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Aonrú - Short Documentary

By Lost Productions-Jason Gaffney


Aonrú will document and observe Cape Clear Island - West Cork, its inhabitants and the fishing industry which has been devastated to the point of extinction. Aonrú will bring to light the marginal existence of this resilient society showcasing the beauty of their surroundings, their isolation and analyse the loss of their once thriving fishing industry.

How will Aonrú benefit the people of West Cork?
- Aonrú will invest capital back into West Cork through cast fee’s, local crew, accommodation, catering and photography - a healthy financial boost at a time when tourism on the island is extremely low.
- Aonrú can be used as part of local regeneration and as a means for bringing to light the rich fishing heritage of Cape Clear Island as well as its landscapes. We hope that Aonrú will help attract tourists to the island. Historical documentations such as Aonrú will bring about change and investment that will benefit Cape Clear Island’s future.
- Aonrú will preserve and document a very significant period of Irish history. Cape Clear is a microcosm of Ireland’s economic, social, geographic and industrial struggle since the collapse of the Celtic Tiger.

Aims & Objectives
Through an observational and unobtrusive form of filmmaking we aim to capture the real, isolated and challenging working reality of the Island. Throughout the 1800 and 1900s the island was heavily dependent on the fishing industry for economy and employment. Numerous external factors including; licencing, competition and a fall in market share have contributed to the diminishing of this industry. We aim to showcase the plight of fishing on the island, in line with the continuing fall in island population, especially with regards to future generations. We hope to subtly reveal the relationship between man and nature as we bear witness to the day-to-day existence of the island and its surrounding ocean creating a meditative cinematic tone.

Structure and Style
The islanders will not be interviewed directly and will not make reference to the camera, or crew, as we aim to present a voyeuristic account of their daily routine. It is my hope that observational, as well as minimalist, techniques will encourage the audience to read the time and space of the film actions as real. We aim to present landscape and the surrounding environment as a central character. This will be achieved through detailed and crafted shots of the ocean, the many species that inhabit the land, weather, island terrain etc. This style will allow the audience to experience the raw beauty of West Cork while serving the tone of the film.

Marketing and Distribution
We will be distributing the film to a select number of Irish and UK film festivals throughout 2014 and 2015. Our target audience is the general viewing public and industry professionals who attend such events and aim to initiate discussions for future collaboration, further distribution, marketing and co-productions.




Rewards - Rewards - Rewards

Good afternoon you wonderful people, I hope this mail finds you well and enjoying your start to the week. As most of you will know by now - 'Aonrú' turned into a great success and has been 'the little film that could'. That has a certain amount to do with the crews efforts but more to do with each and every one of you! Each one of you had faith in a film that told an important story of marginalized identity in contemporary rural Ireland. Each one of you had the faith in me as a filmmaker to create a story that, at an absolute minimum, will preserve an Irish time, place, heritage and tradition that will stand the test of time and is critical to us retaining the true aspects of 'who we are' as a people. For that opportunity - I thank you all so very much. If you have seen the film I hope we were able to justify your commitment. We are now officially finished with the Irish festival run - which seen us win 'Best Documentary at Kerry Film Festival 2015' - and so its time for us to start arranging and sending out your (well deserved) rewards! We will begin proceedings this weekend and hope to roll them out over the next month or so. As always - any questions please get in touch directly at any time. I look forward to touching base again soon and hope you enjoy your goodies! Warmest regards, Jason Gaffney Producer

We are nearly there...thank you for your patience!

Good afternoon everyone, I hope this e-mail/update finds you well. We are approaching the final touches of Aonrú and hope to have the film finished for late Sept/early October. Being a labour of love we are adamant that the final piece be a true reflection of our vision and are therefore being patient with post production. Thank you for bearing with us. We will also be in touch with you all very soon regarding your rewards. As always please get in touch with any questions you may have. Much love, Jason Gaffney Producer

Aonrú - Shooting begins Friday 13 June 2014

Hello everyone, Just a quick note to say that we begin rolling the cameras tomorrow Friday 13 June on Aonrú. Thank you all once again for making this film happen. I will do everything I can to be make you all proud of the final piece. I will be keeping you all up to date on Facebook and Twitter over the next 6 days and would love to hear back. Warmest regards, Jason Gaffney Producer Lost Productions

Aonrú - Rewards

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring weather and looking forward to the long-weekend. As most of you are now aware we reached our target for Aonrú on Fundit and when I say ‘we’ I mean me, the production team and you! You are now as much a part of this project as anyone else and I would like to thank you once again for your faith, generosity and support. We will be rolling the cameras Saturday 14 June 2014 and will shoot for one week. As Aonrú nears its shoot I am becoming increasingly excited - safe in the knowledge that we have a significant story to tell and an excellent team of industry professionals in place to tell it. As I have said before – we will make you all proud with this short documentary and look forward to sharing it with you. As for your rewards – they will all be available during and after the shoot. Please note however I will be in regular contact with updates, dates and news before and after the shoot date. If you wish to get in touch with any questions please contact me at: lostproductionsltd@gmail.com or 087 984 3757. I would be delighted to hear from you. Have a lovely week and thanks again for being part of Aonrú. Warmest regards, Jason Gaffney Producer

Early Summer 2014 shoot-date & More Thanks You’s.

Good afternoon my friends, I hope this mail finds you well and that you are all enjoying this lovely bout of weather in our nation’s capital. Since the last time I was in touch our Fundit campaign has reached an amazing (and very exciting!) 94%. We have come a long way since Thursday 30 January and to everyone who has contributed I am forever grateful. It looks like we will be reaching our target and that means Aonrú will be happening. After two years of work you have no idea how good it feels to say that! We have a rough shoot-date (FINALLY!). Cameras will be rolling on Cape Clear Island Saturday 14 June, 2014. It will be a one week shoot at which point we will go immediately into Post-Production and then…our/‘YOUR’ film will be complete. As investors in Aonrú I would love to hear from you all so please get in touch with any questions you may have regarding the production: lostproductionsltd@gmail.com 087 984 3757 Keep an eye on the Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages for further updates and until I get in touch again…thanks and much love. Jason

77% - thanks to you!

Good afternoon my friends, I hope you are all enjoying your week so far and looking forward to the weekend. Well – as you can see we are 77% of the way to our target - thanks to you. You may get sick of hearing this but I really am so very very grateful for your contributions. It means the world to me. We are at the exciting stage of naming a shoot date but are awaiting final confirmation from crew etc. As soon as the date is available you will all be informed immediately! In the meantime please continue to let all your friends, family, colleagues etc. know about Aonrú to keep the momentum going and hopefully it won’t be long until we have been funded. As always I would love to hear from you all in case you have any questions, suggestions, information related to the project. Here are my details: E-mail: lostproductionsltd@gmail.com Phone: 087 984 3757 Take care and thanks again. Much love, Jason

69% and counting...Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dear my Aonrú team, I hope this mail finds you all well and safe from the weather. The project has got off to a sensational start and at 69% with 38 days left we are looking very good for our target and eventual shoot. This is because of your generosity and faith in me. For that I will never grow tired of saying thank you. I owe you all a massive debt and am on hand 24/7 to repay when needed! I was in contact this week with Dominic de Vere (our/your director) and we are very close to confirming a shoot date in April 2014. This is very exciting and we will be sure to keep everyone updated as to when that date is. As for Cape Clear Island itself the inhabitants have gone through an extremely difficult time as of late with storm weather causing havoc since December 2013. All our prayers and thoughts are with them at this time. Let’s hope that with yesterday’s announcement of €70 million worth of funding (http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=23110) the people of West Cork will be back on their feet in no time! Thank you all so much again and I look forward to getting back in touch soon. If any of you need to contact me at any stage here are my contact details for your convenience: E-mail: lostproductionsltd@gmail.com Phone: 087 984 3757 Warmest regards, Jason

My gratitude remains eternal

Good morning one and all, I hope this e-mail finds you well and that you are looking forward to the weekend. Just a quick mail to say thank you so much for your assistance with the project. We are 8 days in and on the brink of €1k which is very impressive indeed. The only reason the project has reached this stage and the only reason I remain positive is because of - YOU! You have got Aonrú to this point and for that I am forever in your debt. The production continues to run smoothly as does the social/online updates. Speaking of which this weekend I will be posting some information about our director - Dominic de Vere. Why not learn more about the unique and hugely talented director I, and you, have placed faith in to create this picture. Keep an eye on the Facebook, Twitter and Blog for more. Finally, can you all continue to send on Fundit information to friends, family, colleagues and people in the street so we can keep the ball rolling? You are fantastic. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend and take care with the weather. Much love, Jason

Thank you and have a great week!

Good evening one and all. As treasured investors on this project I would like to thank you all so much for your kind contributions - you'll never know how much it means to me! As promised from the start, I will do everything I can do produce a piece of work worthy of your efforts - something we can all be proud of! Forget the weather outside, plan something nice for your evenings/next weekend and enjoy your week! : ) Also - don't forget to tell your friends, family, colleagues etc. to look at the page and get involved. Much love

2 days in...

Well everyone, we are only 2 days in and the response has been overwhelming! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far - your generosity is treasured and hopefully this leads to a documentary we, and you as funders, can be proud of. Please keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog for daily updates. Much love

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