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BeautifulPeople/BeautifulPlace Photobook

By Micheál Rowsome


This book is 450+ pages of photos, with some writing (in English and Irish) and original artwork too.
It is a culmination of several years of documentation (10s of 1000s of photos over 7 years). It is intended as a celebration, love letter, historical document, look at Irish life, store of memory, journal, way of living, toilet companion and, medium of expression.
The series of images include portraits of people, shots of landscape and built environment, moments and events from around my hometown. And while it does focus on one particular place, I feel the themes that make up the book, are common and relatable to the wider world. I have had a few photo exhibitions of this work, since 2011, along with several painting/art shows and performances. I see this project as a continuation of the storytelling and expression that make up my art work.

The book is being launched in Newcastle West, Co.Limerck on Irish Culture Night, 21st September 2018… my 35th birthday! Let's celebrate together!

All the money raised here goes to the final printing process and delivery of rewards, with the other production work to this point having been done by me.

The book: 450+ pages of high quality full colour, HSC certified 170g silk paper, with 350g card covers. It is almost A4 in size.
The quote is for €9,395. (May vary slightly with final specifications).

I have already secured some private funding so I am asking for €6500 in this campaign ( €6000 for printing, €325 for 5% Fund it commission, €175 for rewards delievery.)

This, my first full photobook, is in it’s final design stages before printing in late August (That process will take a week or so). There are only some final finishing touches to make (And I might add a little magic stardust!). The launch date of September 21st is coming on fast so it will be an exciting and busy few months ahead. I can't wait to share with you the finished product.

Creating such a publication is a new adventure for me and I am excited to invite you to be a part of the process. Already so many people, through their participation with the photos, have helped make up this project. I extend that invitation to you. So pledge your support here, be a part of the book, and enjoy the wonderful rewards!

Thanks for reading about the project.

For more information check out... 




A big thank you to all the people who have been so supportive & encouraging of my art. I am grateful for this opportunity to share this work with you… allowing you to help create it & enjoy it.
Go raibh maith agat.




Delivery of rewards


it has been far too long since I have been in contact with everyone. I hope this finds you all well in the run up to Christmas.

I am getting around to emailing people individually, organising the delievery of the projects. Some of you would not have heard from me yet. Trust that I am working on it and that your rewards will be with you soon. (Better late than never, right!? -  I say with a grimaced face.)

Ugh, it does feel awful having been so slow to make very little progress with delievering rewards or even being in contact with you, the funders. Apologies for that. I am sorry, especially if this upsets your plans.. I can't even give a clear cut reason as for the delay. I am learning that the delievery of the rewards is a whole big process in itself.

If any of you want to contact me directly regarding the urgent need for the delievery of the reward or other questions, please email me at foxyrobber@gmail.com. I can do my best to get things moving as quickly as I can.

The book has been selling in local shops and people have been really enjoying it. I am very glad the book is taking on a story of it's own, away from me and the computer. You have helped to bring it to life.

I will be writing to people individually over the coming week to organise rewards. Thanks for bearing with me on this.

Best wishes,


Rollercoaster ride

Hello everyone,


here is a little update to what has been going on with me and the book.


On the 21st September, the book arrived at lunchtime, just a few hours before the launch. My nerves were shot from the previous few weeks/months lead up to this moment. I was delighted that the books had arrived and then to open the wrapping and see that the book had come out really well. The production was spot on. YES!!! I was overjoyed as I couldn't know how things would be until the final product was in my hands. Maybe too, it was because it was the first time I had done this. It was all unknown. The first good sign, was that my dad shrugged me out of the way as he flicked through the book. He didn't want to hadn't it over. And a half an hour later he hadn't moved, still scanning through the pages.


The launch then went really well. There was a big crowd and I think people enjoyed themselves.

I must thank members of the Newcastle West Arts Committee who helped me so much with preparation and running the event. Without them, it would have not happened. I am very grateful.


And the books have been selling and getting out to the community and people have been really interested in the project. It is still hard to fully grasp it. The books are available in local shops in Newcastle West and I am looking into options to see where else they can go.


For now, I’ll send this quick word to let people know that I will be in contact individually about getting your rewards to you. Bear with me at the moment as I get myself in order… but don’t worry. I have not forgotten about you all, far from it.


I have been heartened by peoples interest in the project and their desire to see the book.


I hope you this finds you well,



Here are two photos of when the book arrived and I finally got my hands on it.

And then there is a little snap of the launch at the Red Door Gallery.

The last mile of the marathon

Hello good people, 

This is it. The last leg of the marathon. 

Since I updated everyone last, it has been such a busy time. The target of €6,500 was reached - which has been an incredible result, one that I found difficult to believe possible before this fundit campaign was set up. A massive thank you to everyone who supported the project. It has been a transformative experience. 


I have been slow to respond because I have been away lately - on a rather special cruise that somehow seemingly had stops on a tropical island and Paris! (See pictures below) I got a great deal for, it just so happens, €6,500. I said I had to jump at the offer. 






No no no, only joking.

All my available energy and attention was taken up finishing the book to send it off to the printers. It was a massive task, with so many edits and re edits - one that I had underestimated - to get all the names correct, format the type and spelling properly down to the last full stop, ensure every photograph is laid out in the right way, and work on the writing with Irish and English texts. How do people make these books!?! I was wrecked from it and I am still only coming around. There was some all nighters and all day stints too. 

I had some wonderful help from friends with the layout and design and also with the translations. Without them, the book would not be what it is.


Since the book has been at the printers I have been busy mustering my energy and getting photos ready to exhibit in the gallery space where the book is launching. I hope that people from the community can come into the space over the next few weeks and engage with the project.


The book launch is on at 7.30pm this Friday 21st September 2018 in the Red Door Gallery, The Square, Newcastle West. You are all welcome to attend although I know some of you are far over seas. Soon enough your rewards will be winging their way to you. On the night there will be some refreshments and music from a wonderful musician and dear friend Paul Dunworth.


Prior to the book launch there is another art event happening. A local artist, Marian Sugrue, created a wonderful public mural. This is being opened at 7pm at the Mass Steps on Maiden St., Newcastle West. Again, you are all invited to attend this event.


As for the book, well, I am yet to see it in print form. It is still to be delivered but I am assured that it will be with me by Friday. I had hoped to share some sneak peaks with you all but that will wait for another few days. My nerves have been wracked not having the physical copy in my hands - it’s hard to believe that is real just yet. Ahhhhh, it is too tight for my comfort. I certainly pushed it to the wire with this one. If you could see my face! (Actually I might include a photo)



So for now, I will continue to hang up photos and prepare for the launch. I am looking forward to sharing the book and rewards with you.






Edging closer (With great speed and enthusiasm!)

Hello dear people,


It’s less than a week left in the campaign and it’s at 85% (with more waiting to be lodged). That means less than €1000 is required to secure the fund. Incredible. Do-creidte! I believe it will happen. A bit like Limerick Hurling Team. We can get over the line!!! woohoooo!

Experiencing peoples generosity has been really powerful. No matter what happens, so far this campaign has been more than just about money. 

It has been about trusting, opening up to all sorts, making and sharing, letting go, visualising, moving past the fear. And yes, it has been about the money too! 


So for the funders already… Thank you. There have been some huge gestures of support from people and groups. I am humbled and encouraged.

I can’t wait to share the rewards in the coming months.


It has been a busy few weeks. Doing “work” work. And when I can, doing “photo editing work” which can be slow at times. The book is growing and blossoming it seems. I have unearthed forgotten about photos (Hidden away in files on the hard drive) for which I am delighted because they add more precious moments to share. I have also received some golden advice on design and it’s helping me make final decisions. 


There has been great coverage of the project in the media. Just today I had a lovely interview on West Limerick 102fm Community Radio with Seamus Hogan. On Saturday I was on the popular Limerick Live 95fm show “In the County” with Trevor Anderson. And last week, on the local county newspaper - The Limerick Leader, I was given 3 pages (including the front page of the Culture + Sport section) to showcase the project and spread the word. I am very grateful for these opportunities.

It has also been a real learning process to be putting my self and my work out there more. Being more forward and looking for attention, has in a way, been an affirmation for the people who have already supported the project. I know I have to put in the work, to spread the word and bring in the funds, to roll it over the line and make the most of everyones support. In a way, it’s not just for me. It’s for all of us.

It reminds me of the Irish saying, “Seachain tú fhéin”. It can be interpreted as “Avoid yourself”, or in other words, “get out of your own way”. So I shall do my best to keep on this path. 


I’ll share with you now a sneak peak of the “more than likely" front cover… I can be as changeable as the Irish weather when it comes to design! I have resisted going mad on colours and with guidance have gone for an understated design. Really, it’s the photos that need to be shown and for some time, this photo of Mrs. Collory has been in my vision as the cover.

Mrs. Collory was kind enough to allow me to take her photo in my mums hairdressing salon, although she seemed a little perplexed as to why I would want to do so. Nonetheless she sat and thankfully I was there. When I took it, I was just blown away by how it came out.

A little while after, she asked me for the photograph. I printed it, gave it to her and she was so grateful. She became very emotional and explained that no one has ever really spent the time to take her photo in this way. I was gobsmacked. I hadn't considered something like that. Instead of feeling like a bit of burden to get people to stop and be photographed, now I could see how this project could be a real blessing. An honouring of the person. And in the age of so many photos and selfies… still the simple act of taking time, taking a photo, and sharing it…can be a gift to people. 


And for those considering pledging support… here is a reminder that there are 5 days left to do so. The deadline is Tuesday August 28th at 4pm Irish time. 

You are welcome to become part of the project and you won’t regret it.




Beannachtaí (Blessings),



2 weeks left!!!

Hello everyone.

Wow, I am blown away by the support from so many people. It is truly humbling and encouraging! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous donations and support. It feels great to be sharing the project with people.

One of the most amazing feelings over these past 2 weeks has been the feeling of letting go - letting go of the fear of failure, of no funding, of looking like an absolute tool, of fallign flat on my face. Once the campaign went live, this feeling of surrender came upon me. It's like I looked the boogey man in the eyes and all of a sudden he wasn't there. Now, that said, it does help that the fund has been steadily rising -  I am not sure I'd be so calm if it wasn't! haa! But whatever happens I am (RE)learning the power and joy that comes from sharing art in a freer way, with trust and faith.

It feels good to be putting the final touches on the book. It'll be ready for print at the start of September. The more I look closely, the more little bits of work that seem to appear! It's getting closer to 500 pages... Did I say I am terrible at editing!? I just keep wanting to share more images while I have the chance.

Here, I am including a photo from the book. It is of my grandparents... My dad with his parents on the left (Across the road from where I live). My mum's parents (on holiday in London) on the right.  Seeing photos like this as a youngster really impacted me and definitely pushed me in the direction of where I am today. I find them awe inspiring really...to be transported to another time. to be filled with so many stories, to be left with so many questions...all by simple photographs.

Maybe in years to come, this book might have a similar impact for someone!? Who knows!? I hope so.


Thanks again for the support!



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