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Art agus an Leabhair Draíochta

By Dagda Theatre


Dagda is a new Irish language Theatre Company that strives to bring the Irish language alive in an energetic and vibrant way. 

Is Comhlacht Amharclannaíochta Gaeilge í Dagda. Tá sé mar sprioc aici an beocht sa teanga Gaeilge a nochtadh i mbealach fuinniúil agus beomhar.

As a result of extensive research carried out by founders Clodagh Smith and Leah Egan, Dagda has seen that combining drama with language education really aids the child’s learning. 'Art agus an Leabhair Draíochta' is Dagda Theatre Company's first production, focusing on the Irish folklore tales on the primary school curriculum. It aims to bring these stories to life and to help the children explore the language in a new, exciting way. School groups who attend the show also receive a free workshop that also focuses on the folklore stories featured and prepares them for the show. This exciting new story follows a young boy Art on his search for Cú Chulainn.

'Art is a regular boy, with dreams the same as any other boy his age. He wishes he could have magic powers, be a pirate and play hurling like Cú Chulainn. But Art has a small problem; nobody will pick him for the team. We meet Art when he is very frustrated and just about to give up on his hurling dreams. He turns to a book he got from the school library for help and the unexpected journey begins....'

The show will run for a week in Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre, The Boys School, from March 19th-23rd with both daytime shows and evening shows.

While we are very excited about creating this magical land of folklore, a land where everything is larger than life, we need some financial assistance to do these time-honoured stories justice. We will need fabrics, paint and wood for prop building in order to bring our story to life. We also hope to send teachers away with teacher’s packs so that they may continue to workshop the stories with their students, to further encourage the children’s learning in a stimulating way. Any contribution you can afford would be hugely appreciated and would greatly help us to cover our costs.

Ag tnúth le sibh a fheicéail i mí na Márta!

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