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As I See It - art show by Jim Kavanagh

By Jim Kavanagh Artist


I am an established fine artist living and working near Galway City. I am looking for support towards staging a major show in the Market Street Gallery (Connacht Tribune Print Works) in Galway in late August – early September. It’s a big space! The work is based on The Cosmos, and in particular exploring the sublime, via the Cosmos.

Also, in Gallery B we will be hosting the ‘Jim Kavanagh Art School’ annual student’s show. This highlights the great work done by the students throughout the academic year, and the commitment they put into their work.

The monies raised from Fund it will go towards catalogue production (biggest expense), insurance, transport, printing, lighting, running costs etc. Every exhibition I stage, I want to use it as a platform to raise awareness and funds and give something back to the community, so I choose a local charity. For this exhibition, monies raised from sale of works, catalogues and posters will be donated to COPE Galway, to help fund their new Domestic Violence Refuge Building in Galway.

In the last couple of years my interest has moved away from landscape painting, and has focused further skywards to the universe and beyond. It seems like a natural step, with man’s increasing curiosity to examine space with projects like the Hubble Telescope; exploring further and deeper, sending images back to earth that scientists are trying to comprehend. Some of my work is influenced by the views from the International Space Station looking down on earth, again reflecting how ‘small we are’ in the scheme of things. Man’s renewed fascination with space is currently very much evident in mass media, film, photography and even fashion. In my own work and exploration of the subject, I employ oil paints and glazes, on canvas and board, using the techniques of the Old Masters, such as Turner and Rembrandt.

The Sublime (or experiential Sublime) is a term that has come to populate much of my thought in connection to my current work; or a 21st century review or re-interpretation of the term, which was used extensively by some 19th century artists. I am currently exploring the Sublime in a world where technological development has eclipsed the past 19th century Romantic’s notions of our place in the universe. Man’s ego in the past was suppressed by the awesome scale and power of nature. We are now seduced by the awesome possibilities of space.

Technology has enabled us to enjoy and explore the epicness of our universe and beyond – to explore the Cosmos. My work has always involved man’s reflection on our existence within this realm, yet the paintings are produced ‘without us being in them’. I try to reflect elements of our own human insignificance in the paintings, especially in the face of nature – ephemeral and portentous! The paintings suggest that man is on the cusp, or does not exist; a timeless quality before or after mankind.

A huge thanks in advance for your support.





Tying up loose ends re: rewards etc. and delighted with the outcome of the project and the show...nearly 1000 people came to see the show, and the exhibition raised nearly €4.5k for the charity COPE Galway...it couldn't have happened without you guys, so thanks again for all your support...we may do this again sometime!

Up and Running..Thanks to You

Exhibition is up, open and receiving a very good response..it looks very good even if we may say so ourselves! For those of you able to come along on Friday eve, 4th Sept between 5 and 6pm for VIP pre opening refreshments, we will have your catalogues, posters and vouchers ready for you to collect. Just mention Fundit on the door. The Opening finishes at 8.30pm. If you are unable to come along Friday we will get your rewards to you after the show. Same goes for all you kind souls who purchased art work. Those who can't make the evening, we will raise a toast to you. We will contact you directly by email next time to sort out choosing and delivery of art work. THANKS AGAIN..all the best Jim & Annie...here's to an Indian Summer!

Getting there!

Well chaps it's the final countdown...last paintings, sorting posters, PR, stenciling etc. Rounding up volunteers this weekend to paint the gallery white..exciting time. Working closely with COPE. We are mindful of getting rewards sorted out for you kind patrons, so once the show is finished, and before that for those who requested vouchers, we will sort the rewards. Once again, keep Friday 4th Sept in your diaries..pre-opening drinks reception from 5pm to 6pm (you can bring a friend!)..show open 6pm to 8pm for general public. Happy Weekend.

Full Steam Ahead

Thank you all sincerely for helping us to get to this stage, and for helping us reach our target. The mini catalogues arrived today, and are looking swell (went all the way to Kerry to proof them!). Working closely with COPE to help maximise impact of show for them. Student's work has been framed and looks great. We received the list of funders and rewards requested today, so will be working on them in tandem with progressing the exhibition. We will be in touch in due course. See you on September 4th 5pm-6pm preview, for those who can make it! THANKS and here's to some sunshine!!

Art School Student's Show - Gallery B

The last of the Art School's classes finish up this week, and students are putting finishing touches to work to be exhibited in the show. Then its off to the framers for framing. The work of approximately 35-40 students will be hanging in the gallery.

All steam ahead and a MILLION thanks to those who have committed so far.

Had a very successful meeting with the charity COPE Galway today, and visited the gallery space with them to discuss the show, private view evening, and how we go about maximising the impact of the show for the Charity. We are delighted and amazed with people's enthusiasm and support so far, and are hopeful of reaching our target. For those wondering how an exhibition can cost that amount it breaks down approx as 1k for catalogue (printing is expensive), a few hundred for public liability, money for text stenciling on walls, poster printing, a few hundred for framing, running costs for the space, and money for refreshments on launch evening. It all adds up pretty quickly. Cheers again, and fingers crossed for reaching our target. Thank You Sincerely.

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