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Because we know too many frustrated Artists who missed opportunities, jobs and funding deadlines as they were scattered through too many different websites and media. We also know too many frustrated Organisers who don’t receive enough high quality responses to their calls. We know too many people who cannot find a venue suitable for their programmes and spend days on the phone. Finally, we also know too many extremely skilful technicians and service providers who are almost invisible and subsidise themselves through various jobs instead of utilising their experts skills.

We believe ArtConnected is a solution we all need. Please help us to build the final part of the platform and to connect ALL working in the Arts for successful artistic careers, greater visibility of all opportunities and easier collaborations.

• provides instant access to opportunities, jobs, calls, funding, services, equipment and venues,
• notifies members about upcoming calls matching their profiles
• helps to access constantly updated profiles, competences, interest and skills of each member of the Arts Sector in any geographical area for better collaboration, programming and distribution of available opportunities

• First place that links ALL members of the Arts Sector - Creatives, Organisers, Venues and Service Suppliers and allows them to draw the full benefits from available opportunities
• Allows members to post and receive calls for artists, venues, technical staff, services, information about available funding and other professional opportunities in one place
• Creates better value from the online presence for all members of the Arts; allowing for collaborations with a bigger group of potential partners, increasing exposure, reach & impact of every professional opportunity
• Works for individual artists and arts professionals just as well for arts organisations, venues and service providers
• Allow for better inclusion of emerging, migrant and visiting artists
• Connects Arts Professionals across national boundaries
• Helps to streamline communication, management and promotion of available opportunities or skills reducing expenses and saving time
• Contributes to better sustainability of the Arts Sector

If you are keen to grow and expand your artistic career and don’t want to miss any opportunity - ArtConnected is for you!

If you work for an arts organisation and promote opportunities but want to do it effectively and reach the biggest group of relevant people who match your brief - ArtConnected is for you!

If you are a Venue Manager happy to rent out your venue for artistic events – ArtConnected is for you!

If you are a Service Provider working in the Arts and want to promote your skills and experience – ArtConnected is for you!

ArtConnected - the arts sector at your fingertips!


To see more go to: https://vimeo.com/128890783



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Hi GREAT PEOPLE!!! We are also talking a lot about the impact of ArtConnected on social media. Please follow and share if you can!!! Thanks!!! Monika & Ian https://www.facebook.com/artconnected/

Press coverage we have got recently!

Hi All, Thanks so much for your support and please, please keep talking about the project and sharing it. We still need a few more hundred people to make together a huge difference to over 7 million people working in the arts only in Europe. Enjoy the readings: http://www.writing.ie/guest-blogs/help-get-artconnected/ and http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/managing-a-creative-career-how-to-make-the-figures-add-up-for-artists-34262296.html. Enjoy and thanks so much for all your help!!! Monika & Ian

Vimeo link

Finally the link - https://vimeo.com/128890783

Vimeo link

Here is the link to the animation - enjoy!! M.)

Vimeo link

Here is the link to the animation - enjoy!! M.)

ArtConnnected animation

Hope you like the ArtConnected animation. Let us know what you think and please share with your friends and contacts!!!! Thanks ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND THAT YOU ARE THERE FOR US AND ARTCONNECTED!!! To raise 20K is challenging task but the project is worth it. Please spread the word and fingers crossed!! Talk son!!! Monika & Ian

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