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Begnet's boats project 2013

By Begnet's Boats


My name is Liz Murray and I'm passionate about connecting people in creative ways. I hope to be the spark which lights this particular creative fire, along with your help. 

I have commissioned Mark Redden, artist and boatbuilder to build 2 racing currachs in Dalkey during the month of May. A currach is much more than the sum of its parts. Each slender piece of wood can easily be snapped in two. A finished currach is a work of art, a light craft which can weather stormy seas. As a metaphor for community it is a tangible reality reminding us that together we can undertake journeys not possible as an individual. We can step outside the safe harbour of our own lives and head out into the creative unknown with its horizonless possibilities. 

Launch day is June the 1st. With fair weather and a favourable tide the boats will be launched from Coliemore harbour and rowed across to Dalkey Island. The month long workshop will strenghten the spiritual and maritime link between the town and the island.

The creative space held by Mark will invite possibilities for people to connect with each other in a new and exciting way. I have invited local primary and secondary schools to use the workshop as a resource for creative work such as art, craft, poetry and music. Even if you cannot drop down to Dalkey, please follow us Facebook and the website as the boats take shape under Mark's craftsmanship.

Simon Dalton has been commissioned to create a unique montage of images to be used throughout the duration of the project. Elaine Flood is creating 12 sea faring recipies for 'St. Begnet's Cookbook'. These will help sustain the crew as they work away! As the wider community gets involved we may even have our own Dalkey wooden boat festival on the June bank holiday weekend!

The finished boats will be donated for the use of young people locally. Please contribute to the project if you can help in any way.