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Been Insane 7" single

By Dirty Steve


Hi, my name is Stephen Mahon, I am bass player and songwriter based in Waterford, Ireland, Over the course of the past twenty years I have played with various bands, released albums and singles as a group effort with bands such as Shane Barry and The Distractions, Dirty 10to1 and Band of Clouds, This will be the first time I have tried to release something myself independantly, 

The current project is a John Frusciante cover that was recorded by myself (Stephen Mahon) with the help of some friends from around the world, My hope is to release the track as a seven inch single along with another track on the second side of the vinyl, 

If  the project is successful the funds will go towards the production of 250 gatefold sleeve 7" vinyl, I have spoken with Disc Manufacturing Services Limited based in the UK about production of the vinyl and have received the quote from them, they estimate after funds are received at their end it would take approximately 6 weeks to manufacture the vinyl and ship to my address in Ireland http://www.discmanufacturingservices.com 

Also the single I am planning on releasing is a cover of a John Frusciante song who is a past member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, I am heavily involved with the online Red Hot Chili Peppers fan community and I admin a fan page on Facebook, Red Hot Chili Peppers Collectors Page which has over 4,000 followers at present and I also run a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan website www.aradiojoe.com which specialises in Chili Peppers fan video projects which we produce DVDs for, we are now hoping to add vinyl singles to our website, 

This project has been made a reality thanks to the contributions of many friends,

Stephen Mahon -Guitar, Bass and Keyboards,

Shane Elliott and John Murry vocals,

Beats by Lunacybot,

Recorded by John Haggis at Granny it's okay to experiment,

Treated by John Leech,

Mastered by Micko Roche,

Front cover artwork by Valentina Robledo,

Back cover photo by Daria Bogdan

Centre gatefold photos by Valentina Maurino



Niandra Tribute ep update

Hey folks, thanks again for your patience as we put the finishing touches to our little ep, I'm delighted that so many agreed to collaborate on this project, when we started out it was going to be two versions of Been Insane on both sides of the vinyl which is now not the case, The ep will now feature four cover versions from the John Frusciante album Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T Shirt, we are going to release this as Niandra Tribute ep, the running order will look like this, Side A Been Insane by Stevie M Curtains by Lucas Maniezo Side B Skin Blues by Lunacybot Untitled #6 by Dean Walsh The finishing touches are being put on Untitled #6 now and we should have the finished version in the next week or so, CD and vinyl production will begin then, Again I thank you for your patience and I promise it will be the wait, Stevie ☺️

Project Update

First of all thank you for your patience as we get this project completed, we are definitely adding an additional track to the project which will make it a four track EP instead of a single, Side A will include Been Insane single mix and also an instrumental demo of Been Insane, Side B will include Skin Blues by Lunacybot and also Untitled #6 which is being recorded by Dean Walsh as I type, All artwork has been finalised, production of the CD sleeves has already commenced, once Untitled #6 is finished it will just need to be mastered which shouldn't take too long, All artwork and music will then be forwarded to the record plant in the UK to begin production of the vinyl, Postcard artwork has also been finished courtesy of Randy Mitchell and its looking awesome folks, Again thank you for your patience, we expect to have the finished product in our hands in the not too distance future, Stephen Mahon

Progress Update

Just a quick update folks, we are very close to putting the vinyl in to production, so it is still going to be a little while before we have the finished product, At the moment we are looking at the possibility of putting an extra track on the b side, if that works out it will mean Untitled #6 will also be appearing on the b side alongside Skin Blues, Untitled #6 is currently being looked at by a friend to see if we can include it or not, Also, Randy Mitchell has sent me a first draft look at the postcard artwork and its looking pretty tasty folks, Thanks again to all for your support in this project,

100% with four days to go

I cant believe folks, we just reached 100% with four days to spare, thank you so much to all of you that have supported and funded the project,

Progress Update

Thank you once again to all that supported and funded the project so far, we are currently sitting at 61% of funds raised at the halfway mark in our campaign, leaving three weeks until the project finishes, we can make this target folks I know we can

Progress so far

Three days in to our Fundit campaign and we are almost at 25% raised so far, thank you so much to all that have donated so far, long road ahead but we will get there

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