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Bedlam Suitcase - The Fourth Wall.

By Bedlam Suitcase


The band Bedlam Suitcase blossomed from a vibrant music and arts scene in North West Ireland. A spoken word and music club (The Steampunk Club) brought together Tara Baoth Mooney (voice and songwriter of ‘Shadow’ in Jim Henson’s Bear in the Big Blue House); Pádraig Meehan (Those Nervous Animals) and Tom Jamieson, ex Auto Da Fe. The band spent three years writing and recording. 'The Fourth Wall' is the first output from this collective; showing an eclectic mix of influences. The lyrics, with metaphors of love and loss, offer commentary on personal experiences and on our tense and rapidly-changing world.

The Fourth Wall is a selection of 11 of our most loved pieces. It will be released on CD, 180 gram vinyl and digital download. We are inviting you to become part of the creative process by buying the music in advance to enable us to complete the album. In return, you have the opportunity to get a hot-off-the-press copy, some printed hand drawn illustrations, stickers and lots of love....We will get them to you by post within 12 weeks or in person at our gigs... WHOOP WHOOP - we cannot wait to bring you this music.

Tara, Padraig and Tom all played with previous bands and have extensive experience of writing, recording and performing. Numerous contributors grace this record. ‘The Fourth Wall’, is produced by and features Dubliner Gerry Leonard, known for his work with David Bowie.  Steve Wickham, Anna and Ciaran Houston, and Austin McManus provide the string section. Other contributors include Paul Bryan, Eddie Lee, Barry Brennan, Seanan Brennan, Claudia Schwab, Ciaran Wilde, Milo Cummins, Luke Devaney, Nicola McEvilly, Cathal Roche, Izumi Kimura, and Rian Trench.

If we raise €5,000, it will cover the cost of:

CD manufacturing €660

Vinly manufacturing €2,200

Album and sleeve design €500

Mastering for vinyl and CD €895

Logistics for Launch Gig/Island gig €345

Fund it fees €400

We recorded this album in multiple locations, from bedrooms to broom closets to actual studio spaces. We have funded everything so far from our own savings and some private donations. We just need to pay for the mastering, cutting and pressing of the vinyl and the CD manufacture (plus artwork and printing) and we are hoping that patrons will purchase a CD or vinyl (180 gram heavyweight pressing, limited edition) to enable this to happen.

If we are successful with reaching our Fund it target, we will have the physical album in our paws ready to distribute and sell to anyone that wants to have our music in their world. We will launch our album officially in February 2020 at the Sugar Club...see you there.

We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to all of you that have supported and encouraged us this far. To our future funders we say another Thank You for your support and belief in this work. This album is coming soon.