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Ballet Átha Cliath

By Howard Jones


I hope to create something that will introduce a new audience to classical dance and hopefully excite the existing lovers and patrons of ballet. Dublin has such a rich history of music, dance and performance, and ballet has as much a place within that history as any medium of expression. In partnership with choreographer Zoë Ashe-Browne I wish to create a short film showcasing original ballet, shot outdoors as a visual love letter to Dublin City. Cloud Castle Lake will compose an original score.

I want to use narrative ballet to tell a story about, and set in, a cross section of Dublin locations. Sites of modern development such as Grand Canal Dock, iconic landmarks like the Poolbeg chimneys and neglected examples of urban decay. I want to situate dance in a city affected by financial flux. I've enlisted the help of as many young, Irish, creative talents as I could. People who grew up during the boom and the recession, people who saw Dublin change during this time.

Zoë is a professional ballerina with Ballett Vorpommern in Germany, she is a graduate of English National Ballet. Recently she was awarded funding by the Arts Council of Ireland to choreograph her own piece of narrative ballet inspired by the working relationship of Dame Ninette de Valois and WB Yeats.

I'm a Film Studies graduate from Trinity and have, for the last few years, worked in camera departments on feature films, TV dramas like "Charlie" and "Vikings", to commercials and corporate shorts.

Cloud Castle Lake or Dan, Brendan and Rory to their mums and dads are an incredible Irish band. They've recently toured their latest EP Dandelion all across the UK and Ireland. They played the iconic church on this years Other Voices.

I feel very passionately about this project, for over a year now I've been coordinating with everyone involved to make sure I've got all the talent and resources in place. Zoë in Germany, the Cloud Castle Lake boys and their record label Happy Valley Records in London, ballet dancers from Ireland, England, Belgium and Germany have all shown incredible enthusiasm and commitment to getting this off the ground.

With all the necessary ducks in a row, the hardest part is finance, I wish I had the money to fund this film myself, sadly that is not the case.

I believe anyone who works, if their endeavours are creative or otherwise should be paid to do so. All funds raised will cover the following:

The rental of camera and lighting equipment
The composition and recording of the soundtrack
We need to fly some of our lovely dancers home
Rehearsal space
Crew and cast need to be fed and watered for a 2 day shoot
Post production costs
Insurance and all the boring but necessary admin. costs

We need help.

I've tried to make a worthy and exciting list of rewards.

Have a peek and give generously...if that's cool with you...

Thanks for listening



WEBSITE launch

Hope you have managed to ease into your respective Monday mornings.
You may or may not remember the film I directed and produced about a year ago, Ballet Átha Cliath. Most of you funded the project, every one of you aided its creation and supported me in one way or another, for that I want to thank you. 

Over the last 6 months or so, the film was screened at the Sugar Club with a live performance of the score and some new material by Cloud Castle Lake. Davy Keogh was kind enough to come along and warm up the unexpectedly large crowd. It was a huge success and I will never forget it. That was soon followed by three screenings across Dublin in Dance House, in the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and in the Whale Theatre, Greystones as part of Culture Night.

From Monday the film will be free and available to watch online at balletathacliath.com, a beautiful website created by designer Jocelyn Murray-Boyne. I would like to ask each of you, if you would, to lend a hand once more to the promotion and circulation of my little film. I want to try and reach as wide an audience as possible. I firmly believe that there is an appetite for ballet in Dublin, in Ireland and beyond. Ballet Átha Cliath is my visual love letter to Dublin City. Come for the scenery, out of curiosity, support the arts, stay for Philip Blakes wonderful cinematography, Zoë Ashe-Browne's uniquely beautiful choreography, the stunning talent of dancers Zoë, Dominic Harrison, Nancy Osbaldeston, Nathan Cornwell, Emma Lister and Chris Furlong, for Cloud Castle Lake's breathtaking score and for the tireless work behind the scenes by editor John Cutler.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, queries or, better yet, ideas you may have about sharing our film with anyone and everyone who wants to see it.

Most importantly, watch, share and enjoy!

Thanks for listening. Enjoy your week.

Howard Jones & the Ballet Átha Cliath Team



Good Morning!!! Time spent in creation is not always indicative of quality.........BUT 2 years later and you are all finally invited to share in the premiere screening of Ballet Átha Cliath featuring a live performance of the score from Cloud Castle Lake. The screening will take place on the 16th of August in the Sugar Club, doors are 19:30. Davy Keogh will be providing some music to open the show, after the film and live performance, Cloud Castle Lake will also be sticking around and playing some new material for the first time in Dublin since their performance at this years SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. If you have not already received an email invite please follow the below link to the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1031569920311250/?acontext={"ref":"29","ref_notif_type":"plan_user_joined","action_history":"null"}¬if_t=plan_user_joined¬if_id=1500630947478436 For the last time, or at least until I get a chance to say it in person, thank you all so much for your support and generosity. I look forward to seeing you all at the screening. Howard and the Ballet Átha Cliath Team


Good Afternoon All! I hope you are enjoying the advent of Summer at long last. After a long hiatus, it's high time you were caught up on all the recent developments in the world of Ballet Átha Cliath. Flights have been booked, key crew hired and dates have been set. The phenomenal combined talent of Nancy Osbaldeston, Nathan Cornwell, Emma Lister, Chris Furlong, Zoe Ashe-Browne and Dominic Harrison land on Irish soil to shoot on the 7th and 8Th of August! Philip Blake has signed on as our Director of Photography and we are very excited to add his excellence to our arsenal. You can check out some of Phil's stunning work at his site http://www.philipblakedop.com/ Fresh off MGM and Hulu's television pilot 'Dawn" we welcome Producer Ailise James. We are very lucky to have someone with her level of experience and financial wizardry to keep us in check. Zoe and the rest of the dancers are working tirelessly abroad to complete and fine tune the choreography by the end of this month. At which point myself and Philip will begin storyboarding and shot listing at each location. Once again, I cannot help but thank each and every one of you who have supported us since this project's inception. Without your help, none of this would be possible. Enjoy the weekend! Howard and the BAC Team


This is long overdue but Fundit have a policy whereby your account is frozen while they tally up the raised money and report on any payments that may have been rejected (thank God, that bullet was dodged!) THANK YOU. One and all, for every penny donated, every bit of support and every vote of confidence in myself, Zoe and the project as a whole, a thousand times, thank you. You really cannot understand the gratitude I feel having succeeded in getting this project off the ground through a medium I never wanted to pursue. Crowdfunding was our last resort, I tried and tried, and was willing to fight tooth and nail for a sliver of government funding. The last thing I ever wanted to do was pass the hat and call upon my friends, family and complete strangers urging them to part with their hard earned sheckles. Having said that, from the first few euros pledged to the thousands we have ultimately raised, every day, I was buoyed by a sense of humble satisfaction. I know Zoe feels the same. We only had the courage to talk to eachother and acknowledge the fact that we would hit our target maybe three days before the deadline. You all believe in this project and that means the world to us. I can't thank you enough, all we can do is offer you tokens of appreciation in the guise of rewards which you will have received emails regarding. We can do our best to make "Ballet Átha Cliath" as good as it deserves to be...but that's a given. We have a responsibility to the project and to you now, you have assured high standards. The hardest part is still ahead of us, and over the coming months we will keep you updated as to our slow and steady progress. Please bear with us, this will take time, good things usually do. Thanks again. Talk soon, Howard, Zoe and the "Ballet Átha Cliath" team.

Last Week!! - IMAGE.ie

After last weeks article on Totally Dublin's website I am delighted to say that we had our most successful single day of funding to date!! For that I say thank you. Thank you all so much. To have this much support is worth the sleepless nights (almost) as we head into our last week on fundit.ie! I've been told that some people are unaware as to the terrifying fine print that comes with conducting a campaign on fundit. Should we end up even one single euro shy of our target by the time this Sunday rolls around, every cent of every pledge will be returned to each of you and we get nothing! With that in mind, have a read of Zoe's interview this week with IMAGE.ie http://image.ie/life/article/we-chat-to-irish-ballerina-zoe-ashe-browne/ As always, please share it or email the fundit page and the article as to anyone you think may be interested in supporting us. Thanks so much for all your support. Howard & the Ballet Atha Cliath team

Last Push - Totally Dublin

With only 10 days to go I just want to thank everyone who has been generous enough to donate some cash to the project thus far. Be it hard earned, ill gotten or money you may not even have, I appreciate it so much, it's humbling to know I've so much support. In other news Totally Dublin were nice enough to have a chat with me this week about "Ballet Atha Cliath". Have a gander and feel free to send it on to anyone you think may be interested in getting behind the project. http://totallydublin.ie/arts-culture/arts-culture-features/dancing-about-architecture-ballet-atha-cliath/ Thank you all, Enjoy your respective Fridays! H

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