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BabyBe Festival 2018-Identity&Diversity

By BabyBe Festival 2018- Identity&Diversity


BabyBe Festival it's a series of free artistic and cultural community events for families. They are intended to take place in the public parks of Dublin 8. 

We are a group of art loving individuals who would like to share their enthusiasm with the youngest members of our society. A group of neighbours involved in different artistic disciplines and strongly interested in helping all children to enjoy equal access to quality cultural and artistic experiences. 
We started in April 2017 with an indoor event that took place in Dublin Food Co op. It was a day packed with activities and entertainment for children. Among members of our team there are storytellers, graphic designers, illustrators, art promotors, architect, actors, musicians etc. You will find more information at www.babybefestival.info

or www.facebook.com/BabyBeFestival2018

This year we would like to introduce the theme of Identity & Diversity to children using different artistic languages.
- 23rd September 2018 in Oscar Square "Play Different, Play Together" : we are planning introduce to the audience outdoor games played in different corners of the world using artistic languages like circus, dance and music.
- 2nd December 2018 Weaver Park (starting point): we are planning to stage an itinerant performance, a modern satiric tale written by our storyteller Jorge Gonzales. It's a history of a travel, a parable, during which the main protagonist explores the topic of mental challenges in life. All presented in a colourful and playful way through theatre, puppet show, storytelling, shadow theatre, music, dance and meditation. It will be accompanied by life illustration by our artist Emilia Tashchieva.

For her artwork please check the following link: www.facebook.com/611art/

Outdoor events require some unavoidable fixed costs.
Estimated budget for one of our events will be: €5,000.00 which roughly will comprise:

Insurances: €1,600.00
Tents/Marquees: €1,400.00
Artists: €900.00
Sound equipment & mobile generator: €500.00
Facilities: €600.00


This project is for all of us, for our children and their friends.

It's for our community. 

The major risks and challenges that we envisage are:
Artistic: collaboration and coordination of artists and their performances,
Logistic: preparation of space, setting up well designed location and facilities with special focus on safety. Being ready for unexpected (e.g. bad weather). In order to address the above we are implementing a number of useful tools: risk assessment, event safety plan, management plan, etc.

We are determined to deliver events for children and adults that will be attractive, entertaining and engaging. Also the events should be safe and environmentally friendly. We want to make our festival free of charge so that every child and every family can come and enjoy. To achieve all the above we need some financial help. We received already a small contribution from Dublin City Council South Central Area. We have also applied for funding from other public bodies.

Dear funder Thank you very much for having spent time reading about our project. We would be extremely grateful for any financial support.
We will work hard in order to deliver the best possible artistic event for children.
We will be delighted to see you there.