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Authentic Claddagh thatched cottage

By Claddagh Arts Centre


Hello prospective funders!

We are Claddagh Arts Centre and we have ambitious plans to build a thatched cottage in the historic Claddagh village. All of the old cottages of Claddagh were destroyed and we want to show people what they looked like over 100 years ago. Our cottage will be completely authentic, from the thatched roof to the doors, the fireplace and the lack of modern amenities such as built in kitchens, etc. It will be somewhere for descendants of the Claddagh people to go to learn about their heritage and for tourists to see what the old village was like before all of the fishermens' cottages were demolished in the 1930s to make way for modern living.

This cottage will complement our existing arts centre on site and the cottage gardens around it and will house a museum. It will not only have historic significance but will be the perfect spot to spend an afternoon with a cup of tea and a scone (only traditional Irish here). We will also have the cottage available for community events such as traditional music nights, Irish language classes, charity or other events.

We are very passionate about building the cottage and have already put in over a year of preparation to get through the long planning permission process and to create a design that is truly reminiscent of the old Claddagh style.

The walls will be built with local stone that we have already sourced and built with lime mortar. We have even sourced some stone from an original thatched Claddagh cottage and we will be building the fireplace with this. The roof shall consist of bog oak rafters, cross members of hazel and willow topped with bog scraw and finished in wheaten straw thatch. The walls will be white washed and the floor will be of local flagstone. The windows will be old style timber sash windows and front and back door will be half doors.

We have huge community support and we are certain that this project can also only add to Galway's bid for capital of culture 2020 and its reputation as a hub for history and the arts.

We have currently not received a single cent of funding by way of grants etc. for the work we have already done in getting the centre up and running and handcrafting some magnificent pieces of bog oak, stone and much more (some of which can be seen in the Galway 2020 offices on Augustine street).
The money raised would go largely towards:
- The thatch for the roof + labour: €10,000
- The stone needed to build the cottage itself: €5,000
- Stonemason labour costs: €12,000
- Fitting out of the cottage: €6,000
- Marketing and opening night: €5,000
- Windows, doors and miscellaneous: €6,000

€20,000 will not covered the whole cost, especially after what has already been invested in planning applications, the need to tear up part of our garden to make space, etc. but it would be a huge help.

Please, we urge you to help us in this dream and every cent is appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Fund it page!

Cathriona and the team from Claddagh Arts Centre



Turning of the sod

The turning of the sod on the build was done on October 1st to great local support. Kay Conroy, who has been campaigning for a Claddagh cottage since 1968 dug the first shovel to ceremoniously start the build. The king of the claddagh and local councillor catherine connolly also said a few words. Actual building work starts on Wednesday 14th of October.

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