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Aughty - Film and Publication

By Tom Flanagan & Megs Morley


The design of Aughty the book and DVD is nearly complete, and we need your support to produce and print it!

The Publication:
We have been working with the designers Padraig Cunningham and Linda Shevlin of Pure Designs to produce a beautiful 96 page, 168mm x 230mm, limited edition, full-colour publication.

The book design is almost complete and contains original photographic work undertaken by the artists Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley during the 18 months of filming the documentary ‘Aughty’. Also inset in the publication is the DVD of the feature length documentary 'Aughty'.

The book also features a foreword from the artists, a commissioned essay by Deirdre O’Mahony PhD, and poetry by Dermot Moran.

Essentially by supporting this project you are buying the book and DVD in advance but with a range of special rewards!

To view a sample of the publication click here.

The Film:
Over a period of 18 months, the artists explored the remote Aughty mountain region, its hinterlands and people, a vast and unique geographical area that spans East Galway and East Clare in the West of Ireland. 'Aughty' captures a moment in time through the ordinary lives and traditions of Irish people in community, culture and resistance. In a landscape and population that is changing rapidly, where local schools are closing, turf cutting has been outlawed and environmental issues are pressing, the film observes and explores the daily lives and issues facing these small rural communities in the face of an ever-changing landscape.

'Aughty' is a non-narrative approach to documentary, interweaving scenes of extraordinary beauty with scenes depicting everyday moments and customs alongside experimental sequences. The film is constructed as an “arrangement of incidents” alluding to a more fragmented narrative experience whereby meaning is constructed through the observation and interpretation of the encounter of place and journey, recording the incidental moments, actions and gestures encountered.

Set against the stark and beautiful landscape of the Sliabh Aughty mountains, ‘Aughty’ leads us on an intimate and poetic journey into rural Ireland capturing the complex relationship between the place, the landscape and the people at a pinnacle moment in rural society.

The film also features original music from alternative Galway band Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon, (Aaron Hurley & Scott McLaughlin), original piano scores by young Galway musician Caoimhe Morley, alongside multiple traditional music scores by local musicians.

'Aughty' the film was a part of ‘Aughty Public Art Projects’, Curated by Dr Aine Phillips, supported by Galway County Council Arts Office, The Arts Council of Ireland, Clare County Council Arts Office, the Ground Up Artists Collective and aughty.org. For more information go to aughtyprojects.blogspot.ie

A huge thank you to the communities and individuals who took part in the making of the film without whose help and generosity the film would not have been possible. The film has been screened in multiple international film and contemporary art festivals with further dates to be announced.


Tom Flanagan & Megs Morley



Success !!

We did it , thanks to you.! Amazing support , we promise to put our heart and soul into making this an amazing product. Thanks again to all our supporters. Tom & Megs

Nearly half way!

Thank you so much to everyone that has funded the project so far! We still have over half way to go to reach our target though! So please share the link and encourage your friends to support the project so that we can bring the production of this gorgeous book and DVD into reality!

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