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Art Residency - New York NARS Foundation

By Brigitta Varadi


I have been selected onto the International Artist Residency Program of the NARS (New York Art Residency and Studios) Foundation, in order to develop and exhibit a new body of work. It will run from January to March 2014.

Art residency programmes provide space and time for the artist to reflect, research and produce original work. Being selected for the NARS Foundation Program represents a significant opportunity at this stage of my career. The residency will help me develop my work and practice through ongoing critical feedback from visiting critics and curators. The NARS Foundation will provide and arrange opportunities for artist talks, presentations and workshops, and the International Residency Program culminates in an exhibition and an open studio event.

Over the last year I have been developing techniques which allow me to work on a large scale. My intended project has grown out of my investigation into the Rorschach type of inkblot tests, which are used to investigate a person’s interpretive and perceptive abilities. I am interested in developing the concept further during my residency, to investigate and research not only the Rorschach type of inkblots but other accidental inkblots and mark making. Joseph Beuys’ reference, where he suggests that art, common materials and one's "everyday life" are ultimately inseparable, is reflected in the use of wool as the medium for the proposed work.

In addition to developing my own art practice, I develop projects with people of all ages and abilities within the community sector, schools and arts centres in the Northwest of Ireland. I believe this residency gives me a tremendous opportunity for broadening my own artistic knowledge and learning by engaging with the creative community, as well as contributing greatly to my own personal artistic development.

The budget for the residency includes the cost of the travel to and accommodation and subsistence in New York, as well as materials and equipment. I have saved €4,200 so far for this project but I need to raise a minimum of €3,500 more.

Thank you for your support and for being part of this adventure
I will be forever in your debt!

Brigitta Varadi