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Founded in 2011 by a group of petrified theatre makers who didn't having a clue what they were doing. Twisted Focus was born from a closet sized office in The Gaiety School of Acting, Sycamore Street, where their over enthusiasm led them to believe they could conquer the world.

Their first production 'Work in Progress' (Smock Alley Theatre) stemmed from their complete 'lack of a clue' how to devise. Went down a storm though..... "A Wonderful little show. Sharp as a tack. Funny as ..... Just funny" Patrick Sutton.....See - Level 1 of taking over the world complete!

Level 2 - Twisted Focus in collaboration with Dublin Theatre Company are staging a production of Apples by Richard Milward and John Rettalack to be directed by Ronan Wilmot and staged by a cast of young, enthusiastic and deadly actors!

Apples is a play about sex and the city when you’re 15.

“Apples cocks an unflinching hard-stare at the sharp end of teenage life, and the play is edgy, exciting and quite brilliant. The drugs, the sex, the boozing… it all smacks beautifully of the real thing.” Time Out

It has toured the UK and was a winner of the coveted Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For its Irish debut we’re taking this gritty yet comic fairytale and setting it in a North Dublin school.

Apples will be performed in RiRa, The Globe, Dame Street on Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th, Friday 28th, Saturday 29th September nightly.

Level 3 – We need your help! We’re a new company brimming with ideas but with empty pockets. We need a little bit of money to get the basics of a play together …licensing rights, props, costume, lighting, sound etc. Any donation big or small would be really appreciated and help us greatly on our way to delivering this amazing show. Everyone involved in the show is working for free because we’re all passionate about this project and want to bring exciting, edgy theatre to you wonderful people! Thanks for reading and your support we love you all! xxx




Hi everyone, Just a little update on how our project, which you helped create through FUNDIT, is going! We’re just starting our third and final week’s rehearsal. All’s going well in the rehearsal room – lines are learnt, the show is blocked (so everyone knows where to stand on stage so as not to bump into each other!) and we’ve spent the last week doing full runs of the whole show which is running at about 75 mins so we’re really getting into the swing of things – quite literally in the club/disco scene, which has seen some quite special and sometimes horrific dance moves! Production wise with your kind help we’ve got colour flyers and posters printed and we’ve been putting them up far and wide around the city centre. We’ve got our trusty stage manager Laura running around town gathering props and tomorrow we have the Maria our costume designer in for the big reveal of how dashing and handsome or not we’ll be looking in character! We’re also excited to meet the Lighting and Sound Designers who are coming in to collaborate with us this week! Hope you all have a lovely week and here’s a link to a promotional video we made for the show if you’re looking for some distraction in work! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eepv2TS14Es&feature=plcp We will be in touch with you all in the next two days with regard to receiving you rewards. Thank you all again for your generousity! Love Twisted Focus xxx

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