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Aul Eire Magazine First Edition

By Steven Crane


"Aul Eire" magazine is a satirical magazine which focuses its lens on Irish culture. At least that was the intention. What actually transpired is a frightening delve into the minds of a bloke and his cohort who have long since passed beyond the fringe. To gain a proper insight one must hold a physical, tangible copy, to bear witness to this bare bum of a publication. 

"Aul Eire" started with an interest in mid-century travel and souvenir postcards. I wanted to take these aesthetics and add a little bit of humour, and it all took off from there. Now they can be found in multiple locations all around the world! But mostly the Donegal area...specifically Letterkenny...where they come from...

The next logical step, obviously, is to tackle the world of print media.

For now the magazine is a one off, but I hope that once it is realised and physical, it may encourage more people to contribute to future issues, and who knows, it may even grow to become a regular thing! 

All funds raised will go towards the printing costs for the magazine and subsequent rewards. i.e printing of postcards, posters and other merchandise. I hope to have a first run of 100 copies, which will cost €500+, if I reach my €500 target, I can make up the rest. 

I hope to feature "Aul Eire" in an end of semester exhibition, as this is a college design project, and the cost of printing this first run is more than I can put forward up front in that limited time.

Thank you for taking the time to indulge me and my dreams of entering the print game! Any and all contributions are, of course, greatly appreciated, but even the interest shown in the whole "Aul Eire" venture has a value beyond words, for which I am hugely grateful. Thank You