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Arctic Circle Residency - Ruth Le Gear

By Ruth Le Gear


About the expedition

Part of my practice revolves around water. The work that will take place in the arctic will examine the unfolding of a consciousness. It engages with how a drop of water has the capacity to hold the memory of a substance that has passed through it almost as if it has been locked in an iceberg. I wish to explore resonances and atmospheres in the ice and light of the arctic.

To find out whether these ideas of water memory are just products of imaginations or an potential leap in understanding will require experimental research. This will be examined through mainstream scientific experiments with scientists on board the tall ship and the more intuitive methods. Sound, video and photography will document this research, drawing together the intuitive strands from the collisions between science and varied intuitive phenomena.

I plan to take water samples at various points in the arctic and to experiment with them. I will experiment with ice and light; using a combination of natural materials such as
water, light and motion coupled with experimental set ups and scientific devices. On my return work will start in the studio. In my mind I see large scale delicate forms representing ice and light to be made. However, as with any invested and dedicated periods of study - these may change. Funders will be kept informed of studio activity. I am in conversation with curators and galleries and I am in talks about a proposed show for late 2013 early 2014.

While The Arctic Circle 2012 contributes half the total cost of my participation I am expected raise the other half in order to go. The amount I am requesting on fundit partially goes towards this and the remainder will go towards equipment and travel to Svalbard.

To read more about The Arctic Circle residency, see this article in The New York Times.

“Our leader is Aaron O’Connor, a man with years of experience bringing artists together in unusual places to see what they might create, together and apart. He came up with the idea of a ship full of artists called The Arctic Circle, and after years of planning, the journey has begun. And he doesn’t want to confuse it with your average polar trip: “No one on this boat has come to see polar bears. It is completely different from a tourist cruise. Tourists are sheep. We are artists.”

About me

I was born in 1985, grew up and received first class honors degree in Art and Design (Sculpture) from Galway – Mayo Institute of Technology in 2007. My practice exists in the spaces between the perceptible and the intangible. It is exploratory – it sets out, seeking out wild places and new territories. It follows trails; it maps. My work has traveled and brought me to many fantastic (and real) places. I have participated in residencies in Iceland (SIM), Ireland (Fire Station Artists’ Studios,Cill Rialig, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Tyrone Guthrie) and Berlin.



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