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Artists - The Pilot Episode

By Rachel McElwaine


My name is Rachel McElwaine, I am 28 and a graduate from D.I.T in Pharmaceuticals. My brother, Mark McElwaine, is 27, and an Actor. He has 10 years experience and trained in the National Performing Arts School and Bull Alley. "Artists" is our first collaborative project which we aim to be a Series. 

Mark approached me in December 2012, with the idea of working together on a Drama he had started, about an actor named Mark. We bounced ideas and found that the comedy flowed and I wrote the script incorporating Mark's original idea. We approached a lot of contacts with the script and found there was a lot of interest in the story. Rather than it be a pipe dream, we decided it would be better to make it ourselves, using the amazing talent on Mark's Facebook friend list . We have been working on the script for the past couple of months. We have a full Cast and Director and are partially self financing this venture. However, for this to look as good as we want, we need a more substantial amount.

Our cast includes the amazing talents of Mark McElwaine, Graham Earley, Daniel Mahony, Elva Trill, John Compton, Bern Deegan and Fiona Cooney. Our Director is Alan Markey.

Artists follows our main character, Mark Fish (played by Mark McElwaine). Mark is an likable chap and is living with his best friend Luke Dillon (Graham Earley). The two guys are currently suffering through the Quarter Life Crisis that so many of the Post Celtic Tiger Cubs seem to be suffering from today. Mainly asking what am i doing with my life? Luke is a musician, and a talented one at that. However he is more interested in talking about making music rather than actually making any. We follow Luke in his quest for booze and women, especially women, as he is still heartbroken about Jessica Faye (Elva Trill), their housemate up to recently. Jessica left due to a mysterious incident involving Luke that both parties have agreed NEVER TO SPEAK ABOUT IT AGAIN. She is also an Actor and is currently loved up and living with her new rich, Banker boyfriend, Simon Diamond. However she still misses the guys.

This episode follows Mark and Luke in their search for a new housemate. Thankfully, Jessica introduces the two to a post-modern media Poet named Jeffery Reynolds (Daniel Mahony). Jeffery, or Jeff as the guys insist on calling him, settles in straight away, much to the chagrin of Mark. Luke drags both the guys instantly in to his new scheme, which of course involves women. As with all of Luke's schemes, the guys learn it's better to run away quickly. Mark learns that being really really good looking does not equal being amazing at picking up Hot Blondes. He is also struggling to stay off the Dole queue but it's not easy when you're method and typecast as Aspergers. Thank God for Daniel Day Lewis. 

A general breakdown of the costs & schedule below.

1. Approx 4 day shoot provisionally dated for late May.
2. Hiring of filming and sound equipment.
3. Director, Camera and sound crew fees.
4. One week post production (editing, colour correction, music recording, sound mastering, subtitles).
5. Marketing, distribution of the completed film.

Help us make our vision a reality. Thank you for taking the time to read our submission.




Pushing for funding!

This is our new video to reach out to a wider audience and really try get people on board to invest in this great sitcom! https://vimeo.com/65007128

Our first article appeared this week.

We have appeared in this weeks (27th April) Westmeath Independent. It is a wonderfully written article by David Flynn and highlights our project and our aims.

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