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Bennett Vs Matrix - Moonshine EP release

By Bennett Vs Matrix


We are a Dublin five-piece rock-pop band named Bennett Vs Matrix (BvM for short) after the Arnie Classic "Commando". Our sound mainly consists of a rock grounding with melody driven big chorus' keeping the a solid moderation of Pop on top. We have been composing as a band unit for about 3 years now and 6-7 years as individuals and have been performing for about the same. Having being unsatisfied with previous recordings this time we really want to make something special for ourselves and for our fans who have been patient with us over the years. As such we feel we now have some very good songs to bring to the table for everyone to hear.

The band consists of:
Lisa Farrell - Vocals, Ross Callaghan- Vocals and Guitar, Manus O Lorcain - Lead Guitar, Brian Loughney - Bass and Martin Cullinan - Drums.

Our main influences are rather eclectic ranging from Feeder, Metric, to Brand New, Foreigner and even blink 182. We feel we get a nice incorporation of most of our influences into a nice tidy rock-pop package that always feels new yet comfortable.

As we know many of you often wonder the reason behind the name we thought we'd give it to you in short:
Good Guy = John Matrix...
Bad Guy = Bennett.
Naturally they fight so you know... Bennett Vs Matrix.
Seriously though watch this movie: Commando!!!

So What's Our Goal?
Our intention, with you help, is to record and publish a high quality record. Your backing will provide us with the financial support for our Studio time, Engineer / Producers, Mastering, and CD reproduction. in reward for your donation we are offering great incentives and anything we thought you guys might like that's within our power to do and to help you become a part of the creation of this record.

Why Fund It?
As unsigned artists it can be very difficult for us to really live our dream which is make music. Most gigs we get are unpaid or poorly paid and any financial backing is brought in from our regular jobs (we still need to eat). With Fund:It our fans can help us do exactly what we want to do and in return we can give the fans more by providing plenty of rewards and then the finished record at the end.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this!

If you have any questions for us feel free to email the band at fundit@bennettvsmatrix.com

Bennett Vs Matrix



Moonshine Launch

Dear Commandos, We are finally here. Moonshine has launched on iTunes as of yesterday and can be found here for anyone interested: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/moonshine-ep/id573675147 We also have just received our physical copies and are in the process of signing them and arranging shipments where necessary. If you are part of this reward tier expect to hear from us shortly. If not however the EP will be available for purchase tonight at our Launch in the Mercantile on Dame Street. It would be great to see you there! TICKET REWARDS! Anyone who was in the reward tier for the tickets to the gig you have been guestlisted and anyone with more than one ticket will have a guest assigned to you on the guest list.. We really hope you are enjoying the songs so far and for anyone interested you can download an acoustic version of steps for free here: http://bennettvsmatrix.bandcamp.com/track/steps-acoustic "Let off some steam" Bennett Vs Matrix www.bennettvsmatrix.com

Digital EP Reward

Dear Commandos, Its one week away from our official EP launch. The good news is that we have received all our EP assests back and can finally fulfill your reward of the digital version of Moonshine! For ease of downloads to everyone we have decided to use Bandcamp to distrubute our funders digital EP reward. We choose this as, not only can we list the full EP details and images, it has an easy to use voucher system and gave us the ability to add our full EP artwork in PDF form. We would also like to take this moment to tell you guys again how thankful we are for enabling us to make this record. We really went all out and we think it was really worth it in the end, but don't take our word for it, see the below review: http://www.musicreviewunsigned.com/BennetVSMatrix.html Your download will be from the link below and you will receive your Voucher code by email within the next 24 hours. We really hope you enjoy it and we will keep you up to date throughout the week. http://bennettvsmatrix.bandcamp.com/yum "Let off some steam" Bennett Vs Matrix www.bennettvsmatrix.com

'Snow' Single Released

Dear Commandos! Today marks the launch of our first official single taken from our EP, 'Moonshine'. The track is titled 'Snow' and is now available from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/snow-single/id571068196 We are currently working on getting all digital rewards to you guys and our EP launch is still running on schedule. The official digital launch is the 2nd of November with our official launch gig on the 3rd November . We'll be doing our best to keep in touch with everyone over the next few days about rewards and fulfilment times. Thank you all once again for your support and we hope you won't be let down! "Let off some steam" Bennett Vs Matrix www.bennettvsmatrix.com

Ep Finished

Dear Commandos! It's done! Moonshine is finally recorded, mixed and mastered. We are currently finishing up artwork and duplication which means Fund:It rewards will start to come into completion in the next few weeks coming. We also put up our EP in under 1 minute which includes short 15 second clips of our tracks. You kind find that on our sound cloud account here: http://soundcloud.com/bennettvsmatrix/moonshine-ep-sampler Our first single of the EP will be launching on the 19th so keep an eye out. The EP release date has also been confirmed as the 2nd of Novemember and our launch gig is in the Mercantile on Dame st. on the 3rd. Tickets are €3 and we hope to see you all there! As an extra small treat to all Funders we are giving you a first look at our in studio video recorded and edited by NDT: https://vimeo.com/51085315 We hope your looking forward to your rewards and hearing the new record and we'd like to thank you again for your support in everything. "Let off some steam" Bennett Vs Matrix www.bennettvsmatrix.com

Funded Status and your Rewards

Dear Funders, We'd first like to offer our sincerest thanks in your contribution towards our latest recording en devour. Thankfully, we made it! For those of you who keep on eye on our social media side of things, I'm sure you've seen that we've already begun Pre Production and selected our songs for the record, though we've only scratched the surface on the work. We really want to deliver the best sounding record we can release and have chosen to work with NDT Productions to ensure this and so far they really know they're stuff. In regards to your reward we don't expect to have the EP finished until late this year, probably in October / November and its around then that most rewards will be met. We have sent each of you individual emails with the full details of your reward and what's next for you and us to do. In the meantime we will probably be sending updates through Facebook, Twitter, here and mail. We hope to have some nice video content of what we get up during the whole recording process. If you'd like to keep receiving mail updates then let us know by replying to your mail or send and email to fundit@bennettvsmatrix.com. So from all of us in BvM, thank you again so much. You've no idea how much this means to us. Bennett Vs Matrix www.bennettvsmatrix.com

One week with FundIt

Hello!! So one week in with Fund It and we're right on track. Thought we'd give you guys a small update to let you know where we are. If you are following our facebook, you may have seen we have already begun Pre-Production and recorded all our demos. from this we've pretty much chopped our list down to 4 - 7 tracks we want to record (depending on how things go). At the moment we are looking at 4 some of which may be familiar to you and 1 or 2 of which may be brand new. Today we start some acoustic demo work on these tracks and explore some new ideas for the EP. If you're new to BvM and we managed to rope you in to this somehow, why not take a look at our bandcamp where we keep all our old tunes for FREE and if you like anything why not help us and pass on the Fund It link: http://bennettvsmatrix.bandcamp.com/ We cannot express how awesome you guys are! Thank you again! Bennett Vs Matrix

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