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'Be Good or Be Gone' feature film

By Skiddadle Films


The Film

'Be Good or Be Gone' is a feature length dramatic comedy. It touches upon the themes of love and redemption, and also family and friendships. The film is the story of Ste and Weed who are granted four days release from prison. Ste wants to stay out of trouble and prove to his girlfriend, Dee that he can be a father to their six year old daughter. Weed wants to conquer the world of high fashion but due to the fact that he is an active heroin user other priorities get in the way of him achieving his goal. The cast and production team is blessed with proven legendary industry professionals alongside up and coming names currently on the scene. The film to date has been entirely self funded. Feedback received from industry professionals has encouraged the team to persevere.

Cathal Nally directs his first feature after a string of successful shorts. Les Martin co-wrote the script with Paul Murphy adding writing to his successful acting career in the theatre and on tv. Stephen Walsh (DOP) and Simon Murphy (Sound) head an up and coming crew. Leading the cast with Les Martin is Declan Mills who has previously worked with Amy Adams and George Clooney. The rest of the cast boasts seasoned performers like Ruth Hegarty (Fair City) alongside newcomers Alan Sherlock and Graham Early. 'Be Good or Be Gone' sees the debut of rising comedy star Enya Martin.

Les Martin, Cathal Nally and Larry Lowry have privately funded the project so far and have secured the first half of post production costs. We are about to enter the final phase of post production and want to maintain the high quality of work that the project has been blessed with so far. Many talented professionals have happily given their time and expertise to making this film happen because they believe in it and its potential.

The Future

The money raised will go directly towards a professional colour grade (45%) and sound edit (45%). For example this will bring the video promo footage above of 'Be Good or Be Gone' up to cinema standard. Our target deadline is in July and the Galway International Film Festival. This will be the first festival that will act as a platform for the launch of the film at home and abroad. The balance (10%) will pay for submission costs to the major festivals.

After we get some reviews we will begin the distribution process. After the comprehensive international festival and film market strategy has been executed, we will have the choice to self distribute the film, through companies like Distribber, and reach online platforms.

Good will, great skill and hard work have taken us here to you now. Come with us. Even if you are not in a position to pledge, we would be very grateful if you could share this Fund it page with all of your contacts.

See you in the credits,

Best wishes, Skiddadle Films.







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