just wanted to wish you all an amazing and happy new year and to just thank you all for being the best people in the world! Thanks for all the love - my heart is bursting with love for ye all back! Here’s to 2014 and an incredible year to come! Chat to yis very soon! :) Le grá mór, Aoife xx www.aoifescott.com www.theoutsidetrack.com www.facebook.com/aoifescottmusic

Over the moon! Aoife Scott Debut Album is happening!

Hiya! :) Well! I still can't believe it! The target was reached and the fund-it campaign has been successfully completed! I wanted to write you a note before I sent out the individual emails regarding everyone's Fund-it rewards! (Sorry it is a bit delayed, the fund it people temporarily suspended my contact with you guys until the finishing process had been competed..) I am so truly blown away but the support I received over the past few months regarding this entire campaign. I still can't believe it's actually happened! Feels like a dream! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me along this journey to creating this album, that I have so wanted to make for as long as I can remember. I am truly humbled by your support and the love from everyone to help me get there! It's such a magical time! I can't wait to get going and make this album now and send it out to everyone! This is when the real fun/work starts! My belly is just bubbling with excitement, and I have you to thank for that... You're great! Yours, from an appreciative Aoife Scott x P.s. Here is the video the I made the last day of the fund it campaign...it's a bit crazy but shows how happy I am! And a bit mad! ;) http://youtu.be/50jAY5Dzhdg

Amazing! 5 Days left!

Hi Everyone! I am so absolutely delighted to be able to inform you that the DEBUT ALBUM fund-it campaign has now crossed the 100% marker with 5 days still on the clock! And at the time of writing we're currently up to an astonishing €7,649 - 102%! Which means...this is it! My dream is about to come true! I honestly can't believe it. When I embarked on this project I never even imagined that I would make the target...and I was so nervous putting it together that I was procrastinating for months before it all came together. It's literally like a dream for me that I've gotten this far!! I can't believe so many people have come together and supported me and shown that they believe in me to make this album come to life. I feel so inspired and so so so grateful! I'm dancing around the house as I type! I honestly can't thank you all enough! What's crazy is, I still have 5 days left to raise more money for the album! AAAH!! I've been advised to keep going with the awareness and to let people know that they can still get involved with the whole project and be part of this album. There's still time to purchase the bike tour or even the hand delivered CD! I'm now hoping that with a few latecomers, that maybe haven't gotten around to getting involved just yet - that I may actually make the extra €600 to pay for the Fund-it organisers charges and handling fee's! They take 8% of the overall fee to cover costs etc. It may be crazy wishful thinking...but I've still some time and I have to dream it! Either way, I am just truly delighted with it! I honestly am so chuffed that this is going to happen. I'm going to make an album! Yipee!! Grá MÓR, Aoife x p.s. Here is the link to the page if you'd like to share it with any friends who you think might be interested in getting involved at this stage of the game! Any help is massively appreciated! http://www.fundit.ie/project/aoife-scott---debut-album

18 Days to go!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to send you a little update to say THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart! I am so so lucky to be where I am right now and I really really appreciate your support. I really can't believe it! It's amazing! Thanks so much! Just some news! Today I featured in an article for the Evening Herald, by the brilliant Andrea Smith, about my Fund it campaign. It's got a great tagline! You can see a pic of it here : http://on.fb.me/YPzPc4 During the week I featured on 4fm's "Guaranteed Irish" with Cillian De Búrca, and also on National Broadcaster Raidió Na Gaeltachta with Ronán Beo chatting about where I was and what I was doing with this campaign. You can listen to the RnaG interview here - http://bit.ly/10l9Nh2 it starts at about 47:30 and you even if you don't understand Gaeilge you'll hear me with my "scarleh" voice when the presenter was trying to get me to admit a secret crush that I don't have! Morto! :) That's it for now. Just to let you know I've 18 days left to go! So I'm hoping to god, that I will make the target! Otherwise none of the pledges and support everyone has given me so far will go through.I've just under 20% to get so I have my fingers crossed it will get there! Thanks again everyone for all your support! I'm over the moon I even got to this point! Grá mór Aoife P.S. If you don't mind sharing the link on social network sites, or even anyone you think might be interested in being part of the album I would be super super grateful again! Anything to keep it going would be just amazing! Thank you! Go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir! x

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